30 Of The Most Powerful Images Ever

A picture is worth a thousand words, but not all pictures are created equal. These pictures are powerful. They are gripping and unforgettable because of the volumes they speak about the human condition – about some of the best and worst moments of contemporary human existence.

We should warn our readers that some of these pictures may upset them, while others may fill them with joy. But that’s precisely because these images reflect some of the best and worst parts of the human experience and world events. Our post of must-see photos from the past described our history while these photos, for the most part, describe our present – our suffering and our triumphs, our perseverance and our failures, our compassion and our hatred, our intelligence and our stupidity.

Some of these photographs may mean more to some of our readers than to others. But hopefully, they will remind us all that the world can always use a little bit more love, tolerance, compassion and understanding.

P.S: we always try our best to credit each and every photographer, but sometimes it’s impossible to track some of them. Please leave a comment if you know the missing authors.

1. Starving boy and missionary


Image credits: Mike Wells

2. Inside an Auschwitz gas chamber


Image credits: kligon5

3. Heart surgeon after 23-hour-long (successful) heart transplant. His assistant is sleeping in the corner.


Image credits: James Stanfield

4. Father and son (1949 vs 2009)


Image credits: Vojage-Vojage

5. Diego Frazão Torquato, 12 year old Brazilian playing the violin at his teacher’s funeral. The teacher had helped him escape poverty and violence through music


Image credits: salvemasnossascriancas.blogspot.com

6. A Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano in Chechnya in 1994


Image credits: drugoi.livejournal.com

7. Young man just found out his brother was killed


Image credits: Nhat V. Meyer

8. Christians protect Muslims during prayer in the midst of the 2011 uprisings in Cairo, Egypt


Image credits: Nevine Zaki

9. A firefighter gives water to a koala during the devastating Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, Australia, in 2009


Image credits: abc.net.au

10. Terri Gurrola is reunited with her daughter after serving in Iraq for 7 months


Image credits: Louie Favorite

11. Indian homeless men wait to receive free food distributed outside a mosque ahead of Eid al-Fitr in New Delhi, India


Image credits: Tsering Topgyal / AP

12. Zanjeer the dog saved thousands of lives during Mumbai serial blasts in March 1993 by detecting more than 3,329 kgs of the explosive RDX, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades and 6406 rounds of live ammunition. He was buried with full honors in 2000


Image credits: STR News / Reuters

13. Man Falling from the World Trade Center on 9/11. “The Falling Man.”


Image credits:  Richard Drew /AP

14. Alcoholic father with his son


Image credits: imgur.com

15. Embracing couple in the rubble of a collapsed factory


Image credits: Taslima Akhter

16. Sunset on Mars


Image credits: nasa.gov

17. Five-year-old gypsy boy on New Year’s Eve 2006 in the gypsy community of St. Jacques, Perpignan, Southern France. It is quite common in St. Jacques for little boys to smoke


Image credits: Jesco Denzel

18. Hhaing The Yu, 29, holds his face in his hand as rain falls on the decimated remains of his home near Myanmar’s capital of Yangon (Rangoon). In May 2008, cyclone Nargis struck southern Myanmar, leaving millions homeless and claiming more than 100,000 lives


Image credits: Brian Sokol

19. A dog named “Leao” sits for a second consecutive day at the grave of her owner, who died in the disastrous landslides near Rio de Janiero in 2011.


Image credits: Vanderlei Almeida / Getty Images

20. “Wait For Me Daddy,” by Claude P. Dettloff in New Westminster, Canada, October 1, 1940


Image credits: Claud Detloff

21. An old WW2 Russian tank veteran finally found the old tank in which he passed through the entire war – standing in a small Russian town as a monument


Image credits: englishrussia.com

22. Flower power


Image credits: Bernie Boston

23. A woman sits amidst the wreckage caused by a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunam, in Natori, northern Japan, in March 2011


Image credits: Asahi Shimbun, Toshiyuki Tsunenari /AP


24. The Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, Holland, 1888


Image credits: retronaut.com

25. Greg Cook hugs his dog Coco after finding her inside his destroyed home in Alabama following the Tornado in March, 2012


Image credits: Gary Cosby Jr. / AP

26. Demonstration of condom usage at a public market in Jayapura, capital of Papua, 2009


Image credits: Adri Tambunan

27. Russian soldiers preparing for the Battle of Kursk, July 1943


Image credits: Shirak Karapetyan-Milshtein

Update: Our reader Leif-Erik pointed out that this photograph was actually created in 2006-2007 for a photo competition. It is based on archive photos from the war in Russia in 1941-1945.

