Dying Area 51 Scientist: YES, Aliens Are Real

And apparently their planet is called Quintumnia…

Bushman Boyd is a retired Senior Scientist who worked at the top secret Area 51. He conducted European Theater Tactical Fighter performance analysis, developed laser, electro-optical sensor and power systems, and holds 26 US patents and classified patents- including the invention of a magnetic beam.

Boyd died in August this year, and recently his last interview was published on the web. In it, he makes a stunning deathbed confession, talking candidly about UFOs, aliens, and anti-gravity technology. “

There are two groups of aliens,” says Bushman, backing up interviews with many people who claim they have been abducted. “It’s like a cattle ranch. One group are wranglers, and the others are rustlers (cattle stealers). The ones that are wranglers are much more friendly, and have a better relationship with us.”

Boyd, who states in the video that he doesn’t believe anything if he hasn’t seen real evidence, shows viewers photographs of aliens who have supposedly been under autopsy, as well as many images of flying craft.

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  • Vishwanath Veeraraghavan

    Our ability to hear and see are limited. We can hear sound with in the decibel limit and see things with in optimum and minimum level. More over aliens need not exist in the human form. They may already coexist with us!

  • abinico

    This is pure bunk. A highly advanced extra-terrestrial race has about as much to say to humanity as humanity does to chimpanzees.