Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Now Clearly A Government Cover-Up: All Evidence Contradicts Official Story

missing-flightThe “official” story of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is now a blatant cover-up. After an endless stream of wild incompetence from the Malaysian military and government concerning the radar signature of the missing flight, we are now told by the Malaysian government that the flight “went down over the southern Indian Ocean” and that all lives are lost.

This explanation smacks of an obvious cover-up for several crucial reasons, all of which are now being utterly ignored by the conventional press:

#1) If the plane went down in the ocean, it would have broken up on impact and debris would be easily spotted

A Boeing 777 does not — and cannot — survive impact with the ocean and remain intact. It simply does not have the structural integrity to survive such an impact, which is a lot like hitting a cement wall at terminal velocity.

If Flight 370 hit the ocean, it would have been broken into tens of thousands of pieces, many of which obviously float on water (such as the seat cushions) and would be witnessed washing up on regional shores or easily spotted by search teams.

The lack of such debris is strong support that Flight 370 did not crash into the Indian Ocean as we are now being told.

#2) The plane continued broadcasting data to Boeing for 4 – 7 hours

Remember the fact that the airplane was broadcasting data for at least 4 hours after the transponder was turned off? This fact is now suddenly being dumped from history and from our memories as if it never happened.

We already know Flight 370 flew for 4 – 7 hours after diverging from its planned flight course. We already know this could have taken the plane to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran or even North Korea. (Click here to see my map showing possible destinations.) The fact that the plane broadcast this data for hours is not in dispute!

Wall Street Journal: “U.S. investigators suspect that Malaysia Airlines 3786. Flight 370 stayed in the air for up to four hours past the time it reached its last confirmed location, according to two people familiar with the details, raising the possibility that the plane could have flown on for hundreds of additional miles under conditions that remain murky.”

The Guardian: “MH370: Missing plane could have kept flying four hours after disappearing, US investigators say… Engine data shows plane could have kept flying for four hours after disappearing”

Washington Post: ” the plane may have flown for at least four hours after it dropped from civilian radar, U.S. officials said Thursday. A senior U.S. official said the information came from data sent via a satellite communications system by Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. That data has convinced U.S. officials that the plane’s engines continued to run for at least four hours after all other communication was lost.”

So how does the Malaysian government now explain this? They don’t. They simply gloss over this fact and hope we all forget it. They claim the plane went down in the Indian Ocean without flying very far at all. This makes no sense whatsoever and cannot be reconciled with the flight broadcast data received by Boeing.

#3) There is ZERO evidence the flight crashed into the Indian Ocean

What is the Malaysian government’s evidence that Flight 370 ended in the Indian Ocean and “all lives are lost?”

They have no evidence. They have no bodies. They have no debris, no flight recorders, no sightings and no radar signatures that would put the aircraft in the Indian Ocean.

They have zero evidence. So they are now floating a cover-up to try to put this issue to rest in order to distract from their own incompetence and their bizarre failure to track the radar signature of an aircraft flying well within the range of their radar.

In fact, the only debris floating around right now is made of all the fragments of the Malaysian government’s inept cover-up attempts that smack of a true “rookie attempt” to roll out a cover-up that’s full of holes.

This utter lack of evidence did not prevent the Malaysian government from announcing, “we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived.” (USA Today)

#4) Another crucial fact: It’s clear that the transponder was manually turned off in order to hide the plane’s new flight path

If the pilot of Flight 370 was suicidal and wanted to fly the plane into the ocean, there would be no need to switch off the transponder before doing so.

In fact, there would be no need to make all the complex, intentional flight maneuvers which Flight 370 clearly took as has been widely reported.

The fact that the transponder was manually disconnected followed by the plane making deliberate maneuvers that put it on a new flight path is near-absolute proof that the persons controlling the aircraft had no intention of flying the plane into the ocean. It’s also strong evidence that they did not want governments to track their new flight direction and destination.

Without question, they intended to take the plane somewhere else and land it somewhere else, which is exactly why the aircraft continued broadcasting flight performance data to Boeing for 4-7 hours.

The Malaysian government is now hoping you forget all these facts in believing their bizarre cover-up explanation.

Malaysia’s 9/11 official story

Flight 370 is now Malaysia’s 9/11, complete with nonsense “official” stories and attempts to memory hole all the facts that originally came out in the mainstream media.

We are soon going to be told outrageous lies like “Oh, Boeing never received any flight data broadcasts from the aircraft, didn’t you know?”

Anyone who now cites all the facts which have already been reported in support of the theory that Flight 370 continued on to another destination will be called “conspiracy theorists” and kooks.

The mainstream media will start scrubbing stories and retroactively altering its reporting to match the “official” government story. We’ve seen this before. It’s how governments and media outlets sweep 239 lives under the rug and try to discredit anyone who asks skeptical, scientifically-sound questions based on the actual evidence.

In truth, the Malaysian government’s bizarre new claim that Flight 370 “ended in the Indian Ocean” is the biggest conspiracy theory of all. It’s sheer lunacy to reach such a conclusion without compelling evidence to support it, especially in light of all the other evidence that Flight 370 continued on for hours after the transponder was intentionally disabled.

Most likely explanation at this point: The aircraft is being turned into a weapon

Based on the Malaysian government’s obvious cover-up attempt (which is incredibly transparent and childish as far as cover-ups go), it now seems increasingly likely that the Flight 370 aircraft has, indeed, been delivered to a rogue nation where it is being transformed into a weapon.

Malaysia has already proven that it is so incompetent that it cannot track huge aircraft flying across its airspace. This means a weaponized Boeing 777 is essentially a “stealth aircraft” to the Malaysian military — a shocking revelation about military incompetence and lack of national security readiness in that nation.

Apparently, this same Boeing 777 can also fly undetected across the airspace of other nations — most likely by “shadowing” existing flights while turning off its own transponder.

Whoever took control of Flight 370 now has a massive stealth weapon which an incredibly long flight range. This aircraft can now be outfitted with nuclear weapons and dispatched to almost any desirable target anywhere in the world, including cities like New York and Washington D.C., unfortunately.

I was the first journalist in the world to suggest that Flight 370 had been captured and turned into a weapon. That same story was also the very first story to suggest Flight 370 passengers may still be alive.

I still believe Flight 370 passengers may have survived the flight and the landing at the new destination, but now that world governments are rolling out their “official” stories, there is no question in my mind that they will do anything to support those official stories, even if it means discarding the lives of all the passengers. Sadly, I am now forced to recalculate the odds of Flight 370 passengers being found alive at no better than 1 in 5. (It was previously as high as 1 in 2.) But it is not zero! There is a realistic chance the passengers are being kept alive as some sort of international bargaining chip.

You can now expect the governments and media outlets of the world to start scrubbing their archived stories and statements, altering the “news history” to fit this new Malaysian government cover-up.

I wouldn’t even put it past these people to now secretly sink some aircraft debris in the Indian Ocean so they can “find it” and thereby complete the cover-up.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years as an award-winning investigative journalist, it’s that you should never trust official stories… especially when they contradict all the earlier evidence.

This article originally appeared on Natural News by Mike Adams

Disclaimer: All information, data and material contained, presented, or provided on EyeOpening.info is for educational purposes only. It is not to be construed or intended as providing medical or legal advice. Decisions you make about your family's healthcare are important and should be made in consultation with a competent medical professional. We are not physicians and do not claim to be. Any views expressed here-in are not necessarily those held by EyeOpening.info


  • Jimmy R.

    You do realize that a 777 CAN crash into the water and remain intact, right?

    • cruelclick

      Yes, but that would mean the plane stays afloat. If the plane broke apart, where are the oil leaks?

      • spike

        in such a vast amount of water, it’s extremely difficult to spot oil leaks

        • Mickus

          im sure their sats could pick it up pretty easy

        • You can spot oil from Miles away. The Wave Crests do not Foam when they have Oil on them.

        • cruelclick

          they saw two but cleared them as not being from mh370.

        • foku

          in this day and age, anything is possible

      • breust1

        You do realize the the Plane weighs 656,000 pounds right? Yes planes do sink. They are not made to float in water for a long period of time. It is very possible that if it did in fact crash land and remain in tacked it would still sink after sometime. If the fuel tanks were empty as expected each gallon of air (replacing the gallon of fuel) will hold up 8.33lbs of the planes weight. If you really want to know the volume of air in a gallon use google. The Boeing 777-200ER has the fuel capacity of 45,220 gallons. 45,220×8.33= 376,683 lbs of buoyancy.