28. During massive floods in Cuttack City, India, in 2011, a heroic villager saved numerous stray cats by carrying them with a basket balanced on his head


Image credits: Biswaranjan Rout / AP

29. An Afghan man offers tea to soldiers


Image credits: Rafiq Maqbool / AP

30. Some parents, likely now in their 70′s, still looking for their missing child.


Image credits: reddit.com   via boredpanda

P.S: we always try our best to credit each and every photographer, but sometimes it’s impossible to track some of them. Please leave a comment if you know the missing authors.

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  • ChickenTikka

    In tears!

  • Synner

    …pretty depressing. Except the cat-in-the-hat one.

  • joeb

    #26 that dude kinda looks like LeBron

    • Danilo Daiske Cubillan

      haha i was about to COMMENT THAT!! haha but you got it 1st!

    • TLM

      I thought exactly the same thing.

  • #10 got me teary. These photos are so powerful!

    • talyho78

      Me too. :'(

    • wovokanarchy .

      How many children in Iraq no longer have mothers due to America’s illegal invasion?

      • Charla Frieze

        SHUT UP!, Go somewhere else if you hate this country… Obama was told by the CIA that is was a video, in Benghazi. Bush was told by the intelligence service there were weapons of mass destruction ..and both made decisions. Grow up and shut up. Get your facts straight before you spew your hate. Find a place and crawl in.. But make sure you pull the hole in with you..

        • Charla Frieze

          and on your way out of here, go to the hospitals of this country and see all our wounded warriors and look them in the face and tell them they lost legs, arms, eyes, Obama and his drones kill children’s mothers tooo

          • Doesn’t mata

            Hahahahaha so where were ur “womd”?or u want to say that the president of us was so dumb that he was betrayed into this war They say don’t use too much oil in ur food or us will try to invade ur plates too. Just to keep ur weapons factories running u always end up being in war with some country. And then make up lame excuses.

          • Christinaninaa

            Sadam Hussein dismantled his WMD program after 1991 when the UN told him he had to. The problem was, whenever they would ask him about it he would always be very ambiguous and never really say whether or not he actually followed the rules. Hussein led us to believe there was a chance he still had a WMD program in order to deter us from invading. When we invaded and it was too late, he told us he dissmantled it but it was already too late because there was no basis to believe him. Get your facts straight.

          • Charla Frieze

            I was responding to all the miss information that was given to both Presidents.. BUSH went to the U.N. 17 times before he moved the troops.. Facts are only facts to the beholder. Clinton?? Bush??? Obama????

          • calio99

            WTF did he have to do wit 911, nothing. dick cheney took u for a ride and u people are still seething mad about it.

          • Jay

            You’re an ignorant fool. Stop spewing your filth around. Ignorant American’s like yourself are the reason 90% of the world dislikes the USA. So please…. go crawl back into that hole you call home.

          • Maybe that’s why most of us don’t like you….say hello to Rahad for me….

          • TLM

            90% of the world is jealous of it. They want what we have. The bad has to come with the good.

        • mantaradio

          i am not agreeing or disagreeing with your politics. i would just like to say that ‘SHUT UP’ is not the correct thing to say here to a fellow citizen who brings up a valid concern when it comes to warfare, no matter which side you are on. this country’s founders valued contrary opinions, and free speech was their most powerful gift to us because it keeps us thinking. we will always have the chance to say ‘oh, you’ve changed my mind’ or ‘oh, i don’t agree and that is only one thing that makes me different from you’, no harm done. It is your fault for instigating hate or violence for a difference of perspective.

          • Charla Frieze

            I respect your comment, I don’t respect the Words” Illegal invasion”. That is not a Valid concern. That was an inflammatory comment .. But I can see your peace loving, free speech position. Which I hardly agree with..but I wasn’t the one who Instigating this commit.. there are Loins in Sheep’s clothing.. I can sound like a whiny “concerned”fellow citizen. naaaw they knew what they were saying.

        • calio99

          she comparing benghazi to iraq, enough said

        • Bella Noor

          I m not agreeing or disagreeing !! But u r a fat fat ignorant !!!

        • Amit

          I think most of the upvotes you received were by folks who thought you were being sarcastic (including myself), unfortunately looking at your responses below that doesn’t seem to be the case 😐

        • Vetisan Vasile

          The truth can not be hidden 1.900.000 of civilians killed from US invasion in Iraq until now and the number is growing in 12 years. 4000~5000 killed by Saddam in more than 20 years….iraqi freedom was the biggest disaster for Iraq and one big stain of shame for NATO. I don’t support any actions taken by this alliance since then and I am ashamed that my country is part of it. In my opinion every US citizen should feel the same too, this thing is available for UK and other countries who participated at this invasion.

