Watch: “I Am a Ukrainian” viral video

“I am a Ukrainian, the native of Kiev” a young woman named Yulia held back her tear as she narrated a pitiful story of the Kiev’s anti-government protest on the camera, “we want to be free from the dictatorship, we want to be free from the politicians who work only for themselves…” The video that recorded Yulia’s desperate plea for help gathered over 7 million views within the past ten days.

Questions Raised Over The ‘I Am a Ukrainian’ Video

However the video that went viral on the internet and struck the hearts of thousands in the past week is receiving a series of backlash for its well-packaged delivery.

While most of the comments with #IAmAUkrainian show supports and sympathies towards the girl and her fellow protestors, some think otherwise. The opposing views voiced that the video was simply a means of staged propaganda.

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