        Also, if the plane had broken apart the cabins may have still remained in tacked if it glided onto its belly and not a nose dive. The wing and tail portions of the plane would still sink if they broke of. Metal doesn’t float. Only way the wings would float is if the fuel tanks didn’t crack. However, the water would have been rough and the wings would eventually fill with water around the tanks and sink. At 6000+ meters below the ocean surface the plane would be crushed under pressure. Still possible for floating debris to not make it out of the plane if this happened. I still try to remain positive and have hope that the plane isn’t in the water.

        By the way, the author of this article is a moron… How dare you disrespect the families like this and give false and misleading information to your reader…

    • lalalalallala

      Ehhh no. Your dumb. Unless its intentional like the Hudson landing its damn near impossible. 100 to 400 mph yeah…no.

  • disqus_qQHVk7It5e

    And the southern Indian Ocean is a REALLY long way from Malaysia

  • Tom

    holy shit this is so stupid.

  • blak

    The Indian Ocean is not like the smooth calm water in your bathtub.

    • Summer Tan

      best comment ever.

    • ovipconsult

      Exactly…. if you put an ant in your bathtub…. that’s exactly how you feel like if you put a human in the Indian Ocean…

      • lalalalallala

        More like 10 tubs but yes exactly!

  • Fred

    This is complete trash.

    • Kara Mckinzie

      How is this trash?
      What proof do you have that the plane actually did crash into the ocean?
      There isn’t any evidence. None. No calls. No recordings. No bodies. No debris. With all this ‘searching’ they’ve been doing, they would have come up with debris if it had crashed.
      The whole story sounded fishy to begin with. Planes now a days DON’T JUST DISAPPEAR AWAY FROM THEIR PROJECTED FLIGHT PATHS.
      Just saiyan.

      • a320x

        you’re not in the aviation industry, you’re not familiar with the context surrounding the actual investigation, you have no prior experience in aviation, in terms of flight experience nor in engineering. please spare yourself the humiliation and stupidity that you’re putting yourself through. just keep your opinions to yourself and stay in the kitchen.

        • sank

          You don’t need to be in the aviation industry or have any sort of experience to blatantly see that the Government has been contradicting themselves since Day 1. There has been no transparency or whatever. I think it’s reasonable to point out that without solid evidence or proper explanation from the Government, lay people with no insights on the actual investigation, should have any reason to believe the government as of yet. The government definitely has some answering to do in the near future. There is a reason why relatives of the missing passengers are infuriated right now.

          NEITHER do I think sexist people with narrow minded views about ladies staying in the kitchen deserve to comment on such an issue.

          • OniYon

            oh my god. I don’t think you actually listen to the press conferences and statements by M’sian Gov since day one because you obviously have no clue. They say whatever verified information they can give out, and yet the media and people like you aren’t satisfied. You want MORE, so the media fed that by giving out crap ass speculations and unverified info, which the M’sians have to REFUTE because 1) it’s unverified, meaning any Tom, Dick and Harry can come up with it and said it’s so and 2) it’s bull. Then you get confused, and get angry with the gov. for trying to set the record straight when you’ve been the one believing in trash info fed by some of the media in the first place!

            The reason why relatives of missing passengers are infuriated right now are because of people like you – making speculations and fanning flames of dissatisfaction from behind the comfort of your armchair and keyboard. Disgusting.

          • Rubbish Blog

            So U’re saying 26 Country is putting up with The Government to cover this up ? – including china ? no way man

            To be honest your claim has no solid evidence/prove its base on a baseless assumption.

            and nobody talked about being Sexist ppl here, please within the topic of discussion.

          • Kara Mckinzie

            Actually, somebody made a sexist comment above, about me staying in the kitchen with my opinions. We have no evidence of anything, really. We only know that a lot of things DO NOT check out with these stories. lol

          • Donnie Metalhippie Rogers

            I totally agree with Kara and I`m not a woman in the kitchen and don`t come cryin when that same exact plane ” Resurfaces” (No pun intended) armed with NUKES and blows your ASSES up!!!

          • Krisztián

            he wasnt even able to put the right plane on the cover you stupid biatch 😀

          • Asyji

            Oh so talking about ladies staying in the kitchen is SO within the topic. Wow.

        • Kara Mckinzie

          I never stated an opinion. It wasn’t an opinion. It was a fact, first of all. Secondly, I’d like to tell you that everybody is voicing their opinion, true, or not. And instead of being a closed minded jerk, you can talk about why you do and don’t think the story is trash or not trash. We can converse and debate like adults without the need to call people discourteous names.

        • Summer Tan

          u forgot to ask for a sandwich. i like spicy tuna.

        • Mickus

          Guess what the fkn american gov has no idea either… and they have all that expertise you talk of

          • nick salai

            Honestly, you’re all as dumb as the author of this garbage ‘article’…

            What expertise Mickus? How many times have they had to locate a missing plane like THIS? Typically there is a debris field with transponder traces all the way to the impact. What satellites are trained at the sky looking for missing planes? There is NO precedent for this, this caught everyone off guard.

            The plane is in the water. Period. It didn’t land anywhere, its not being reoutfitted, it’s at the bottom of the ocean. We will find it there, off the west coast of Australia. No debris… why don’t you morons Google the “Roaring 40’s” and do a little cognitive reasoning before opening your mouths.

            Planes, do deviate from flight plans, that’s why they are called plans and not courses. Things change, it’s a dynamic situation, with changing conditions. Typically though, ATC is informed of changes and approves them. Obviously this didn’t happen.

            BTW author, nice 747 picture… assclown.

          • ASSCLOWN

            are you fuckin serious….!!!! what the fuck kind of an insult is assclown you stupid fuck

          • Remag1

            You need some serious help. Your head is so far up you ass it needs a tracker-trailer to pull it out.

        • john

          Its obvious neither are you.You are just some low life trash wannabe internet bad ass.An airplane deviating from it flight path abruptly as this one did is extremely abnormal.The pilot of the plane clearly wanted to stay hidden and knew how to do so.I am not entirely for this article but there are way more questions then there are answers.If it did crash in the ocean there would be debris still.The size of such debris would depend on how the plane crashed.If it came in out of fuel it most likely glided into the ocean which is very survivable.The plane would have most likely lost the engines and the wings but the fuselage would have either stayed in tact or lost the tail section as it is a fragile area.If you would like an example look on youtube and search for the hijacked aircraft that crashed of the coast of Africa i believe.Obviously if it had crashed nose down into a dive or under full acceleration it would have fragmented into small pieces.The shards of aluminum and things such as luggage ,seats,inflatable rafts etc would be floating and relativity easy to see.Obviously there are a lot of factors and scenarios such as high seas vs calm seas and at what angle the aircraft impacted the ocean.I do not have the answers to any of these question and either do you so stop acting like some bad ass on the internet and do some research before you insult someone for there opinion.

          • Jimmy R.

            “Clearly wanted to stay hidden and knew how to do so” where the fuck did you get this information? Also, I dont understand everyone’s argument that there should be some kind of debris, it is perfectly normal (although the situation is abnormal) that the plane DID NOT break up whatsoever on impact and that no debris from inside the plane has floated to the top…I dont know if it is just pure ignorance, but these planes are built pretty sturdy and unless it went mach 1 nose-first into the water than 777’s usually will not break apart, but they will sink eventually guaranteed.

        • Remag1

          And what experience do you have Ass hole?? Kara is polite and you are a Scumbag.

      • spike

        i too say this is trash. you’re so definitive with the whole “the transponder was manually turned off” . it could also have been caught in fire and deactivated.

      • Zzzz

        OMG the stupidity of this article is so severe. The Malaysian government has NOT been able to conclude WHY the plane ultimately took such a strange path halfway around the world, that is still a huge freaking mystery. However, their announcement simply means that EXTREMELY CORROBORATIVE EVIDENCE from intelligences who made detailed and analytical calculations on the satellite pings conclude that the last confirmed location of the plane was in fact in the middle of the ocean. Btw you might wanna look up that area of the Indian Ocean on the map. It’s a very very vast area with the nearest shores being 4 hours away by plane. Do you even have a clue how long it will take for debris to surface? And seriously what is the point of Malaysia covering up, as you claim?