      • Christinaninaa

        Oh and in 2007 we stopped using drones and changed our strategy to COIN where we would protect the citizens in order for them to stop hiding terrorists. A civil war in Iraq was bound to happen regardless of US intervention we just sped it up. They had an unstsable ruler who could not properly govern his people or give them their basic human rights. For heaven’s sake they hung him when they finally kicked him out of power.

      • Tell us since you know the exact number……sure

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  • NN94

    Only one I would’ve liked to see that was not included is the one of the vulture watching the starving African boy. Otherwise a fantastic list

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  • Harry Bolzack

    Click bait material. Disgusting

  • Aby Raj

    All pictures are emotional. 15 got me the most how sick can someone be to take a photo of someone dead and publish it to the world media. i really feel for their families. R.I.P.

    • Marti David

      Why would the photographer be someone sick? It’s the job of a photographer to capture a moment and with it tell a story. The picture, for me, shows love despite of a disaster. The photographer did a fantastic job in putting the emotions of that picture across.

      • Raree Forlorn Sixx

        If we or you are so disturbed after the fact looking at the images — just imagine being there. Horrific. But Marti David I agree with you, you see a lot of good and love in people so between the tears and the heartache, you can see that a lot of people still car about each other and animals and will help….so moving.

    • Seth Richardson

      just as sick as everyone else looking at it and being touched by it.

    • Mona Lisa

      I don’t think documenting horrible things is sick. I mean, in this case, it’s not as if the photographer could have saved these people but chose to take their pictures instead. He just captured a moment that, yes, was awful; but how else would we ever know their story? Now thousands of people who never knew that couple can spare some good thoughts for them.

      I think it’s very important to document horrible things. Often human beings don’t fully grasp something until they see it. Hearing that a building collapsed makes you think, “Oh, that’s too bad; I’m very sorry for the people who were in there.” Seeing photos like this takes it to a whole other level.

      Your empathy does you credit, though. 🙂

      • Raree Forlorn Sixx

        Completely agree — but we are not living in a wonderland. Need to know these things and I think the photographers are brilliant and brave. I would just fall on the ground crying.

      • dthompson1313

        Very well said.

    • XxxYODAxxX

      ….and if no one had ever captured the footage of the holocaust, how would we have known it actually occurred? i don’t get the logic of your comment.

  • MG

    3rd photo – presents Zbigniew Religa, pioneer in human heart transplantation in Poland, he led the team to prepare the first successful heart transplantation in the country (1985, in the time of communism). This specific photo presents another succesfull heart transplantation surgery – still in the time of communism (1987), with limited access to the latest technological surgery tools. After 1989, when Poland regained its independence, Zbigniew Religa was the first surgeon to graft an artificial valve created from materials taken from human corpses (1995). In 2004, a team led by Religa obtained a prestigious Brussels Eureka award at the World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and Technology for developing an implantable pump for a pneumatic heart assistance system. Before he died, Religa was a Minister of Health of Poland (2005-2007).

    • Raree Forlorn Sixx

      That picture is absolutely amazing if you think about what he just did. And said there from exhaustion and probably to make sure it went well. Some people are so wonderful and care and I love them for it unlike the two idiots below me. Especially “Mark”. If you think there is overpopulation volunteer at Planned Parenthood or somewhere else. Learn a new language and teach these males how to put a comdom on. It’s mostly just ignorance and no supplies. F’er.

  • MG

    3rd photo – presents prof. Zbigniew Religa, pioneer in human heart transplantation in Poland, he led the team to prepare the first successful heart transplantation in the country (1985, in the time of communism). This specific photo presents another succesfull heart transplantation surgery – still in the time of communism (1987), with limited access to the latest technological surgery tools. After 1989, when Poland regained its independence, Zbigniew Religa was the first surgeon to graft an artificial valve created from materials taken from human corpses (1995). In 2004, a team led by Religa obtained a prestigious Brussels Eureka award at the World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and Technology for developing an implantable pump for a pneumatic heart assistance system. Before he died, Religa was a Minister of Health of Poland (2005-2007).

    • Chris Sheri

      great info thank you

    • Mook

      So basically another hero nobody ever hears about? … amazing how everyone (including me) knows who Justin Beiber is though. 🙁

    • John Corfias


      • TrebeksMustache

        I had an LVAD 12 years ago prior to my transplant.

  • Bloodeagle

    27 is from a movie if I recall.

  • steve

    The Brazilian kid died of leukemia the following year

  • HenkeHell

    I’d like to copy this entire page and share it (with the source link of course) on a forum I attend. Who do I mail about permission for that? 🙂

    The word “contact” doesn’t appear at all at this page it seems. Or well .. now it does .. in this comment. But nowhere else. 🙂

    • eyeopeninginfo

      hi, HenkeHell.
      you can email us :
      [email protected]


    • babylovingmama

      Why not just post a link to here?

