Why You Should Avoid Eating Pork.

No matter how you think about it, pigs are a rather dirty animal. They are considered the scavengers of the farm (created to eliminate any waste on the farm), often eating anything they can find. This includes not only bugs, insects, and whatever leftover scraps they find laying around, but also their own feces, as well as the dead carcasses of sick animals, including their own young.

This in itself can explain why the meat of the pig can be so dirty or at the very least not so appetizing to consume. And while being ‘grossed out’ may or may not be a valid reason not to eat something it’s vital to understand a bit more about pork before reaching your own conclusion.

Know the Facts

Pork is one of the most consumed meats in the world. China is the largest producer of pigs that were first domesticated way back around 7500 B.C.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that more than 100 viruses come to the United States each year from China through pigs. There are some obvious concerns about this. Aside from not needing more viruses to fight off, some of these viruses can prove to be downright dangerous to humans.

Of course, you’re probably familiar with H1N1, better known as ‘the swine flu.” This too is a virus that has made the leap from pig to human.

But H1N1 is not the only disease to fear from the pig. There are other sicknesses you can get from eating the meat of the pig.

Pork meat is loaded with toxins, more so than most other meats like beef and chicken.

Is Pork Meat Toxic?

There are reasons that the meat of the pig becomes more saturated with toxins than many of its counterpart farm animals. The first reason has to do with the digestive system of a pig.

A pig digests whatever it eats rather quickly, in up to about four hours. On the other hand a cow takes a good twenty-four hours to digest what it’s eaten. During the digestive process, animals (including humans) get rid of excess toxins as well as other components of the food eaten that could be dangerous to health.

Since the pig’s digestive system operates rather basically, many of these toxins remain in their system to be stored in their more than adequate fatty tissues ready for our consumption.

Another issue with the pig is that it doesn’t have any sweat glands. Sweat glands are a tool the body uses to be rid of toxins. This leaves more toxins in the pig’s body.

I don’t have to tell you that when you consume pork meat, you too are getting all these toxins that weren’t eliminated from the pig. None of us need more toxins in our systems. In fact we should all be doing what we can to eliminate and cut down on toxin exposure. One vital way to do this is by choosing what you eat carefully.

Trichinellosis, Pork Meat, and Your Health

Did you know that pigs carry a variety of parasites in their bodies and meat? Some of these parasites are difficult to kill even when cooking. This is the reason there are so many warnings out there about eating undercooked pork.

One of the biggest concerns with eating pork meat is trichinellosis or trichinosis. This is an infection that humans get from eating undercooked or uncooked pork that contains the larvae of the trichinella worm.


This worm parasite is very commonly found in pork. When the worm, most often living in cysts in the stomach, opens through stomach acids, its larvae are released into the body of the pig. These new worms make their homes in the muscles of the pig.

Next stop?

The unknowing human body who consumes this infected meat flesh.
And while no one particularly wants to consume worms, trichinellosis is a serious illness that you should do virtually anything to avoid.

Common Symptoms of Trichinellosis:

•Swollen eyes
•Muscle pain
•Aching joints
•Coordination problems
•Heart issues
•Breathing problems
These symptoms of trichinellosis can really put you out of the game for quite a while. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) these symptoms can last for weeks and in more serious cases months on end.

The CDC recommends thorough cooking of pork as well as freezing the pork meat prior to cooking to kill off any worms. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel good about eating anything that I first have to kill off its worms to eat.

In fact, it’s been theorized that trichinellosis is the exact cause of Mozart’s rather sudden death at age 35.

An American researcher theorized this after studying all the documents recording the days before, during, and after Mozart’s death. He found that Mozart suffered many of the above listed symptoms and he, himself, had recorded in his journal the consumption of pork just forty-four days before his own death.

(If you want to read more on this intriguing story you can find it in the Archives of Internal Medicine’s June 2001 issue.)

But that’s not all….

Pigs carry many viruses and parasites with them. Whether by coming in direct contact with them through farms or by eating their meat we put ourselves at higher risk of getting one of these painful, often debilitating diseases (not to mention put our bodies on toxic overload.)

Pigs are primary carriers of:

•Taenia solium tapeworm
•Hepatitis E virus (HEV)
•PRRS (Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome)
•Nipah virus
•Menangle virus

Each of these parasites and viruses can lead to serious health problems that can last for years to come.

What you choose to eat is up to you. Myself, I choose to stay away from unclean pork (and shellfish.)

The reasons discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to eating pigs and your health.

Do your own research, carefully consider what the Bible so many years ago warned us about, then make your own educated decision about what you choose to feed yourself and your loved ones.