        • IQQF

          Just a simple question:

          Did the PM provide evidences on top of his conclusion?

          Don’t tell me that it is from the new analysis. Show the public. We are confused. Clearly the statement from them were ‘ended in the southern Indian Ocean’ & ‘none of those on board survived’. So the flight ‘went down in the ocean’? WENT DOWN? Seriously, it’s a joke.

          • Zzzz

            Yes he did actually, if you bothered listening to the press conference and reading the followup reports (instead of this crap article). The calculations were done by UK aviation investigators and satellite company Inmarsat. And then afterwards it was verified again by official UK investigators. Plus the satellite data was provided by France and the US. They simply stated that the FINAL confirmed location of the plane, based on the satellite pings, was in a remote area of the Indian Ocean. At that timing the plane would have no more fuel, and therefore the only logical conclusion is that it’s now in the ocean! And yes it might seem premature they’re making such announcements with so much finality. But perhaps they just had very conclusive evidence.

        • Kara Mckinzie

          I made no such claim. I’m just saying that the stories don’t make any sense. I don’t understand how there is no evidence anywhere. Supposed sightings of debris, but nobody has any? That doesn’t make sense to you at all? It’s an ocean. It’s going to be large. That is a freakin’ given. lol. It happened the beginning of this month, and with all this searching they’ve done, they would have OBTAINED SOMETHING like their claims they have made about SEEING DEBRIS.

          • OniYon

            ok the funny this is that early in the incident, everyone was demanding that the M’sian declare this as a conclusive ‘crash’ even before we have any debris evidence or anything. And gets pissed and yells ‘coverup!!’when Malaysia can’t confirm anything yet because, well, there’s no evidence of one!

            Now there’s fairly conclusive evidence from satellites from 3 diff countries after lengthy investigation that the plane went down, everyone is pissed that the plane did crash, and now went back on their words and said nope, no debris, no crash, this is another coverup.

            There’s just no pleasing people, is there?

          • Kara Mckinzie

            Lmfao. xD There really truly isn’t. It’s tough to in a situation like this. It’s good to know it actually crashed though. . . It’s good to have confirmation. I just wish they found something. SOMETHING that could hint as to what exactly happened. . It’s really killing me. I still don’t think it sounds right though. .

          • OniYon

            It is a tough situation, made harder because the circumstance surrounding the missing plane have no precedence.

            Personally, I think.. for Malaysians whose plane crews and people were lost in that plane, and who felt responsible for other nationalities that were lost as well, we didn’t want a crash verdict. A hijacking, for some of us is a preferable (even if cringeworthy) option if it meant that those people are still alive. We had hoped that there would be survivors.

            And that’s the thing that makes us so sad now – because the rest of the world seem to see this incident as nothing more than a ‘curious mystery’ that’s exciting at the moment because it’s so maddeningly unsolvable. And that’s a lot of it is fueled by media like CNN and BBC that kept releasing unverified info which were actually not true and had to be refuted, but in turn made it look like Malaysia were the ones not releasing the correct info. And they come up with so many conspiracy theories, blaming this and that without much context (what can one expect from others who are outside looking in?), and probably move on when the next ‘exciting’ incident comes along.

            While those who are directly involved in this, those who lose loved ones, friends, family, those coordinating and participating in the search mission – don’t actually take to the internet to speculate and blame and thus form the public’s perception- I don’t think they have the time and energy to do so.

            Remember that the reason for AirFrance’s crash still remain a mystery until 2 years later, when they finally found the black box. I don’t know if people were rife with speculations back then, but whatever it is that people said, what happened was a technical error on the plane’s part, coupled with the pilot’s judgement error. And even then, it’s really no one fault – because accidents happen when a lot of factors that don’t usually happen just come together at the right time, at that particular moment. That’s why they’re called accidents.

            Please respect that people are doing their best to solve this. No one wants to see this happen. But it did. The best we can do now is try to understand.

          • Kara Mckinzie

            I don’t see it as just a mystery. It really hurts my heart to hear about the families and their loved ones. . The reason why it kills me so much is because they have nothing to go on except for the fact that the plane is gone and crashed. They don’t know how, or why, or what happened. I don’t think this is exciting at all. . This is horrible. I don’t see it as Malaysia not getting out the correct info, or cover up. . I just want to know why nothing has been found, you know? These families can’t rest. . They’ve held out every centimeter of hope they possible can muster, just hear that they must except the fact that the plane crashed without knowing why. . It’s really upsetting and infuriating to me. All this technology, and we can’t figure out why the plane went that direction, and what happened. It’s truly horrendous. We don’t need to be arguing about conspiracy theories. . We need to be supporting those in need right now. It’s so aggravating!!

          • OniYon

            I agree with you that we should be supporting those in need now.and as for why nothing has been found – that’s what everyone wants to know too. We’re in the dark about it just as you are, because as said before – this incident has no precedent.

            Again, I have to remind people – even when AirFrance managed to release a distress call before crashing into the Atlantic ocean, it still tookTWO YEARS to find the bulk of the wreckage, along with the black box (which eventually brought people to an understanding HOW the crash happened). TWO YEARS. Remember that. People didn’t know what happened for TWO YEARS! MH370 had just been missing for almost 3 weeks with everyone searching like crazy and the world suddenly gets so mad and demands answers like it’s so easy to find. Maybe now it’s a good time to realize that despite all our technology we’re still not all that. There’s a LOT of things that’s beyond our control still and it’s actually a very humbling thought when you think about it.

            There’re people out there braving the dark seas doing their best to find MH370 wreckage right now – things are being done, so when people kept asking ‘why isn’t there anything yet, why can’t people find something’ it’s like a backseat passenger asking ‘are we there yet, are we there yet’ every few minutes. It’s not gonna change anything. Things are being DONE and people are STILL searching for the answer. To prematurely claim that ‘we must accept the fact that the plane crashed without knowing why’ when the search process is still ongoing is like saying you can’t have that cake and it’s a fact just because it’s still baking in the oven.

            I think it’s incredibly important now to be patient, esp when we’re not the ones directly participating in the search, or the ones who lose their loved ones. We don’t have the information they do. And all our speculations/ nagging/ etc aren’t helping anyone. The barrage of rubbish info by the media isn’t helping either, like this particular article.

          • Mickus

            That’s the problem… No one has any idea what happened and you have the govs changing their story every 5 mins

          • OniYon

            NO they didn’t. didn’t you follow the press conferences? Their statements stand because they waited to verify their information. As far as I know – the govt. have been CONSISTENT. The ones who kept changing their stories are the MEDIA because they kept reporting UNVERIFIED information, and then backtracked, confusing the people.. CNN reported it crashed in Vietnam on the FIRST day. Gov press conf clearly said this is an unverified report, and they cannot confirm that because they have to wait for confirmation from the Vietnam gov.

            And the best thing? CNN next reported: M’sian gov denies crash. WTF! See how the media played around with their words to give the impression that the there’s something dubious with the investigation, when if you’ve followed each press conferences and official statements closely, there’s really nothing dubious at all!

            Check back the media that kept reporting unverified news (BBC, CNN, FOX)and see how many times THEY have backtracked because they didn’t wait to verify their info. I mean c’mon la, practice some critical thinking!

        • Invictus

          Perhaps covering up their incompetencies?

        • pizzapie
      • Rubbish Blog

        Just try walking 2,500 km or swim. then u will know why there isn’t any evidence found yet.

        • Kara Mckinzie

          They’ve been searching for weeks. A very LARGE extensive search. They would have found SOMETHING.

          • Apparently not. If somebody is claiming that they don’t have information, what would you say the odds are that they just don’t have the information? Maybe they’re embarrassed that they haven’t found anything so they’re just saying they haven’t found anything as a cover up. OR, maybe they’re just saying they haven’t found anything so we’ll all say they have so we’ll all assume that they have greater intelligence capabilities than what they really have. Sort of like how we all have greater intelligence capabilities than YOU have.

          • nio

            You clearly do not understand how large ocean is despite stating you do in one of your other comments. Take into harsh weather conditions and the fact that waves can move hundreds of kilometers everyday and maybe you’ll understand why nothing has been retrieved yet.