  • Sef T.

    these pictures are heart breaking and some are inspiring. whoever these people are, God bless them.


  • Jason Molinar

    There was not any from China with the 2008 earthquake the biggest earthquake in modern history.

  • J.r. Radcliffe

    Photo no# 2. Shakes my soul.

    When a country disarms it’s people. The outcome is often not humane nor what was promised.

  • delta

    gas chamber one is horrific

    • Cornelius Van Huff

      the holocaust never happened. you can sleep easy at night.

      • Mike

        Apparently even the most documented crimes can be questioned. The most horrible things can be portrayed as not so bad. With all that proof, there are still people in this world who doubt it.

        first 3 results from google:

        I think all of this comes from misinformation. You claim to seek evidence, but refuse to make an effort to actually dive deeper in historic proof. Go out and read. And I mean books. There is more than enough evidence. It’s not the lack of evidence, it’s the human ignorance. And clearly you have never met anyone from a concentration camp, haven’t lived
        in the community devastated by the war and obviously you have never been in
        those camps. If you are so enlightened and truth
        seeking, go and see for yourself. You call yourself a thinking person. Well, I challenge you to become a man of action. Travel there and see. There is physical evidence. There is more than enough evidence of all kinds.

        I didn’t write this to feed a troll (who presents anti-Semite views). I also do not expect him to change his views. I felt obliged to write this comment to prevent other people, future generations that might read this, from believing that holocaust never took place. He managed to determine the tone of many comments here and it felt like there was no appropriate response.


        • Cornelius Van Huff

          not credible sources.

    • Seen Dachau myself…..crazy.

  • sff

    #14 is Japan Tsunami, NOT “Alcoholic father with his son”

  • Daphnia88

    The Papua men’s expressions cracked me up and lightened this whole list. Other photos are heart-wrenching.

  • Robbin Banks

    But there were NO gas chambers at Auschwitz. Zyklon B stains walls blue anyway. They’re not blue.

    • guest

      Are you stupid? Anyone who denies the holocaust has got to be completely ignorant! There is so much proof

      • Cornelius Van Huff

        proof like what?

    • Mona Lisa

      A quick google will confirm that there were several gas chambers at Auschwitz.

    • Raree Forlorn Sixx

      You and Cornelius Van Huff are disgusting parasites. I can’t even think of anything worse to call you you are so low. F off please.

      • Cornelius Van Huff

        thats a well thought out, fact based argument……not.

    • Jenni Bigham

      again…not white stains….scratches from people clawing to try to get out. been there, seen it.

    • Emma

      My grandmother’s entire family were wiped out in concentration camps in WW2, apart from some of the young kids who escaped Germany in time. And don’t you fucking dare call me a liar.

      • Cornelius Van Huff


    • Donna Polles

      Oh Robbin, its sad how utterly ignorant and downright stupid you are *sigh*
      I sure hope someone like you doesnt have children.
      Go back to school and study some history.

      • Cornelius Van Huff

        why is the only counter argument to call someone stupid? why not ffer proof?

        • Maddy

          Were you taught your world history in Iran? I’ve been reading your insane neo-Nazi comments and you are frighteningly delusional.

          • Cornelius Van Huff

            Still not offering any proof. Where are the bodies?

          • Maddy

            Ever heard of a crematorium? Oh, but I suppose the Jews and countless other victims made those up too. Would you really rather believe that the survivors made everything up than believe that your glorious Hitler exterminated millions of people?

          • Cornelius Van Huff

            do the math buddy.one crematorium burns 2 bodies in half an hour. there are 48 half/hours in a day, x365 days in a year. (35040 every year per crematorium) aushwitz historical center says there is one, but lets say there were 2. (70080/year) now the extermination phase went on for 4 years. thats 280320 bodies cremated at aushwitz. that number matches up strikingly well with the red cross estimate of how many people died there. the 4 million number came from the soviets who were waging a massive propaganda war against the nazis. that is where “deniers” disagree with the narrative.

  • Cornelius Van Huff

    I thought everyone knew the gas chambers at Auschwitz were faked? White stains? Zyclon blue?

    • Jenni Bigham

      not white stains….scratches from people clawing to try to get out. been there, seen it.

      • Cornelius Van Huff

        can be faked

    • Mattsmom99

      Sorry to burst that “fake theory” – my great aunt (age 87) has the tattoo that says otherwise… and the horror stories too.

      • Cornelius Van Huff

        whats a tattoo prove? and why are there no tattoos that go above 1 million?

