She Melts A Red Crayon On A Stove. When She’s Finished? Brilliant

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These 20 Sinkhole Pictures Show A Shocking Reality Around The World

Imagine you’re driving down the road, just minding your own business. Then, something terrifying suddenly happens. It feels like the ground under you gave out under your weight. ... Continue Reading →

What These Psychotic Twins Did Are Still Baffling Doctors To This Day

Twins are special people in this world. They have a connection that other siblings do not. Some even create a unique language they use to communicate with each other. The Eriksson sisters ... Continue Reading →

These 15 Incredibly Rare Historical Photos Will Leave You Speechless

Attention history teachers everywhere: If you want to wake those sleeping kids, show them these 15 rare photos from the past. Yes, they could get a thousand words from the textbook, ... Continue Reading →

These Birds Completely Forgot What They Were Arguing About – And It’s Hilarious

Everyone fights with their significant others at one point. It’s only natural, and can be quite healthy in developing a couple’s communication and understanding. But when ... Continue Reading →

Brad Pitt bribed the Mexican government to arrest his friend on drug charges

Brad Pitt once rented a Mexican Resort, had the power and phone lines cut, and bribed the Mexican government to arrest his friend on drug charges as a practical joke. if(typeof(jQuery)=="function"){(function($){$.fn.fitVids=function(){}})(jQuery)};jwplayer('jwplayer-2').setup({"aspectratio":"4:3","width":"100%","primary":"flash","image":"http://i.ytimg.com/vi/TOQHoc3SchQ/0.jpg","file":"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOQHoc3SchQ"}); via ... Continue Reading →

Lawyers Attempt To Outsmart Engineers, Hilarity Ensues

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“I’m Sick And Tired Of The Secrets And The Lies” Jim Carrey Calls Out Illuminati Secrets On National Television

Jim Carrey is a well-known jokester. By now, his kooky public antics have come to be expected from the 52 year old Canadian-born actor. In his latest public appearance, seen November ... Continue Reading →

When One Owner Went To Groom His Dog, He Was In For Quite The Surprise…

Sam is a beautiful Samoyed dog with more fur than he can manage. To get an idea of just how thick his coat is, watch as Sam gets brushed by his owner. He clearly loves every minute ... Continue Reading →

A Woman Calls 911 To Order Pizza—For The Most BRILLIANT Reason!!

One in four women will experience domestic violence during their lifetime, and that’s what makes this story so incredible. A former police dispatcher recently posted an amazing story ... Continue Reading →

How To Clear Your Stuffy Nose In Just 2 Minutes With This Brilliant Trick

Nasal Polyps and Chronic Hypertrophic Sinusitis Nasal polyps most commonly refer to pale looking tumor like growths that arise from the mucosal surface of the nose and sinuses.  Patients ... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving dinner in 1909 for just 50 cents reveals how much of America’s wealth has been stolen by the Federal Reserve

A Thanksgiving dinner at the Hotel Gettysburg in 1909 offered a lush array of gourmet food for just 50 cents. (h/t to The Burning Platform) The menu, shown below, offered diners fresh ... Continue Reading →

Man Builds Snow Maze For His Dog, Things Don’t Go As Expected

This man constructed a maze and called his dog over. He wanted his dog to earn a treat upon completion. But little Ginzey doesn’t like to follow the rules and has another plan in ... Continue Reading →

5 Year-Old Girl Starts Helping A Construction Crew. Then This Happens

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7 Innocent Ways To Compliment Boobs In Public

How To Compliment Boobs In Public “Nice rack!” “What size are those breasts?” “Those juggs are beautiful.” If you hear a guy yelling this on the ... Continue Reading →

10 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying

Telling lies is a very bad habit that many people have fallen prey to. People often lie to escape from speaking the truth and view it as something that is important for survival. Unfortunately, ... Continue Reading →

Cat Owners In Japan Are Giving Their Cats Funny Anime Eyes

There’s a brilliant new trend in Japan that has cat owners placing strips of paper with cartoon or anime eyes in front of their cats to give them goofy expressions. It’s ... Continue Reading →