          • Mickus

            Like they do with every other plane crash

      • Roiyar

        I’m on team Kara McKinzie!!!

  • Woderer

    It reads likes “World coming to an end by April next” Story

  • Darkwood

    So, what is this award that you won then?

  • Anna

    People have enough of conspiracy theories. Does it matter anymore? And turning this into a “9/11” repetition is not cool at all. We are not part of the problem, nor part of the solution and we shouldn’t interfere, but unfortunately some of us have abuse that freedom of speech.

    • Mickus

      Got to sometimes or you get fuked in the ass because you follow like a sheep

  • mings

    The author: You’re making the same assumption as the government as what had happened right? The truth is, you’ll never know. If the plane crashed and broken into pieces into the indian ocean, it’s quite impossible to locate the debris after 7 days because 1) it drifted thousands of miles away and scattered 2) you know how HUGE is the indian ocean right?

  • Marco de Booij

    This is one of the most stupid and ignorant stories I have ever read! Shame on you to capatalize on other people’s sorrows by publishing such sensationalist crap!

  • inflightFeed

    The worst article I have read on this topic. The fact that you used a 747 aircraft picture tells me how much you have ‘researched’ your own work

  • this is stupid. low class writer..

  • anchovies

    I dont know about aviation but I know the Malaysian government. They are capable of all kinds of lies! The whole issue on MH370 clearly doesn’t add up at all! The government is so corrupt that it will sell people’s lives to earn a few million bucks! Just read all that’s been happening in Malaysia for the past few years and you know what I mean. They recently put the opposition leader – Anwar Ibrahim, to prison on charges of sodomy!! How ridiculous!!! There has never been a fair system in Malaysia. The government do whatever they pleases and bullies the nation into submission!! You don’t have to believe me, just google and read about it. All mainstream media in Malaysia are controlled by the government so know your sources before you read.

    • Firdaus Hilmy

      this doesn’t makes sense.. why do you have to relate this with politics? and this absolutely doesn’t related to Anwar Ibrahim..

      • Comma

        I agree with Firdaus Hilmy. Stop this stupid kind of speculations. If you cannot do anything in finding the plane, you better stop this “kind” of speculation and start praying that we’ll find them soon. Do you think by speculating will help finding the plane? I guess, not! and Dude, if we are longing for million bucks, why would we want to waste billion bucks to find them. And please know all your mainstream medias too who has been provoking things since Day 1!

    • Zzzz

      LOL freaking hilarious (and stupid) comment. Yes it’s true the government is in many ways incompetent, inefficient and possibly very corrupt. But politics honestly does not have anything to do with this missing plane. It was diverted for reasons still unknown, BUT external parties using satellite data provided by other countries have made calculations which led to Malaysia’s announcement. So it’s very unlikely they just cooked up some nonsense story. And seriously they had 60 of their own citizens on the plane. Do you really think they aren’t anxious to find out wtf happened to their own people? The government has spent millions of dollars just trying to locate the damn plane, I think your crazy speculations at this point are of no value.

      • th

        very good point here.

      • Mickus

        I like how you dis everyone else then make up your own shit

        • Zzzz

          I like how you’re some random westerner over here going around to further add fuel to the senseless speculation about the flight.
          For the record, I’m Malaysian and I think I know how my own government is like far better than most of the commenters on this article. Yes they can be pretty incompetent, and that is precisely why it’s even more unlikely this is a cover up (because covering up actually needs a certain level of skill and intelligence).
          More than anything, Malaysia has been pretty consistent with its announcements since day 1. If you followed their press conferences and listened to what they say (which you probably didnt because you were on the other side of the planet listening to speculation from the media and angry Chinese), it’s pretty evident they made announcements whenever they had information.

        • ASSCLOWN

          i like how your name is mickus you cheecky fuckin prawn

    • OniYon

      do you actually LIVE in Malaysia? or that you’re just talking out from your butt?

      • Invictus

        Even ppl who live in malaysia say so.. The recent GE shows how. Obvious n blatant their corruption are.. There is a lack of evidence on this even though they are dyaring right in ur face! The gov are the ones in power n in ctrl of the media the military n etc.. They r the ones holding the gun.. What do they care if their actions are suspicious? They don’t care anymore they’d do anything to win.. By resorting to unjust methods..

        • OniYon

          wow. you spoke to ALL of them, all 30 million of them? I’m guessing you’re a keyboard warrior who don’t actually live in Malaysia and say all this things, or you’re an urban zombie with too much time at your hand, repeating what you *think* is progressive and what counts for *social justice*. Get this – no governments in the world is free corruption, or ever perfect, but it’s never a clear cut case of ‘they’re holding the power and doing unjust things and everyone is suffering’. It’s never that simple. And there’s never a clear-cut case of the gov is evil and the opposition is good. Sometimes both are a different side of the same coin. So stop talking like a child.

          Based on the last GE result – you know what? It’s the RICH and fairly AFFLUENT URBAN population (who resides in the richest states and have the priviledge of GOOD infrastructures and development) form the most numbers of the ones who hate the government and vote for the opposition, and the less affluent ones, the ones who rank in some of the lowest incomes in the country are ones in favour of the current government. So what does that say? Some people get condescending and say those poor people are stupid. But you can also look at it as those urban folks, who despite being relatively well off – digruntled that they don’t have MORE. Go to the government clinics that give treatments for only $1 and see what kind of people who are busy getting the most out of it. Not the poor who needs it the most, but the rich urban folks who can afford going to a regular clinic but are too stingy, too tightfisted with their money to to do so. And after they get their $1 treatment, they bitch at the government. Hypocrites!

          My opinion is that while the gov have a lot to improve, the opposition is not a cure all solution. In fact, right now, they’re proving to be every bit as bad if not worse than the current gov with their politics of hate and taking to the streets with every little thing, as if it’s a panacea for all the problems in the country. Look to Egypt. The world rejoiced when they partook in Arab Spring, overthrowing Hosni Mubarak with raucous demonstration in the streets. Now the ‘democratically’ elected guy Morsi is ousted, and 500+ of his followers are sentences to death. Is this what all that demonstration and grand show of ‘human triumph’ amounts to? And where is the world now when this happens? Blissfully unaware and off to the next ‘exciting revolution’ they can find.


    • icameinyourmom

      as if your government is not corrupted. your family is ridiculous for having you. trust me, theyre not proud of you.

  • spike

    when you have to refer to yourself as “an award-winning investigative journalist”, that shows how credible your article is

    • lalalalallala

      When you reply shows how much you don’t know..

  • Firdaus Hilmy

    this is so fucking stupid! this is not happening in your country so you can say everything.. plus, no other countries ever faced this problem before.. stupid theories

  • Anony Mouse

    Just so you idiots down here in the comments know, ‘Klakson’ didn’t write this article, he copied it wholesale from an actual credible Journalist, Mike Adams of NaturalNews. There is a tiny link down the bottom for the ‘source’ of this article, and it doesn’t include pictures of planes. To ‘Klakson’, by refusing to actually address your reference material, you tarnish the credibility of the original author. Please make an effort next time.

  • Hisham Hamzah

    Holy shit i think i lost a few brain cells reading this rubbish. do you realise how big the indian ocean is, and the fact that the wreckage had been floating for two weeks and could be ANYWHERE in that huge, remote ocean?!

    • Mickus

      Do you have any idea how advanced the american satelite and radar tracking system is…. they could follow the plane anywhere

      • nio

        If it were so “advanced” and could follow the plane anywhere then why haven’t we located the plane yet?

  • I cannot ignore your opinion as I agreed that there is no evidence the flight crashed into the Indian Ocean; however, it does not means that it is not true. All relevant data proven that it ends there… 🙁 is sad to say so but is time to accept the fact.

    Besides, I suggest you should remove the post; or at least do not make a B747 plane and put on a name of MH370; it just show how innocent you are.

  • Neill Jones

    Where is it now stated that the flight did not continue flying for another 4-7 hours? If you are implying that they are now trying to say the plane crashed where the transponder was turned off then they would have crashed into the South China Sea. If you actually look at a map you with sea that the Southern Indian Ocean is around 1500 miles away, 7-10 hours flight time from when the transponder was switched off. If you are going to try and sensationalise the deaths of 239 people into a conspiracy theory to publicise yourself and raise your profile, then at least have the intelligence to consult a map and gather the facts as they are being told rather than spouting a load of nonsense with no respect to the dead or their grieving families.

