Incredibly Honest Animation Reveals What Is Happening In The “Shadow” Of Our Society

“The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious ... Continue Reading →

Harvard-trained brain researcher has a stroke and figures out the mystery to life

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What You See First Reveals Your Shadow Self

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This Family Has Built A $14 Billion Fortune Killing People With An FDA Approved Drug

Oxycontin creators, the Sacklers, are the newest addition to the Forbes 2015 List of Richest US Families. Oxycontin has gone on to make the Sacklers $35 billion in sales since 1995 ... Continue Reading →

Fathers Have More Influence in A Daughter’s Life Than Mothers, Studies Show

In today’s society where there are significantly more single moms than in the past, there is a tendency to believe that a woman can raise a child – especially a daughter – on ... Continue Reading →

The Noodles That Cause Chronic Inflammation, Weight Gain, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

College students tend to eat instant noodles for lunch or dinner because they are fast to prepare and cheap. Although you may think of noodles as bad food, you would say they are not ... Continue Reading →

Forget Coffins! This Company Will Swirl You Into Beautiful Glass Creations When You Die!

The company that produces glass based in Seattle have come up with a very interesting creative idea of memorizing the ashes for your loved ones. They are known as an ‘Artful Ashes’ ... Continue Reading →

If You Experience Any Of These 5 Signs You Are The Carrier Of Your Family Karma

The karma of ancestral bloodline is called family karma. The most spiritually developed in the family will carry this ‘energetic blockages’ in the karmic family life from birth ... Continue Reading →

11 Piriformis Stretches to Get Rid of Sciatica, Hip, and Lower Back Pain

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Another Massive Pedophile Ring Uncovered, With Clear Ties To Pope Benedict’s Brother

Pedophilia is a big problem these days, and has been for a while. For decades, and more recently with the Harvey Weinstein case, Corey Feldman’s revelations and more, people ... Continue Reading →

Nurse Puts Dying Baby Next To Her Twin. She Gives Her A ‘Hug’ That Leads To A Miracle

We’ve all heard about the magical power of love in fairytales and stories like Harry Potter where Lily’s Potter’s love for her son Harry was so strong that it was able to save ... Continue Reading →

These New GMOs Are Flooding the “Natural” Market. Here’s How to Avoid Them

A new type of genetically modified product is now being slipped into your food, cosmetics, and more! Many products containing the new genetically modified ingredients are being marketed ... Continue Reading →

FDA Loyalty to Big Pharma Exposed in Move to Ban Plant that’s CURING Opioid Addiction

Drug overdoses killed roughly 64,000 people in the United States last year, according to the government’s own account of nationwide drug deaths to cover all of 2016. The vast majority ... Continue Reading →

Study Confirms That Hitting Children Makes Them Aggressive And Antisocial

A new study led by Dr. Elizabeth Gershoff of the University of Texas has shown that using physical force to “discipline” children actually causes them to be more aggressive and ... Continue Reading →

This Is Your True Life Mantra For Your Zodiac Sign

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The Path You Pick Reveals Your Personality & Future

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Every Single Person Needs to Hear This Warning Message From George Carlin

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