Mcdonald’s Is Replacing 2,500 Human Cashiers With Digital Kiosks This Year

The stock market is luvin’ McDonalds stock, which has continued its recent relentless rise to all time highs, up 26% YTD, oblivious to the carnage among the broader restaurant and ... Continue Reading →

Mobile Phone Companies Do NOT Want You To See This Video – Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer Exposed

If you think the jury’s still out on whether cell phones can be dangerous to your health, then you might want to take the time to watch to this shocking video exposing how radition ... Continue Reading →

Prescription painkiller tramadol ‘claiming more lives than any other drug’

For many, when given a prescription the assumption is that the drug they’re taking is safe. In the case of prescription painkiller Tramadol, however, that could hardly be further ... Continue Reading →

Berkeley Doctor Claims People Die From Chemo, Not Cancer

According to one scientist, refusing chemotherapy may be the key to beating cancer. Dr Hardin B Jones, formerly of Berkeley, says that compared to people who undergo chemo, patients ... Continue Reading →

Retired MI5 Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘I Killed Princess Diana’

An 80-year-old retired MI5 agent, John Hopkins, has made a series of astonishing confessions since he was released from hospital in London on Wednesday and told he has weeks to live. ... Continue Reading →

7 Physical Signs You Are Too Stressed

A little stress here and there can be a good thing. It can help motivate you to work harder and perform your best under pressure. The stress response is the body’s way of protecting ... Continue Reading →

This Genius Invention Is Saving Animals From Terrible Death

Having a swimming pool is a super fun way to stay cool during the summer. For the small animals living in your backyard, however, it can be a death trap. Wildlife biologist Rich Mason ... Continue Reading →

This Japanese Diver Has Been Visiting His Best Friend Fish For 25 Years Now

One Japanese diver has been friends with the same fish for 25 years – and this is not a fairytale, guys. It’s for real. Hiroyuki Arakawa has been entrusted to oversee one of the ... Continue Reading →

Ellen Caught An Audience Member Stealing And Publicly Shamed Her

Basically, Ellen set up a table of Ellen-branded merchandise and told all audience members that they could take one of the items on display—and then put hidden cameras watching over ... Continue Reading →

Mutton dressed as man: Superstitious villagers living in fear after sheep gives birth to ‘half-human half-beast’

Superstitious villagers have been living in fear since a sheep gave birth to this creature that was said by elders to be half-human half-beast and “sent by the devil”. Many ... Continue Reading →

Community Leaders, Clergy & Elite Businessmen Busted in Massive Child Sex Ring – Hundreds Arrested

Los Angeles, CA — As bogus news pushing the divisive two-party paradigm about which puppet politician said something stupid this week fills the airwaves, very real news is taking ... Continue Reading →

You Will Never Eat McDonald’s Again After You Read These Horrifying Facts

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This Is How Chinese Clothes Are Poisoning You. If You Notice a Weird Odor, Get Out of That Store!

This is particularly true if your clothes have come from China, which frequently make use of chemicals banned in the European Union and United States.  As Greenpeace has noted, as ... Continue Reading →

How to Release the Pinched Nerve in The Lumbar Area (sciatica)- 2 Simple Ways to Get Rid of the Pain

The lumbar pain is intense and continuous and causes numbness and a burning sensation in the legs, which impedes the movements. It is felt along the lower leg, just below the knee, ... Continue Reading →

Monsanto and Bayer are Maneuvering to Take Over the Cannabis Industry

It has been rumored for years that Monsanto plans to take over the cannabis industry with genetic engineering just as they’ve taken over the corn and soy industries. Although they ... Continue Reading →

WD-40 does more than lubricate and protect from rust. Here are 15 unexpected uses for WD-40

When you see that iconic yellow and blue can, you automatically think of using WD-40 to protect metal from rust or making stuck things unstuck. However, WD-40 can be used to remove ... Continue Reading →

Locked Out Of The Car? Here’s How To Unlock The Car Door In Less Than 30 Seconds.

There have been numerous instances when I have locked myself out of the car—this is especially common for me in the winter. Before heading out for my 1.5 hour commute to work, I ... Continue Reading →