  • ed

    Whatever people may find of the author. Fact is that the downing of the aircraft in the Indian ocean at the place it is said to be is an assumption based on ‘data analysis’.
    It doesn’t matter whether you believe it actually went down there or anywhere else, flew to Kazakhstan or flew to the moon, fact is that it is still not confirmed by actual finding of debris confirmed to be of that plane.

    I am quite willing to believe it was an accident and that the plane went down, but that doesn’t stop me from believing that governments are morally capable of lying to their teeth to cover up if they fucked up

  • joe

    Stupid asshole

  • SJS

    Mike Adams is obviously some sick retard who wants to get himself some time in the spotlight using ill-researched “facts” and a whole lot of unsubstantiated bullshit. How anyone can say this this idiot is a legitimate journalist is beyond me.

  • nanana

    you’re an idiot. i can’t believe i read it….ahh shame on me.

    • Ryan

      Best thing to do is wait and leave it to the authorities. Let’s just pray for the affected family and friends of MH370 passengers and crew.

      As of now only God knows. All things happen for some reason

      Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

      1Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses.
      2He sets the time for birth and the time for death, the time for planting and the time for pulling up,
      3the time for killing and the time for healing, the time for tearing down and the time for building.
      4He sets the time for sorrow and the time for joy, the time for mourning and the time for dancing,
      5the time for making love and the time for not making love, the time for kissing and the time for not kissing.
      6He sets the time for finding and the time for losing, the time for saving and the time for throwing away,
      7the time for tearing and the time for mending, the time for silence and the time for talk.
      8He sets the time for love and the time for hate, the time for war and the time for peace.
      9What do we gain from all our work?
      10I know the heavy burdens that God has laid on us.
      11He has set the right time for everything. He has given us a desire
      to know the future, but never gives us the satisfaction of fully
      understanding what he does.
      12So I realized that all we can do is be happy and do the best we can while we are still alive.
      13All of us should eat and drink and enjoy what we have worked for. It is God’s gift.
      14I know that everything God does will last forever. You can’t add
      anything to it or take anything away from it. And one thing God does is
      to make us stand in awe of him.
      15Whatever happens or can happen has already happened before. God makes the same thing happen again and again.

  • iza ramli

    You want people to believe you? The author is moron. That’s all.

  • CharLee

    Doesnt make any sense at all…That Flight suppose to fly to beijing with north direction but its went to southern india ocean?…Please Be Comfirm only announce..Why dun just say they were try to fly to Madagascar to see Alex The Lion

  • Lydia Shah

    Worst piece of journalism (if you even wanna call it that) EVER. This article is nothing but ill-informed, lousily researched, and only using fear-mongering, sweeping statements, biased, slanted, narrow-minded opinions. If you can’t write like a well respected journalist, go flip hamburgers instead. Your gossip is appreciated at McDonalds.

  • RIP MH370

    You know….you’re a fucking cheap thrash troll…crass, classless, tasteless shit. The M’sian government may be incompetent, and belatedly getting their act together…but sure as hell, they’re doing whatever they can, in their limited ability. Dogshits like you ain’t making the world a better place. Heck, you can’t even fuckin get your 777 from 747 rite..! Go wank yourself elsewhere, pandian…

    • Invictus

      There’s smtg the msian gov arent telling us.. Smtg tat if u knew, they’d have to kill u.. Lol. The only competence they’ll ever be good for is reforming the system..

      • RIP MH370

        I know where you’re coming from, and we all have our theories and speculations… All I’m saying is – don’t be too quick to judge, or get out of line, just to be heard.
        There are more than the 239 lives here…there are families and loved ones. A bit of decency and respect in this article at this time would earn you more karma than the hundreds of stale rotten brownie points.

      • ASSCLOWN

        jesus fucking christ they should stop looking for the plane and find a place for you to learn how to spell,

        • Invictus

          Hey fucktard, i just like to abbreviate my typing. They should stop lookin for the plane and try to look for ur brain. Lols

  • Saif Merseysider

    1) Fuck your mother. Seriously.
    2) Fuck your dad. Again. Seriously. Why? For making a pathetic excuse of a human being like you.
    3) Take your middle finger and stick it up as deep as possible in your arse (this act would be known by many as ‘go fuck yourself’).
    4) Cut your dick (if u have one, of course) and feed it to stray dogs. They deserve a good dining. Plus, u won’t be needing it, right? I mean, u just talked and didn’t show any courage of trying to help whatsoever.
    5) (Please refer to step 1 until 4)

  • Andy Martin

    I’ve said from day 1 that if I was a terry wrist what better way to cause devastation than to aquire a large aircraft, fill it with explosives and or dirty bombs, then for instance fly it into Freedom Tower ( I think thats what it is called) just to stir the hornets nest and to prolong T.W.A.T. The War Against Terrorism. This war creates lots of money for various people and organisations.
    Reference the plane surviving a water landing I refer you to Air Ethiopia hijacking and water landing, that plane came in low and slow with no fuel and it disintigated on impact killing a majority of the passengers. The only saving grace for this incident was it locality to a beach with tourist’s on it.
    I hope that the scenario I’ve described doesn’t come to fruition and I hope the search teams find something for the relatives sakes.
    By the way I have no aviation or journalism experiance, all I am and have is an ex British infantry soldier and a somewhat vivid if not a warped imagination.
    This is only my un-informed opinion.

  • IH8U

    Your words are bullshit.Not worthy of saying much more.

  • Nicholas Chew

    what did i just read? sorry but your article is the worst of the worst

  • Rubbish Blog

    How can it even fly for 18 days. if it was turned into a wepon… they would have attacked by now .

  • Lee Strader

    really stupid so you think a plane can be made into a stealth plane just by switching off transponder? what a moron if it was that simple there would stealth aircraft all over the place.

  • amwaras

    Looking at the report, MH 370 did turn back and flew over Thailand and Indonesian airspace. Singaporean military radar can in fact detects as far as the waters of Vietnam. It is safe to say the military radar of four countries or at least 3 countries should have tracked MH370 and all the international media only blaming Malaysia? Shame on you! Where were all the sophistacated USAF jet fighters during the 9/11 tragedy?

    • Invictus

      Wouldnt they have said smtg. If they detected the planes? Remember these countries are just helping our country. Jet fighters to attack who? 9/11 was a conspiracy.. In which some ppl are assuming this one as well..

      • Fairuz Onn

        then this is conspiracy that involve 26 countries

  • Invictus

    Klakson just copied n pasted the article.. Its orginally by Mike Adams..

  • scooby

    you’re off your head!

  • I could have been a “journalist”. You’d be well advised to just skip past anything that comes from Mike Adams. If there’s any mystery that finds its way onto the internet there will always be Mike Adams there to paint “CONSPIRACY” all over his website and subsequently in the comments section under an assumed name.

  • lolpop

    this is the most retarded thing i’ve read all week. congrats

  • gwen

    Yeah, yeah. Everyone want to bomb america. Yada..yada..yada…

  • TW

    Great message and thank you for this story it was very confirming. I just wrote about this very thing today on CNN’s website just after I watched TWA Flight 800’s documentary, which was a Boeing 707 that crashed in 1996. I won’t restate everything I mentioned in that post, but just Google TWA flight 800 that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Notice all the debris collected to recreate the plane. That is not to mention all the shoes, clothing, and other items floating in the water. There is no way the crash could be hidden and if 370 had in fact crashed in the Indian Ocean, it wouldn’t be an item here or there, it would be flooded with debris.This incident reeks of a coverup and we need to continue to pressure the governments and media for truth. The families and loved ones of the passengers deserve that. What if it had happened to you?

    • Zzzz

      LOLOL “no way the crash could be hidden”. WOW. I suggest you open your google map and check out ocean. It’s one of the deepest areas on earth, and INCREDIBLY HUGE. An airplane in comparison to the ocean is miniscule, they are literally finding a needle in a haystack.

      For all of you who keep insisting the plane “ought” to have been found by now/ debris should be floating around easily spotted, please check out this video of the Indian Ocean and tell me honestly if you think it’s gonna be an easy job finding the plane.


