This Simple Homemade Toy Will Keep Your Dog Occupied For Hours

The dog you’ll see in the clip is a German Shepherd named Bella. Her owner noticed she ate her food too fast whenever she would put her portion in the bowl. Also, she had a lot of ... Continue Reading →

Man Goes Undercover As A Homeless Man, The Reactions Are Shocking

The saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ has been used so many times, but some people still have a hard time understanding it. Josh is a Youtuber who wanted to find out how ... Continue Reading →

You’ve Been Packing Wrong All This Time – Here’s An Epic Trick You Need To Know

Since every airline now charges a fortune for checking baggage, more people opt to travel with carry-on bags and nothing else. However, there is always a limit to the size of the carry-on ... Continue Reading →

This Dog’s Aggression Was Thought To Be Incurable, Until They Did This

When people say aggressive dogs should be put to sleep, just show them this. Social behavior in canines is very similar to humans. A dog that’s raised in a caring environment with ... Continue Reading →

Why NOT vaccinating my kids was the best decision I ever made

‘Why NOT vaccinating my kids was the best decision I ever made’: Mother of EIGHT had six of her babies vaccinated but refused to immunise her two youngest… and says they’re ... Continue Reading →

What This Boy Did For A Sick Girl During A Hockey Game Had Me In Tears

Nine-year-old Keaton Hamin is the most selfless little hockey fan in Canada. Keaton won a stick signed by the team’s Tyler Myers during a recent Winnipeg Jets game. Seven-year-old ... Continue Reading →

Lemon Peel Heals Joints: Recipe After Which You Will Wake Up Without Pains

Lemon is rightfully called super food because it contains vitamin C, A, B1, B6, magnesium, bioflavonoids, pectin, folic acid, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. It protects against ... Continue Reading →

This isn’t a Bucket List; it’s a F**k-it List

Life can end in an unpredictable instant. The degree of separation between people is estimated to be around 4.74. This is why we’ve all heard about the friend of a friend who was ... Continue Reading →

Lobbyist Claims Monsanto’s Roundup Is Safe To Drink, Freaks Out When Offered A Glass

French television station Canal+ recently sat down with Dr. Patrick Moore for an upcoming documentary. Dr. Moore, who claims to be an ecological expert and is currently the frontman ... Continue Reading →

Racer Girl Pranks Driving Instructors By Pretending To Be A Learner Driver

A Malaysian driving school hired new instructors and decided to prank them on the very first day at their jobs with a little unexpected surprise. The first lesson was taken by an innocent ... Continue Reading →

This Rare ‘Magic Rabbit’ Was Spotted For The First Time In 20 Years And It May Soon Be Lost Forever

Prepare to fall in love and have your heart broken at the same time: this adorable creature that you’ve probably never heard of, the Ili Pika, is also one of the rarest and most endangered ... Continue Reading →

Police Raid Small Family Farm, Charge Family, Seize Animals Because they were Free Range

Schenectady County, New York – Earlier this month, a family farm in rural New York was raided by police after the owners were cited on a number of trumped up regulatory violations. ... Continue Reading →

Costa Rica Has Been Running On 100% Renewable Energy For The Past 75 Days!

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute announced this week that the country has been using nothing but renewable energy for the past 75 days. For an area this large to go this long ... Continue Reading →

This Dog’s Reaction When His Favorite Commercial Comes On Made My Day

This year, Budweiser came up with a very touching Super Bowl commercial about a dog who unfortunately gets separated from his owner, and has to overcome many obstacles to find his way ... Continue Reading →

Man Creates Beautiful 3-d Sculptures On The Wall

Artistic works come in all shapes and sizes and are increasingly done in an ever expanding variety of not so typical mediums. For Bernie Mitchell, a drywall contractor from Ontario, ... Continue Reading →

This Guy Does The UNTHINKABLE For An Old Dog Chained Up For 14 Years…WOW

In 2012, Thayne Hamilton was encouraged by friends and family to enter a contest on Seattle-based Talk It Up TV. The winner of the $1,000 prize would be chosen by votes. When the TV ... Continue Reading →

In 4 Minutes: This Is How Global Capitalism Operates Today

Below is a brief video regarding the history of wage and employment struggle in Cambodia. More and more people are starting to recognize that, in several developing countries, many ... Continue Reading →