        • John316-17

          they weren’t ALL in one camp, the numbering in each camp also had something to do with the alphabet – A, B, C, etc and also the badges the prisoners were forced to wear along with the numbers. They may of limited the length of the numerals used for expediency when being read by the guards…

          • Cornelius Van Huff

            are you familiar with Occam’s Razor? did no one ever tell you how much money was given to anyone who claimed they were a holocaust survivor?

            also, the claim is that 4 million of the 6 million jews killed in the holocaust were at aushwitz. so there would definitely be numbers over 1 mill. especially for the people arriving later, who had a higher survival rate.

    • w myatt

      you thought??? evidently thinking is not one of your strong points…..
      wow…. the depths of your stupidity no absolutely NO bounds

      • Cornelius Van Huff

        im questioning the narrative and looking for proof. you are blindly accepting what you were taught in school so as not to look racist. who’s not thinking?

      • Amanda Lary

        you can’t argue with someone who believes this tragedy never happened. It’s sad that someone wouldn’t recognize the many deaths and evidence we have that it occurred but what I learned taking my history class on the subject, no matter what evidence you present those who believe it didn’t occur will argue regardless. that being said I truly love your comment on how their stupidity knows no bounds… wish there was a like button

    • mvm

      So pretty much everyone in the world is on this “conspiracy” besides a tiny minority? Makes perfect sense.

    • IP

      how ignorant you are..

    • Gunelle

      Cornelius Van Huff is a troll. Don’t feed him.

      • Cornelius Van Huff

        im dead serious. there is no feasible way 6 million people were killed in the holocaust without leaving behind some sort of trace. no bodies, nothing.

      • Jennifer Araujo Gardin

        He is not a troll he seems like he has similar views to david cole, videos and documents done by david is available for anyone free and can be viewed via the internet..

  • Mark

    Stop overpopulation and most of this misery goes away. Sad to see these pics but if we just lowered our population down to a respectable level, lower misery will follow. Sad how something so easy is contested so fiercely among the fools. 40000 children a day die of starvation. We add 125-150 million more people into the world every year with over 1/2 being born into poverty. Want to help these people in the pic? Stop overpopulation.

    • Adam40

      40,000 children do not die every day due to hunger. Perhaps you are thinking of every week?

      • Mark

        40000 kids every day die of starvation… Not a week.

        • Adam40

          I’m sorry but that is incorrect. I dont know where you get your information but you should look again. It could be that you are mistakenly adding a 0? Because 4000, while well below the WHO and other Orgs estimates, is much closer to the actual number of 7100 child deaths from hunger(and related causes).

          I understand your point and you are trying to help/drive it home. But using the inflated numbers like that serves to actually hinder the efforts being made to curtail hunger.

    • kelly

      You can’t limit who has kids. Who then would have the right to reproduce? Only the rich? Only the intelligent? It’s a slippery slope that hauntingly results in something not too far from what happened in the holocaust, just a different method.

      • Mark

        unfortunately we have to limit who has kids because many people, who are irresponsible in many areas of life, should not be allowed to parent a child. If you are FOR the child, then you have to limit who has kids. Do you think an alcoholic or drug addict should be allowed to have kids?? If yes, are you protecting the unborn child or the parent? Think logically Kelly. Its commons sense and humane to limit who has a kid and a very easy system could be put into place to ensure the parents are sane, mature and responsible.

        • Mel

          I’m with Kelly. HOW are you going to determine who is fit to parent? WHO would be the judge? If someone has a college degree and makes an above average wage, does that make them a good parent? What if they look like good parents from the “outside”…or what if they verbally abuse their kid…or what if their kids grow up deprived of love because the parents are workaholics? I’ve known families where the parents were neither alcoholic or drug addicts, and the children have suffered untold emotional damage.

          • Mark

            First they have to be married for at least 3 years. Second, age limits on when you can have them. Say 27 for women and 30 for men. If not married, partners must also follow the same guidelines but must prove their relationship is built on love.

            They must pass a psychological exam, must be able to physically care for the child, must not be involved in drugs, narcotics or extreme groups. Must go through parent counseling. Must be able to afford a child, even though this is not the most important. Must not have a disease that can be passed on to the child.

            An organization built on professionals must be setup to make sure all rules are followed. Anyone breaking the rules and not following the law will be jailed and fined.. OP is the most important problem we have and their can be no lax rules on it.

            I could go on and on and usually the irresponsible ones or selfish ones whine about rights and god and all the other crap they hide responsibility in. If you really are for the CHILD, then population control is a must worldwide. All rules must be the same for EVERY country and enforced to the max.

