10 Reasons To Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp In Every Room Of Your Home

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The Truth About Cancer and Essential Oils: What NO Oncologist Will Tell You

A man in Long Beach was given just 6 months to live because his tumors were so large and inoperable. After applying 100% pure frankincense oil to his body daily, his tumors shrunk ... Continue Reading →

She DIED From Stage 4 Cancer But Came Back “From Another Dimension” With This Powerful Message!

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8 Symptoms Of Mold Poisoning You Should Never Ignore (And What To Do About It)

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3-Ingredient Health “Shots” To Alkalize Your Body, Lose Weight & Energize Your System Sponsored by Revcontent

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Blackboard In NYC Asks People Their Biggest Regrets – What They All Had In Common Was Heartbreaking

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Watch Hillary Clinton Continuously Mislead the Public for 13 Minutes Straight

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Chinese Restaurants Found Lacing Their Food With Morphine To Get Customers Addicted

Restaurant owners are being prosecuted for lacing their food with opiates. Close to 35 restaurants in China have been found to be spiking their food with opiates, including morphine ... Continue Reading →

2-Ingredient Mixture To EFFECTIVELY Eliminate Earwax & Ear Infections

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4 Easy Ways To Naturally Unclog Your Lymph Glands To Reduce Bloating Quickly

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6 Reasons Empaths Freeze Around Inauthentic People

When an Empath comes across fake people it is common for them to shut down as a form of protection.  This can be seen as stumbling over words or one’s memory and thought ... Continue Reading →

300 Plumbers Volunteer to Help Flint’s Most Vulnerable Residents for Free

Government officials put the lives and safety of Flint, Michigan, residents in jeopardy to keep a dollar in the bank and save face, but the story of what hundreds of plumbers did ... Continue Reading →

When Your Doctor Suggests Regular Mammograms, This Is What You Need To Say Back

Video Transcript: Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer  Dr. Ben Johnson: I wrote a book for women, The Secret of Health Breast Wisdom because we, as a medical society, are giving women ... Continue Reading →

Popular Oats Contain A Common Toxic Ingredient. Here Are The Only Types of Oats You Should Eat

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10 5-Minute Morning Rituals to Supercharge Your Mind, Body and Metabolism

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Only Six Days After Starting Cannabis Oil, This Little Girl’s Leukemia Went Into Remission

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Almond Breeze Is Being Sued For Containing Almost No Almonds

Turns out that almond milk you’ve been diligently adding to your morning coffee instead of full-fat, grass-fed, delicious cream actually contains almost no almonds. Like me, you ... Continue Reading →