For the cost of an iPhone, you can now buy a wind turbine that can power an entire house for a lifetime

Indian startup Avant Garde Innovations has developed a low-cost wind turbine that can generate 3-5 kW hours of electricity every day. For the same price as an iPhone, you can now ... Continue Reading →

Healthy, 9-Year Old Florida Girl Paralyzed by Flu Shot

On November 20, 2013 Marysue Grivna from Tampa, Florida was taken by her parents to receive her annual seasonal flu shot, but instead of protecting her from possible illness, the vaccine ... Continue Reading →

Flu Shot Causes Over 5x Times More Respiratory Infections – A Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study

Studies on vaccinated vs. unvaccinated adults and children have been rejected by the US. government for being ‘unethical’, but recently researchers in Hong Kong have conducted ... Continue Reading →

9/11 Conspiracy Author Phillip Marshall, His Dog and 2 Kids Found Dead in California

Phillip Marshall, a former airplane pilot and author whose works included the 2003 novel “Lakefront Airport,”  – “False Flag 911: How Bush, Cheney and the Saudis Created the ... Continue Reading →

Pentagon Finally Admits WW III Is Around The Corner, Reveals It Will Be Fast And Deadly

For the last two months, we have been consistently reporting on a possible global conflict, World War III (WWIII) between the United States and its allies in the West, and Russia and ... Continue Reading →

Why The Nobel Peace Prize Is A Complete Joke

Numerous war criminals, such as Barack Obama and Henry Kissinger, have won the Nobel Peace Prize over the years, which seems fitting as Alfred Nobel himself was known as “the merchant ... Continue Reading →

As Americans Focus On Walking Dead, NATO Troops & US Marines Prep for Russian War On European Soil

Posturing about a fictitious Russian threat will be remembered in later times for bringing about World War III — particularly as that narrative has allowed NATO and the United States ... Continue Reading →

Undercover video claims Clinton campaign committed voter fraud; scandal is being likened to Watergate

Anderson Cooper exposes a recent undercover video that shows evidence the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Convention incited violence at Trump rallies around the country. ... Continue Reading →

You Want REAL Political Change? Repeal the ‘Federal Reserve Act 1913’

A buzz word used by many presidential candidates is “change”. Indeed, for the past several election cycles, it’s been a prominent word used in all presidential campaigns. However, ... Continue Reading →

This Is Why You Should Take A Picture Of Your Hotel Room & Send It To Police

The developers behind an app called TraffickCam are trying to make it difficult for human traffickers to operate. The app allows users to take a picture of a hotel room and input ... Continue Reading →

Pennsylvania Pipelines Bursts, Leaks 55,000 Gallons Of Gas Into One Of US’ Most Endangered Rivers

A pipeline managed by Sunoco logistics burst Thursday night after heavy rainfall in Pennsylvania. The spill dumped 55,000 gallons of gasoline into Wallis Run, a tributary of the Loyalsock ... Continue Reading →

Tear Drop: “A Gift From the People of Russia to the USA.” Why Were We Not Told About Tear Drop?

You can definitely be excused for never having heard of this 9/11 memorial. Standing at the end of the former Military Ocean Terminal in Bayonne, New Jersey this memorial has been ... Continue Reading →

European Scientists Discover Bee Resurgence After Banning These 3 Pesticides Still Used In The US

Whether or not Einstein equated bee extinction to human extinction has been challenged and perhaps debunked. He may have never said anything close to that. After all, he was a physicist, ... Continue Reading →

Colgate Total Toothpaste Has Triclosan, A Cancer Linked Ingredient And Nobody Knew Until Now!

Some of the most obvious ones include soaps and antibacterial wipes, but you can also find it in cutting boards, toys, clothing, household furnishings, pet food dispensers, and much ... Continue Reading →

Report: Eating Raw Weed Prevents Bowel Cancer, Fibromyalgia and Neuro-degenerative Diseases

Cannabis is taken in different forms all over the world, while being primarily smoked, being eaten raw has been proven to provide incredible heath benefits, whilst also being non-psychoactive, ... Continue Reading →

Alkaline Water May Kill Cancer – Here’s How To Make Your Own

We all need to drink water to stay alive, the body can go for up to 3 weeks without food, and only 3 days without water. You will probably have heard of the recommended amount of 8-10 ... Continue Reading →

Why Your “Wild” Salmon Might Really Be Farmed Salmon From China!

The study, conducted by Kimberly Warner, Ph.D., tested 82 salmon samples collected from restaurants and food stores in the 2013-14 winter.The research showed that salmon labelled as ... Continue Reading →