        • renaxo

          No. And what you’re preaching is disturbing. You’re currently on the top of my list of “Person Who Shouldn’t ‘Breed'”

          • Mark

            I understand your frustration about something you can’t understand. But what about the children, some in these pics, who are born into horrific conditions all because we refuse to control our breeding? Please wake up and realize the REAL reason why children are starving to death every single day.. Overpopulation.

          • heh

            Your ignorance is truly baffling. You sit up there on your high horse and talk about delusions and drug addicts and the kkk. It is not up to you to judge people and decide whether or not they should have children. I usually don’t like to be rude, but you are a eugenics loving piece of shit, and maybe you shouldn’t bear any children because they might end up like you.

          • Mark

            Again… to you its not about the kid is it?? When is it really going to be about the kids? Wake up.

        • :JKSDHf;jkhsd

          People can come from all kinds of lifestyles and become a parent and change, though there ARE some people who don’t change you shouldn’t try and force someone NOT to have kids. Child abuse can be avoided if it is happening but you shouldn’t deny a person life. What if the druggies child turns out to be the next Einstein? People go through so many walks of life to get to where they are AND the planet in NO way is over populated.

          • Eliza Beth

            oh god you’re stupid, No way over populated, what rock do you live under! 90% of all mammals (excluding humans) are extinct. 85% of all land is developed for farming, livestock and dwellings for humans
            … really, NOT overpopulated… then why don’t we have room for the wildlife and it’s habitats you knit wit! damn… had you been nicer I might have been too.

          • :JKSDHf;jkhsd

            Because we are selfish human beings. Every single person on this planet could live in the US with their family and have a 1 acre front/back yard. We just have unnecessary buildings and factories and there is PLENTY of room for animals if we would STOP cutting down their habitats. The reason 90% of wild life is dead is because of humans. Also how was I rude. I have read and reread my comment several times and unless you are an overly sensitive person who for some reason is offended (?) then really it wasn’t rude. I expressed my opinion. I don’t live under a rock, you are obviously the one who knows nothing about the situation… Did you know that in Africa children given vaccinations also are given a shot that destroys their ability to have children in the future or at least limits it? Do you support that too? If someone want to have a child they should be able to. It’s rather hypocritical for some people in this situation (not saying you but people in general) because a lot of people believe that a woman should be able to have an abortion because she can do what see whats with her body but then you limit their ability to have a child which is NOT your decision. Saying that certain people cant have children is like forcing someone to have a child after raping them telling them they would make a great mother therefore must have a child. I see in your picture that you have a small childs hand weather thats a sibling/child/cousin/whatever if that was you childs and you were told that you were not allowed to have a child how would you feel? PEOPLE DO CHANGE. If you can say that you weren’t changed when you see your newborn childs face then you aren’t fit to be a parent and thats when adoptive services should be put into place but its very difficult for a woman to carry a child for nine months then go through the amazing experience of birthing and NOT have any regrets about giving it up.

          • Mark

            Again you are delusional. A lot of “what if 1 out of the 100 children born into druggies becomes an Einstein”.. Ok, what about the other 99?? Grow up and stop being selfish.

          • tom

            Mark, while I understand where you’re coming from, you have to realize that picking and choosing who has kids would never work in a free country. China’s 1-child law is a much more reasonable method. It’s universal, and would bring down the population in just 3 generations. Picking and choosing who gets to breed would just be begging for civil unrest and create a massive rift in our society.

          • Mark

            Its not picking and choosing, its setting up a system that protects the child. That is easy and doable if people stop being selfish and really cared about children instead of their own selfish interests.

        • :JKSDHf;jkhsd

          Plus why would you be in favor for yet another way of people taking freedom from us? I thought this was America the free not America you can think you’re free but you not.

          • Mark

            Having a child is not a right… Do you think drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, kkk members should be allowed to have kids? If you do, you are not humane nor are you for the unborn child who is going to be born into the mess. Grow up and stop thinking only about YOU.

        • Beth

          if only they could have done that with you and your narrow minded solution!

          • Mark

            Narrow minded would be your comments. You refuse to assess the REAL problem facing the world like most of the idiotic comments down below who have very little education and common sense to understand the real problem in this world. We all pray for peace and harmony yet fail to realize the TRUE reason why we never achieve. Greed, famine, war, starvation, pollution is ALL caused by overpopulation which you refuse to educate yourself on. Please wake up.

    • renaxo

      Actually this world has more than enough to provide for the inhabitants. Stop the greed and most of this misery goes away.

