This Girl Did This After A Boy Snapped Her Bra At School

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This 5-Year-Old Girl Knows Every Secret About The Presidents, And Everyone Can’t Stop Laughing

The mind of a kid is like a sponge, it can absorb everything, and little Macey Hensley is living proof of that. She knows more about the presidents of the United States than even most ... Continue Reading →

When This Cockatoo Hears He Has To Go To Vet, His Reaction Is Hilarious

Apparently dogs aren’t the only ones who completely dislike going to the vet. This is Max the cockatoo, and according to his owner every time he sees his carrier, he immediately knows ... Continue Reading →

This Man Explores Very Old Abandoned And Untouched Homes In Europe

Ransom Riggs is an American writer best known for his children’s books. He decided to travel to Europe to capture the interiors of abandoned and untouched houses for his last novel: ... Continue Reading →

Security Cameras At Disneyland Caught Something Incredibly Creepy

Disneyland is known as ‘the happiest place on earth’ but there’s always been some creepy Disneyland urban legends about ghost sightings and other unexplained mysteries. This is ... Continue Reading →

Parents Tattoo Their Legs With Daughter’s Birthmark So She Won’t Feel Different

Large and obvious birthmarks can make school life hard for children, but a couple of caring parents in the UK have found a controversial way to combat this issue. Tanya and Adam Phillips ... Continue Reading →

Flu deaths keep mounting in people vaccinated against the flu

The official body count of this year’s flu shot victims continues to mount, as yet another previously healthy individual is reported to have died not long after getting the heavily ... Continue Reading →

Taking birth control pills more than doubles brain tumor risk in five years

Women who take birth control pills will not be pleased with a recent discovery that suggests a link between taking the contraceptive and brain tumor development. Danish researchers ... Continue Reading →

1984 is here: Samsung admits its TVs might spy on you, warns against carrying out sensitive conversations

In the prescient 1948 tome, author George Orwell wrote about a supposedly “fictitious” future in which the civilized world lived in what can only be called a surveillance ... Continue Reading →

When This Poor Baby Starts Drowning, A Wild Stallion Comes To The Rescue

This wild stallion is named Champ and he lives in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona with his family. When Champ and his band were grazing along the banks of the Salt River, a second ... Continue Reading →

Teacher Helps Shy Student To Overcome His Speech Impediment

Mushy is a student who’s been affected his entire life by a speech impediment that has made him a victim of bullying. He happens to have a terrible stutter that makes even getting ... Continue Reading →

Chicago Police Caught Disappearing People Into Secret CIA-Style Detention Center

The Guardian has reported that Chicago Police are operating a secret detention facility that mirrors the CIA’s “black sites.” From violations of due process to torture, the revelations ... Continue Reading →

This Is What Happened When Gordon Ramsey Was Trying To Expose The Illegal Shark Fin Market.

A clip from Gordon Ramsay’s Shark Bait, in which the world’s most famous chef set out to expose the shocking practices that are threatening the existence of one of the earth’s ... Continue Reading →

What is the Proper Way to Poop?

You might be pooping wrong! Moreover, Western civilization has been pooping wrong for generations.  According to scientists at the Stanford University Pelvic Floor Clinic,  our bodies ... Continue Reading →

She Found A WWII Love Letter In A Record Sleeve. Its History? Get Your Tissues Ready!

Imagine you’re at a thrift store, rummaging through old records, and you stumble across a piece of very personal history. It’s a love letter dated December 29, 1944 — over 70 ... Continue Reading →

Mind-Bending Optical Illusions By Swedish Photoshop Master Erik Johansson

We’ve all seen plenty of optical illusions before, but Erik Johansson’s masterfully twisted works of art still retain their power. Perhaps it’s because they’re composite photos, ... Continue Reading →

Mother Giraffe Performs Miracle At The Zoo In Front Of Very Lucky Bystanders

The Memphis Zoo staff were in for a surprise when they noticed Marilyn, a giraffe that also happens to be one of the main attractions, was about to give birth. She managed to go through ... Continue Reading →