      And given how so many external parties have already used calculations to confirm that the final location of the plane in the ocean, do you still think its a cover up? Just because they haven’t found the plane? As mentioned above, it’s really really hard to locate the plane.

  • Ghen

    This article is trash.

    #1: The ocean is enormous. They haven’t found debris yet. This doesn’t prove that it’s a cover up. It just means nothing has been found yet, anywhere. BTW that patch of ocean is 5KM deep and 400KM from any coast. Nothing will be washing up on shores any time soon.

    #2: Yes, we know it flew on for hours, the southern indian ocean theory fits with this fact. I suggest you look at a map and see how far away the crash zone is from the point where the transponder was turned off. It would have taken hours to fly there. And anyway, the expected crash location is consistent with the southern corridoor arc information which was published a long time ago.

    #3: Actually there is some evidence. There’s the pings which placed the plane on an arc. Then there’s the dopler analysis which determined its direction of travel which says it went south.

    #4: No one knows who did it or why, or what exactly happened. Just because you have trouble trying to rationalise what happened doesn’t mean there’s a cover up.

  • John Wiseman

    You meant to say no evidence of an Ocean crash besides two different satellites from two different nations spotting an object with the same size and dimension as a Boeing 777 200er tail fin floating in the Southern Indian Ocean, right? Debris has been recovered from the Ocean, and the transponder signals from the 777 sent to Boeing suggest a Southerly route somewhere to the Southern Indian Ocean. Geesh! wanting to believe in conspiracy theories is one thing, but now your just trying to invent something.

  • Toby Ng

    Your daily dose of bullshit from the lovely people of America folks!

  • notcomingback


    The worst written article i have seen for many years, there is no way you are
    an award winning anything pal. And to comment on the topic itself
    – quite obviously flawed, illogical, sensationalist and total fucking
    bullshit with no value whatsoever.

    I followed a link from FB – i wont be revisiting this trashy, low rent website if
    this is the sort of nonsensical drivel you allow to be posted. Shame on
    the ‘author’, shame on the website and shame on Me for bothering to read this
    horribly insulting and upsetting ‘theory’ past the inaccurate photograph – i should’ve
    known this was some crank trying to get some sort of ‘attention’ in his/her
    otherwise worthless life.

  • icameinyourmom

    i think your mom took over the boeing 777 cuz she needs a new dildo for her saggy old pussy. thats why nobody could find it. go ask your momma when she hides it.

  • Facepalm

    What a stupid article. And how stupid that people even believe this crap, with no sources and some clearly uneducated opinions.

    “They claim the plane went down in the Indian Ocean without flying very far at all.”

    No, they claim the plane went down between 4-7 hours flying time into the Indian Ocean, hence the reason they are searching near Australia now..

  • Sam Hong

    I don’t understand people like you, man. Initially when the government refused to tell the media the details about the missing aircraft because they have yet found a solid evidence about what had actually happened to the plane, people are bashing them, saying that they are incompetence. Now they let you know what happened; the plane crashed into the sea and once again they’re being criticized. Like, what the hell do you want to hear? The plane is in my backyard?

  • th

    we can only assume that nobody knows anything for now. neither do we have any proof that the government is hiding anything. they could be hiding a bunch of stuff, or they are actually very transparent and as clueless as us. we can speculate and guess but it’s wrong to make claims stating that “this is what must’ve happened”. it could be possible that the plane has now been turned into a weapon but like I said, who knows? it’s too early to assume anything, and I feel that all these theories just add on to the confusion of the whole situation, as if we don’t have enough already.

  • Sharifah Jasmine Soraya

    at least put the right picture for god’s sake… that’s a boeing 747

  • Ogg

    “#3) There is ZERO evidence the flight crashed into the Indian Ocean”
    but there IS evidence – the latest developments made by going through all of the INMARSAT data confirmed that the aircraft flew down to the south Indian Ocean.
    Is it really that hard to believe that the pilots died on board and the plane crashed?

  • Ali zalzar

    I like the last part where it says “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years as an award-winning investigative journalist, it’s that you should never trust official stories… especially when they contradict all the earlier evidence. ” I don’t even need an award to know that I should not believe your trash. How dare you disrespect the families of the people in the flight by writing such a shit and stupid information!!! I feel sorry for you. visit a psychiatrist ASAP.

  • Dean

    For all you guys that believe all the info that governments tell you, your all a bunch of naive twats. Open your [email protected]#king eyes. wake up! they said it is “beyond reasonable doubt”, the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean. The Malayasian Government have been put under so much pressure by the families and concerned people from all around the world. They most likely just said this happened to relieve the pressure they are under then deal with the whole ordeal with less stress until its all forgotten and the next big news story comes along. Will be another one of those mysteries of the world.

  • sasa

    did you come up with this shit while high and holding up two coconuts too?

  • Risi

    “[…]broken into tens of thousands of pieces, many of which obviously float on water (such as the seat cushions) and would be witnessed washing up on regional shores”

    Perhaps I’m wrong, but if I were to see a seat cushion washed onto the beach I wouldn’t assume it to be from a plane crash…

  • timc

    Being in the aerospace industry… I can’t say I know what to believe, but I do know from my experience as a cnc machinist who makes parts for these planes, that much of the material that goes into a plane is aluminum, Much of it not being heavy duty at all…parts as thin as .015 thousands of an inch thick (not excluding thinner)… thinking of that, I’m no crash expert, but a plane hitting water would lose a very large amount of material and would not sink because of how light it can be…including large skins and such. I would think that there would be an abundance of material floating around, even if most of the structure of the plane sank, alot of the plane would fall apart…but we may never know

  • Roiyar

    My opinion is….this sounds about right…….It sounded foolish from the whole disappearing act…..If they can find criminals hiding in caves, surely they can find 7000+ ton planes. Vanishing in thin air is the act of slight of hand….not reality. Its 2014 the technology is not that antiquated anymore. It sounds like Buncum…I Never bought it I just shook my head again and said another cover up.

    • RobCrusoe

      It took western governments 2 years to find the French airplane. with the best equipment in the world to boot. that was a little over… 3 years ago?

      heck, it took the Americans like what… a whole decade to find THE ‘criminal hiding in caves’ ? this was what.. 3 years ago as well?

      Im not defending the M’sian government here, nor blaming them fully (given that a G8 nation actually did worse with SAR ops). Im saying, lack of information could be just that.. I doubt nations like US, UK, France, China, Aus, Japan, the whole SEA region, and many, many others would actually help a small defenseless nation like Malaysia ‘cover up’ a fuck up (if it ever were the case)? in fact, it would be the opposite, now wouldn’t it?

      or are you saying that all these countries are playing into the hands of a small peninsular nation? even the US? the Europeans? Masters of the art of war, being fooled by an incompetent, corrupt, country whose shorelines are only an hour’s flight in between? A country so small, you’d probably need one nuke to render it defenseless.. Seriously, are you saying Malaysia is capable of these shenanigans?

      you are talking about a country who, during world war 2, got owned by the Japanese who came riding in bicycles. FUCKING BICYCLES. from FUCKING JAPAN. on bicycles.

      Scenario 1
      because if you really are agreeing with this article, you in turn are saying every other nation are stupid for playing into Malaysia’s game. that says that you are actually smarter then all the International Intelligence Agencies combined. that maybe they havent thought (let alone investigate) about all these theories and that only you lot actually know what’s up..

      Scenario 2
      Maybe all these nations are in on it. – LOL.

      conspiracy theorists couldnt be running out of THAT much ideas now could they?

      please try googling videos of ships weathering the storm in the indian ocean, and maybe, just maybe you could compare the challenges the International SAR teams are facing.

      Or maybe you could just stop falling into all these fear mongering theories.. Its only creating confusion and speculation on top of speculation. No wonder the victims’ families are so distressed with all these misinformation running about.

      and then there’s this article.

  • Yellow

    Great read. I don’t 100% agree with it, but nor do I disagree. Without solid evidence we cannot assume the governments official statement is the truth. Though this is a ‘theory’, it is also as probable as it is for the plane to have crashed. People saying the plane could have stayed intact are completely in the wrong.The weather during the crash was horrible, therefore the plane couldn’t have landed in tact and would have dispersed many of the float able objects due to the pure force. As I say before everyone rants, it’s not impossible for the plane to have crashed, nor is it impossible for the plane to have been hijacked and moved to another location.