    • Mindy Anderson

      There are approximately 6 billion people in the world and there is 2.97 million square miles of land in the island continent of Australia. 2.97 million square miles breaks down to 1,900,800,000 acres which then converts down to 7,603,200,000 quarter acre blocks of land. So we could hypothetically give every person in the world a quarter acre block of land and they would all fit into an area the size of Australia. Each would have enough land that they could all have gardens and grow a substantial supply of their own food, and we would still have 1,603,200,000 quarter acre blocks, or an area roughly half the size of Queensland left over, plus the entire rest of the world. Now let’s pause to let that sink in to your brain for a second. All the people, that’s every man woman and child on earth, would comfortably fit inside Australia; each individual person could have a quarter acre block of land, and we would still have half of Queensland and the entire rest of the planet left totally unoccupied….
      So you are dumb.

      • Mark

        Wow Mindy… So lets assume we all live on one island, lets say Australia… Do you think we would need to limit our population? Do you think every inch of that land could be used for farming? When are you going to realize that the size of the human is NOT the problem but the resources we need to provide to feed, cloth and shelter them? And what about nature?? Do you think we should leave some room for that? Or how about deserts, mountains, tundras etc.. where you can’t grow crops? Your comment is so small minded I can see why you can’t see the real problem. Go back to lala land.

      • Margaret L. Clarke

        Each would have enough land to be self-sustaining? I don’t know where you live, but I know of no place where this is possible.

    • Matt

      I’m not even going to bother stating that this idea is smart. It is stupid.
      1. Increased population does not correlate with misery. In fact, with the increasing population we are seeing fewer child mortalities.
      2. Increased population means more people, which means more smart people, which means more innovation. That is with the understanding that education is the most vital asset to a person. With that understanding, the change in mind set should be towards more education. Not to educate less people because there are fewer people. With the increase in the world’s population, farmers are capable of gaining even more from their farm lands through innovation.
      3. What you are stating is, because I was born into better conditions I deserve the right to have a kid. What gives anyone the right to tell another person what to do and not to do? You may feel like you are saving 40,000 children per day. But, you may inadvertently stop the possibility that one of those kids weren’t going to be the next Einstein, and weren’t going to do something significant.

      So instead of sitting on your high horse. Instead of saying that overpopulation is the cause of misery, understand that it is the unequatable distribution of commodities is what causes death. Poor countries without money and education. Add infrastructure, add education, add a lot to that society and you will reduce 40,000 deaths to almost none.

      The solution to a problem isn’t removing the problem. It is fixing it with long-term solutions. Not some stupid none-sense you talk about.

      • Mark

        Go to every country in the world that is overpopulated and you will find that misery has only increased, NEVER decreased. The highest standard countries in the world ALL have low populations. And the US has doubled its population in the last 100 years, do you honestly think we have become a better country or a country built on ME and I and an education system that can’t teach our kids anything. Take a ride in your nearest mid to large city and you will find the US has not gotten better.

        Your shortsightedness will change one day.

    • Kris

      Very true. You cannot limit who has kids since it will cause an uproar, but you certainly can educate and create awareness to the problem. Tons of people seems to have a very individualistic attitude when it comes to global scale problems. Most people say, theres nothing one person can do about it or that “I” can do about it. now imagine every other person thought the exact same way as you. No cooperation can be produced until the entire population starts to realize the problems and the solutions presented and understands them. In this case, it is our duty to stop being selfish and to limit the amount of child births we have so that our so called children that do make it into the world, don’t end up in a destroyed world. Estimates value that if everyone were to live like americans do itd take currently up to 4 earths resources. If you want to argue differently then me and Mark, and say that the world needs to be fair with who can reproduce, then be fair and share your food and money with those less fortunate right now because only a hypocrite promotes fairness in the subject of their own concern.

    • Jenny

      Mark, I do agree with you that overpopulation is definitely a problem. However, perhaps it is better to say that overpopulation is one of the many factors that contribute to the current misery we see in many underprivileged countries. While many of your points are very valid, it is harsh and in many ways “unfair” to impose laws that will determine who is allowed to have children. I believe a better way to tackle this issue is awareness and education. And yes while it is true that education may take longer to come to fruition, but at least it is the more peaceful and longer lasting way of tackling overpopulation. What many underprivileged people with limited resources often don’t understand is that spreading their resources among many children is often less effective than pooling all the resources for only a few. It is not their fault for not knowing this, and it actually makes sense that they want to have more children because of the fear of the inability to pass on their genes (this will be true to those who believe in evolution) or continue their lineage. So therefore, I think what they need is better education. Now of course, many will ask who will be willing to provide these resources and education and I hope it will be those who are more fortunate and more privileged who will be generous enough to share. At the end of the day, they should still be able to make their own choices and decisions.

  • Angered&Disgusted

    #2 by “Kilgon5” – I like his blatant disregard for respect of those who were murdered at Auschwitz. There are signs posted EVERYWHERE in that place that pictures within the chambers and within the museum itself is strictly forbidden. Although the picture(s) is/are extremely moving, there are some things you shouldn’t disobey and showing respect for the deceased is one of them!

