They All Made Fun Of This Girl… Until She Opened Her Mouth! Wow, I Have Goosebumps!

14-year-old Shiane Hawke did not impress Austrailia’s X Factor judges when she walked out on stage. Or the people in the crowd. And they all did a good job of letting her know. Everything from the audience’s and judges’ snickers and smirks to their body language suggests they were just waiting on her to implode.

And then the music began. The only thing that would have made her performance better is if (and I really hope someone does this one day) she finished singing, said “I was too good for you before I sang, too,’ dropped the microphone and left the stage. Then maybe people would realize how big of jerks they’d been. Shiane, you’re amazing. SHARE her song if you agree!

via petflow

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