  • Ryan

    You sir, are an absolute fucking idiot.

  • Tony Marcus

    I trust that, when the wreckage IS found in the ocean, you will post an apology for this nonsense.

  • hk

    If that area is so remote, what would be the purpose of going in that direction??

  • Mickus

    I would assume that one of those countries shot it down and do not wanna tell

  • Rochelle Frigon

    I just PRAY that the plane was hijacked by a
    large alien spacecraft (plz note this is sarcasm)…I mean…if we can all just make up stories…my theory would mean they are safe and just being probed….and they will be returned with the aircraft when the aliens are done their studies…..

  • Dudley

    Terrible article.

  • Samuél J

    I think the way in which this article is concluded says enough. “all my years as an award-winning investigative journalist”… He who blows he’s own trumpet, always needs to find a trumpet to blow.

  • Ashley

    google – Russia “Puzzled” Over Malaysia Airlines “Capture” By US Navy
    Interesting articles that pretty much all say the same.
    not saying to believe them just read them over. Believe in what you want

  • Melissa Bannerman

    I think reporting and speculation like this is cruel and unnecessary. It is sensationalism at it’s worst simply to attract readers and fuel the deranged minds of conspiracy theorists the world over. The simple truth is, we do not yet know what happened to this aircraft…. in the absence of information people try to fill the void to provide an explanation – it is human nature – however it is not helpful and causes fear and anxiety with wildly speculative articles like these. Somewhere, someone needs to say we don’t have all of the answers and call for calm while the truth is being searched for. This is a terribly tragic incident for the passengers on board the flight, their families and their friends whatever the explanation and using it to further your own agenda is pathetic.

  • foobar

    Wow, the most astonishing part of this article is that you call yourself a journalist!

  • Charles

    Was there a conspiracy to cover up? Was the plane landed in a military base in Thailand, or India or even in western China, with the passengers and cargoes unloaded, and then flew south to the Indian Ocean? The Boeing satellite received a ‘ping’ indicating the plane flew north of Penang and subsequently another ‘ping’ indicating the plane flew south to the Indian Ocean. People in the Maldives located south of India saw the plane flew passed them and possibly landed in Diego Gracia, a U.S. military airbase. The plane could not have flown from Indonesia as the path would be south of the Maldives to Diego Gracia. Immarsat and the other satellites shown wreckages to indicate the plane crashed in the ocean. Is there a conspiracy by the CIA to create an alert against extremist terrorism since everything is quiet without Osama ben Laden?

  • Ben Batson Feuer

    Jesus christ could you be more edgy

  • Lauren Alexon
  • Leon C

    all of you are just government bashers ….. whats bad its all about the governments fault … whats good. oh its their job to be doing it ….. watever the government do, its all wrong to u ppl.

  • MandyO

    If it really were a cover-up, don’t you think they would have come up with ”proof” that it ”went down in the Indian Ocean”…? And that perhaps they would have stopped dumping millions of dollars into search efforts by now? And the theory that it’s being turned into a ”stealth weapon” … I hope this is a joke. Probably the most moronic and ignorant article I’ve read this year.

  • Alberto

    You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you? Does everything in this Goddamned world have to be a fucking conspiracy or a Government Cover-Up? There is such things as Pilot error or terrorist attacks or whatever the fuck happened to the plane. People are so fucking paranoid about “Big Brother” and “The Government” that they think everything that happens is a Cover-Up! Whats next? Do you think that the landslide in Oso, Washington that happened this past week is a Government Cover-Up as well? Jesus Christ people!

  • Mozzee

    This article is a bunch of crap.

  • Slick

    There is a few small things that none of you have mentioned in any of the parts I have read in these comments…..

    Firstly : ALL Floatation devices and Exit Shutes activate automatically upon contact with water…

    Secondly : ALL Life Jackets are designed to inflate as soon as they hit water…

    Thirdly : ALL Seats within the aircraft are designed to be used as floatation devices to assist anyone who is in the water…

    Fourth Point : The Boeing 777 aircraft itself, It is the world’s largest twinjet and has a typical seating capacity for 314 to 451 … that means that apart from 314 to 451 LIFE JACKETS (they do not have to be worn to work!)… 314 to 451 SEATS that are flotation devices… Exit Shutes that are designed to inflate and float on contact with water… NOT A SINGLE ONE OF 942 TO 1353 FLOATATION DEVICES HAS ACTUALLY FLOATED OR BEEN FOUND?????

    I find it ridiculous to believe that between 942 to 1353 single person usage personal type devices and 6 Escape/Exit Shutes did not deploy correctly…
    I believe the above article to be the most logical possibilty of what has in fact happened to the aircraft…
    From day one when there was no sign of the aircraft I have thought along similar lines to the author of the above article…
    It would not take a large number of people on the ground to flatten and clear a couple of miles of desert of debris to land a plane of this calibre on…..
    It is my belief that the plane was landed in a country that intends to use it as a weapon…

    • Slick

      ALSO : Did I Forget To Mention That The Engines Were Running Normally for MORE THAN 4 Hours…..
      As the engines are running they send info on revolutions per minute (RPM)…
      As the engines are running oil pressure sensors, heat sensors in the engine and in tailpipe (TPT), vibration sensors, All these are independant from the Transponder, From the Radio Master switch and panels and from Comms…this info monitoring system sends information to Boeing so that Boeing can monitor any potential faults that are likely to occur long before they actually happen, for example, if a vibration happens in an engine that is above normal parameters it shows up to Boeing who then notify the owners that the engine is due for serious checkups…..

    • nio

      There is definitive data showing that the plane took the south corridor route with its last pings locating it in the Indian Ocean, where exactly would it land?

      • Slick

        Hi nio, THis is just my own opinion you understand…..
        Its my belief that this aircraft after the transponder was cut, the radio master was cut, the comms etc was cut off the pilot took a left turn approx 270 degrees and brought the aircraft down to within a couple thousand feet off the sea, he continued due west keeping clear of land until he turned toward mainland Asia, entering either via Pakistan or India, at a low altitude it would be below normal air traffic and would be ignored as being a local private plane… as previously stated it would not take an army of people to clear enough desert to make a landing strip capable of landing this aircraft…
        The pings you refer to have not been attributed to this aircraft, the satelites indicated “something”, and it is a fact that the engines were running normally for over 4 hours after last radar contact…..

        • nio

          Yep i totally understand you are entitled to your own opinion. Are you speculating that these pings are not attributed to this aircraft? Because they have been linked to this aircraft during the course of the flight.

          • kiara

            maybe its a goverment cover up and they will put a black box in the ocean so world thinks the plane went down in the ocean…

    • jeanie

      I, too, have thought this all along….. mainly because there is no debris…… until debris is found, the plane simply did not crash into an ocean……..

  • yoonixo

    i feel like i just got hit by a whirlwind of stupid

  • marls1950

    Sheesh, of course this a government cover up………that plane was taken over and it flew over the maldive islands (people reported seeing the plane flying over) and down to one of America’s highest security Military bases, which is located in the Indian Ocean……Diego Garcia Military base……..it has the same security as Area 51…….this base is where many are interrogated…….and i am sure they would have interrogated at least 4 of those Chinese Electrical Engineers on board flight 370……these 4 Electrical Engineers held 20% each on the patent on a micro processor……this processor (semiconductor) is so small it fits into the dimple of a golf ball and was designed for Miltary use………btw the last 20% of that patent was held by Freescale Semiconductors under the name of Blackstone…….who is the main owner of this Company……none other than Jacob Rothschild………the patent on these processors (semiconductors) were registered a week after the disappearance of flight 370, and as they can not find the 4 remaining patent holders…….Freescale Semiconductors now holds 100% of the now registered patent………..how convenient huh……btw……..ask NSA where flight is, they would have been able to ping those mobile phones which were ringing but not being answered………and of course boeing……who would have had satellite pings until the engine’s stopped……..those engine pings would have told Boeing exactly where 370 is!!!……but no one knowsssssssssssss

  • Harquebus1532

    I don’t think its fair to say that MAS is involved in a cover up. MAS stands for Mana Ada System? MAS has always been like this-run by incompetent buffoons …like all Malaysian companies and State Owned Enterprises in Malaysia-selection for the top jobs are based on religion, race and for being a crony to the ruling party…in short selection process not on merit-so when you throw peanuts you get MONKEYS. They ought to have sought EU-USA help from the start! How would MAS and Malaysian government know-they swing from branches

  • Baker

    the author is an idiot! 29 countries involved in Malaysian Govt conspiracy? how childish can the author be?