    • Ben

      Man up you pig.. the terrible crimes that happened in Auschwitz should never be allowed to be forgotten, no matter how much the germans would like it too.

    • renaxo

      There’s a reason they don’t want you to take pictures (no desire to preserve..so hundreds of yrs from now they can claim it never happened).. This tragic stain should be well documented and photographed for generations to come.

    • Susan Vorbeck

      I’ve been to Dachau, and there were no such signs. In fact, I’d say it was almost encouraged to take pictures and share them when you returned home so that we can make sure this is never forgotten. We’re returning to Germany this summer and we’ll return to Dachau. I’m of German decent and even if I wasn’t, I feel it is our duty as human beings to experience that tragedy. To remember those who lost their lives and to share visual examples (pictures) with others that cannot make that journey.

      • Donna Polles

        My daughter is going to Poland this summer…she’s a photographer. Signs or no signs, she WILL take photos. All those trying to claim it wasn’t real are just terribly sick and horrible human beings.

    • aebckr

      I went to Auschwitz, and my guide told me to take photos whenever I wanted to – they encouraged it, except flashes in certain rooms.

  • Victoria Bowley

    WOW!! Tears!

  • Logan Roberts

    i just farted.

  • Guest

    #15 was taken by Taslima Akhter, a Bangladeshi photographer, after the horrific factory collapse that killed over 1,100. Easy enough to source.

    • jim

      you sure that’s in India, I seen that same pic in a series of pics from the Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines.

    • Anna Piekarewicz

      Rana Plaza collapse. Bangladesh. April 2013.

  • Lulu

    #17, the boy and his family are Roma (Manoushe). “Gypsy” is a slur against Romani people. And it is by no means “common” for Roma boys that young to smoke.

  • Jon

    #4, #17 & #30 really? Powerful images? Where is “Tank Man”, Vietnam Execution” of “Self Immolation” now those are powerful images.

    • Donna Polles

      Yes Jon, the photos you’ve shared are incredibly important and moving, but we’ve all seen them. Im pretty sure this wasn’t to disrespect those three moments in time, but to show us photos we’ve never seen before.

  • dthompson1313

    Apparently the little boy playing the violin died a year after the photo was taken. He died from Leukemia 🙁

  • Jane

    EPIC and HEARTWARMING PHOTOS. Thanks for sharing.

  • SatiricalQuark

    27. Another example of the military being like religion. Just follow orders they said, just do what big brother says.

  • mwood13

    doesnt make the human race look very good

    • Mooshrew

      Or it makes it look very good, depending on how you view them.

  • Sounder0604

    #13 – “Falling Man” was long ago proved to be a fake. The photographer admitted to photoshopping the “falling” man. Not current on the news are we people? Gullible too.

  • Cliff Cooper

    This list is incomplete IMO. Where is Nick Ut’s image of the burned vietnamese girl running after a napalm village during nam? Kevin Carter’s Sudanese Child image with the vulture waiting for the kid to die? Even William Klein’s image with the 2 kids pointing a gun at the photographer. Some of these i highly disagree with.

  • Doesn’t mata

    The 1st photo. The Jews (capitalists) and Russians (rich mafias) and Europeans n sponsor the war in Africa. For diamonds and oil. Then put these photos to show how sympathetic they are towards Africans.

    • Margaret L. Clarke

      Without even going to that length of explanation: The skeletal hand and the fat hand say tons about global inequality.

  • Nimit Nigam
  • Cornelius Van Huff

    consider the following:

    Hitler did nothing wrong

    • Cornelius Van Huff

      why did you delete my picture? how could that be offensive?

  • Sunshine

    The image of the Tank Man from the Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989 should be considered.

  • Fabio Camacho

    the holocaust never happened

    • Cornelius Van Huff

      oy vey! de antisemitism is strong in dis one!

  • LMFG

    13 is the worst picture I have seen in my LIFE TIME

  • Alfreda Calbert

    Number 15 was not an embracing couple. No matter how it seems, his hands were turned out. They appear to have been standing close together when the building started to collapse.

  • Veronica Htims

    It’s a shame to see such hateful comments and arguments. Clearly you all missed the meaning.

  • Andrea Stefánsóttir

    If it wasn’t for money and religion everything would be easyer and a good planet

  • Peter Loo

    29 what the soldier is doing???the terrorist is beside him giving him a tea !!! shot him

  • abinico

    #28. Saving Stray Cats – cats have save humanity many times; this guy gets it, and returns the favor.

  • Cynthia Santa Cruz

    Just amazing what a photo can capture.