Medical boards threaten the careers of doctors that question Big Pharma propaganda

The American Medical Association, also known as the AMA, has recently proposed new “ethical and professional” guidelines for physicians. These guidelines would put a stop to doctors ... Continue Reading →

While You Were Distracted By The US Election, The Senate Outlawed GMO Labeling Nationwide

While attention was diverted to the US election for much of this year, the Senate quietly made null and void state laws that require that GMO foods be labeled. Genetically Modified ... Continue Reading →

Fake Olive Oil Companies Revealed – Stop Buying These Brands Now!

This is disturbing! 70% of Olive oil available in stores in the US has actually been cut with cheaper, nastier oils – meaning its fake! There’s an enemy at the gates, it has been ... Continue Reading →

This Polish Christmas Ad Is Going Viral And You’ll Understand Why Once You See It

Allegro, the most popular Polish online auction has released a touching Christmas commercial. It’s a story about an elderly Pole who orders a book called “English For Beginners” ... Continue Reading →

Mix These 2 Things Before Bed And Never Wake Up Tired Again!

Have you ever woken up after several hours of sleep to find yourself still groggy? I have. It’s intuitive to think that a long sleep should leave you feeling regenerated and refreshed ... Continue Reading →

Scientists Discover Herb That Fights Dementia And Increases Memory By 75%

A team of scientists has shown that sniffing rosemary can increase the memory by 75%. This multi-purpose medicinal herb offers numerous health benefits due to which it has been commonly ... Continue Reading →

You Can Actually Use Coca Cola And Pepsi As A Pesticide, So Why Are We Still Drinking This Stuff?!

Alok Prasad Putul claims that Coca-Cola and Pepsi are used for pesticides by the farmers in India. So, their usage in India shows why it is considered that they are poisonous for our ... Continue Reading →

The Grooms Steps Onto The Dance Floor With His Mom. Now Expect The Unexpected!

While a wedding ceremony may be the time to respect tradition and formally tie the knot, the wedding reception is the time to cut loose and do whatever makes the bride and groom happy! ... Continue Reading →

She Spent 8 Days Meticulously Stacking 15,000 Dominoes — Now Watch Them Fall.

I don’t know what it is about watching dominoes fall over but it’s so oddly satisfying. Ever since the first time I saw a handful of dominoes toppling into a chain reaction, I ... Continue Reading →

Little Boy And Grown Man Look At Each Other, Then Start Tap Dancing In Perfect Synchronization

If only we could live in a world that solves all conflicts with dance battles. No yelling, no screaming, and no violence. Just flashy, funky dance moves to exert superiority and definitively ... Continue Reading →

This 3-Layer Cake Is Made With 1 Batter In 1 Pan. Get Ready To Be Amazed At How It All Comes Together!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The only reason that we celebrate birthdays is because we want an excuse to eat cake. Deep down, you know it’s true because who doesn’t ... Continue Reading →

This Amazing Christmas Ad Is A Wake-up Call For Everyone. Don’t Miss The Surprise Ending.

At Christmas time, we’ve come to expect that most companies will launch some sort of festive campaigns. Frankly, I’d be surprised if they didn’t. And while some are guilty of ... Continue Reading →

Heartwarming Friendship Between Boy And His Dog

3-year-old foster child Buddy and his best friend Reagan the adorable labradoodle are releasing a charitable book to support a foster parent organization! The cutest duo ever do everything ... Continue Reading →

This Simple Image Test Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

What a person sees in simple images can actually reveal a lot about their personality. This is the whole premise behind the Rorschach test. Psychologists use a wide range of images ... Continue Reading →

3-Year-Old Inhales Tiny Popcorn Kernel. 6 Months Later, Doctors Say They Must Pull Life Support

There’s nothing more tragic than the death of a child. A life so brief and so innocent doesn’t deserve to be snuffed out before they’ve had a chance to experience the world. Tragically, ... Continue Reading →

Café Owner Lets Homeless Man Work For The Day. 2 Weeks Later, She Walks In And He’s Still There

In March 2016, a homeless man wandered into Abi’s Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He right looked at the owner, Cesia Abigail, and asked her for money. “Why don’t you have a ... Continue Reading →

Avoid This Beverage to Reduce Your Risk of Having a Stroke!

Just one can of the popular stimulant energy drink Red Bull can increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. The effect was seen even in young people. The caffeine-loaded beverage ... Continue Reading →