  • maran747

    I don’t know about this article. First of all, look on the map and look how big the Indian ocean is, you can put all of North America in it. So its like flying grids less than 1-2 miles apart over the USA from southern states all the way up north of Canada, that’s one line. Now do it from LA to NY. Even 3-5 miles apart, that is a lot of territory. And the turning the plane into a weapon part, this is about as ridiculous as – it didn’t crash because of lack of debris. If you need a weapon, why do you need to steal a plane, when there’s used ones that can be bought cheap without notice. Its not like a modern jet is the only one capable of turning a plane into a weapon. You are writing like you have more proof than the Malaysian government that the plane was hijacked to be turned into a weapon…get real..

  • maran747

    “….I was the first journalist in the world to suggest that Flight 370 had been captured and turned into a weapon. ..” you should change it to – “…I was the first journalist in the world to suggest something outrageous as this in order to lure readers from the other many endless articles….” Moron.!!

    • jeanie

      Where is the debris?

  • GabrielGoh

    “The other theory is that this is a theft of a plane. The plane is intended for future terror attacks. This is the particularly worrisome scenario for the US investigators as they seem to believe that the US would be the likely target of such terror attacks.

    But why? Why go through all this trouble? In this scenario, the stolen plane would land on a secluded runway and be kept there until it was time to use it for nefarious purposes. But this scenario is full of problems. First, stealing a plane is already a problem. Now they will also have to “steal” an airport. Then they will need trained ground staff to service the plane when it land, prepare the plane for take-off, and refuel the plane. Which means, they may have to steal aviation fuel on top of everything else.

    The logistics of the problem is horrendously complicated.

    And why? It is difficult to hijack a plane, but certainly easier than stealing a plane AND an airport, and learning how to service, maintain, refuel and prep a jet for take-off and flight.

    The only reason to do so, is if the plane-robbers need access to the plane to “customise” the plane for their needs. Maybe put in a REALLY BIG BOMB.

    No. Not Nuclear. You don’t need a commercial jet for a nuclear bomb. A small plane would be easier to get. (Just lease one for a few days, install nuke, fly plane to target.)

    But maybe biological or chemical weapons?

    And if the plan is to use biological weapons, the 239 passengers and crew could be used to incubate the bio-weapon, and they could be made contagious and help disperse the bio-weapon!

    So a few days later, MH370 will approach a busy airport somewhere in the USA. The
    transponder will be on, and the Air Traffic Controller will see the plane’s ID on his radar. He will have a second or so to recognise the plane’s ID before the plane sends out a ‘Mayday’.

    “Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! This is MH370 requesting emergency priority landing. We
    are low on fuel and we have passengers needing medical attention! Request immediate landing instructions!”

    And the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) will ask them where they have been, and how did they
    get there, and the pilot will tell the ATC that they are down to 5 minutes of fuel and they HAVE to land and they will explain everything when they have the passengers safe on the ground.

    And the ATC will tell them to land on some runway, and to taxi to a secluded spot (in case there is a bomb on board).

    When the plane finally comes to a stop, they ATC will tell them to stay in the plane until the proper quarantine procedures could be set up. But then smoke will start to fill the plane, and the pilot will give the order for emergency evacuation. The doors will be blown, the inflatable slides will be deployed and passengers start to evacuate.

    The First Responders (Fire Fighters and Airport Police) will try to contain the passengers, bringing them to a cordoned off area. Some of the passengers are looking very ill. But procedures are procedures. The police tries to hold them back, but they will not be contained.

    Suddenly, one of them lunge at the police officer and bites him.

    And that is how the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE began.

    Except “Zombie” is so B-movie. So they call them the “Walking Dead”.”

  • BienB

    no cover up? really? how does one get access to disable the black box in flight?

  • Brian T

    Pfff…..weapon…..this is the most viable explanation. 370 was heading towards beijing, when violent wind currents blew them off course (causing pilot to execute evasive manuevers). This redirected their plane so it was pointing over the indian ocean and towards madagascar. The plane landed in madagascar, where all the passengers are currently partying it up.

  • Ruth Here

    My theory: it was a hostage situation by the captain, specifically, which the Malaysian’s were fully aware of and they botched the negotiations. Either, the captain purposefully crashed the plane when his demands for the government to vacate the guilty verdict of the opposition leader he was a follower of were refused or the Malaysian government/military took matters in their own hands and purposefully brought down the plane. Which would explain the Malaysian’s government continuing to FUBAR the situation. Plausible denialbility now.

  • L’Carpetron

    This is the 21st century, we don’t just lose planes, period. In the 80’s a Korean plane accidentally drifted off course and got shot down by a soviet fighter, Reagan said that was ridiculous, and brought the world GPS so it would never happen again. A few years ago, we had a French A330 get “lost” in the middle of the Atlantic (there is no radar contact in the middle of oceans) it took 5 days to find any wreckage. It turns out the Pitot tubes froze, the pilots got false readings from their instruments, and subsequently stalled and crashed. These things happen, but to lose a plane for over a month? That’s outrageous. Unless it is a cover up of some sort (they’ve done a damn good job of it if it is a cover up,) It’s gotta be at the bottom of some ocean. If it is, the black box pingers only give off a signal for 30 days, so good luck finding that $300 million piece of junk. (I am sorry to all the families who have lost* loved ones, this mess must be unbelievably horrifying for y’all)

  • jeanie

    I have to somewhat agree since there is no debris… there would be debris by this time…

  • Love MachineArmada

    Will you please read the following report in full

    Flight 370: The Straw That Breaks the Cabal’s Back?


    though you may not be familiar with the material as you read it in full I hope you see the connections and possible evidence that leads to the possible truth behind the missing Malasian flight mh-370, if you find this article credible I urge you to look deeper and share with others

    • Louis Mingüey

      Fuck off.

  • rocketman21

    I would not fly in a plane piloted by a hybrid filipino. to flakey.

  • RaymondRicks


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  • GB

    flight 370 has been hijacked by aliens!

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  • Karen Metcalfe

    Is Australia the biggest sucker in the world, someone must be making money out of this bs. Recouping the money, my ass. they will. Another levy on us taxpayers.

  • dave jenson

    It is very unlikely that this 777 had been taken somewhere and is being outfitted for a terrorist attack. It is more likely that it did fly on for several hours and finally ran out of fuel then hit the water in a location far from the original flight path. The Indian ocean is vast and there would be some floating debree that has not been located yet. As to what actually happened to cause this disappearance remains a mystery for now.
    We simply do not know at this time what has become of flight 370 however almost anything is possible but the plane being taken somewhere for use later on as a weapon is quit far fetched. The logical explanation us that it did indeed crash in an area far off the current search grid. The pilots that had care and control of this aircraft are responsible for this and I doubt it was a design failure on the part of the aircraft that is known to be a well designed Boeing aircraft with Rolls Royce that would fail completely unless there was incompitence on the part of the pilots.

  • mr.bean

    so tat means the australia government has been fooled up..?LOL until now they are searching……

  • hannah

    if it was like this won’t really happen

  • hannah

    also that people n that plane was one of my relative in that very plane

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  • Feisty


    Malaysia Airlines is a huge asset to the country. It brings tourists into their country, it represents Malaysia to the world, it generates, income and revenue. Following the incidence with Malaysia Airlines people no longer feel confident to fly with them and their ticket sales have reduced and their share prices dropped over night. this incidence has hurt both Malaysia Airlines and their country.

    The Malaysia government has no reason to self destruct by bringing such a shameful and tragic incidence onto their country’s name. Bet you didn’t think any of that through before coming up with your ridiculous conspiracy theory.

  • What was I thinking

    What I see here is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever seen. The only conspiracy I see here is the Conspiracy that I just read. You should be writing for the sci-fi channel or in an insane asylum either one would be good for us all.

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  • Mark Moore

    The responce to the missing airship was so moving it was so scary and beyond anything i can relate to the emotion i felt is beyond an insecure feeling.? It is an event that will change the very nature mankind preseves of his own human kind.