(From Dr. Axe Food Is Medicine)

Here is another article titled:


The other white meat.

“I hear the best thing to do is feed them to pigs. You got to starve the pigs for a few days, then the sight of a chopped-up body will look like curry to a pisshead. You gotta shave the heads of your victims, and pull the teeth out for the sake of the piggies’ digestion. You could do this afterwards, of course, but you don’t want to go sievin’ through pig shit, now do you? They will go through bone like butter. You need at least sixteen pigs to finish the job in one sitting, so be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm. They will go through a body that weighs 200 pounds in about eight minutes. That means that a single pig can consume two pounds of uncooked flesh every minute. Hence the expression, ‘as greedy as a pig’.
— Brick Top, from movie “Snatch”

A somewhat common staple in criminal and horror fiction. In a terrifying twist on the Gluttonous Pig trope, serial killers or mobsters use a secret pig farm to dispose of their victims’ bodies.

It’s most likely Truth in Television. Pigs are omnivores rather than vegetarians, meaning that they do indeed eat meat if they are able to come by it.

Fact of the matter is, pigs can eat almost anything they can chew. (They’ve even been known to eat pork if they find it.) No matter how special and worthy of respect we consider the corpses of us humans, it’s the same as any other carcass to a pig, meaning that they will chow down on it.

A pig’s body is also quite up to the task of digesting almost every part of the human body. They can not only chew and digest human flesh, they can also readily digest human bone without excreting a noticeable trace of it.

Of course, they can’t quite chew the skulls and longer bones that humans have, but if our killer has enough determination, they can just break said bones into smaller, more chewable pieces.

They also can’t digest human hair and teeth, but it should be a simple matter to shave your victims’ heads and pull out their teeth before chow time, right?

Not only is this trope plausible, it’s also downright horrific due to the fact that it not only involves an invocation of humanity’s Primal Fear of being eaten, there’s also the chilling factor of role reversal added to this.

Outside the pigpen, you eat pig (if you aren’t a vegetarian, Muslim, or Jew that is). Inside our killer’s pigpen, however, pigs eat you.

Also, there’s the possibility that someone will eat the pigs that have been eating humans, which isn’t the same as I’m a Humanitarian, but still squicky in it’s own way.

Also, this trope can applied when some Fat Bastard gets eaten by pigs, in some kind of Poetic Justice.

Subtrope of Disposing of a Body and Eat the Evidence. It’s also a Darker and Edgier subtrope of Gluttonous Pig.

For bonus irony, human flesh is sometimes called “Long Pork” due to its alleged similarity to pig meat. So be doubly careful if someone offers to serve you Long Pork Pies.

(From a discussion on tvtropes.org fed to pigs)

Quranic verse about pork:

“HE has only forbidden you the (decaying) meat of dead animals, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and any (food) over which the name of other than The One *G-D has been prayed to. But if one is forced by necessity (of starvation), without wilful disobedience, nor transgressing due limits,- then G-D is Often-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

(End of Quranic verse)

To those of you who chose to ignore this warning about eating this forbidden meat, I say to you: Not only are you disobeying a Warning from your Creator (that is not only in the Bible but also The Qur’an) but you are also undermining your own health and well-being.

Bon Appetit.

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  • jahmack

    Eat more PORK it is SWEET MEAT!!!! YOU eat less I have more to eat… OH SWEET MEAT PORK!!!!

  • Allan Ong

    The pig is the most efficient feed converter known to man, and can be a cheap source of renewable protein. Of course the article supposes the worse in pig farming practice, but the state of the art pig farm eliminate all of these matters. In Germany, another of the world’s highest pork consumers per capita, pork is safe enough to have raw. Of course you must not have pork tacos in Mexico… Only issue is that the pig is genetically the closest to human beings (Not apes) and modern day cannibals describe human flesh as similar to pork…

    • Chiniquy

      There are verses in the Holy Qur’an where The Creator says that some disobedient Human Beings in the past were turned into “apes and swines.” Maybe that is the reason for some similarities of both animals to Human Beings.

      • Robin S

        “religion” in general and ancient writings “from above” are farcical.

        • Arthur

          Very true. Remember that all religion is idol worship. From Christianity to Bhuddism to Islam. They all worship the devil as the head of fallen angels, knowingly and unknowingly so. It would be a good idea to get out of religion altogether and read your Bible. Religion does not teach anything about God’s Word the Bible. But teach about their own human doctrines and philosophies.

          For example, Christianity teaches about the virgin birth of Christ, which is a lie, as the Bible tells us that Christ should come through the loins (private parts) of King David. Joseph was a son and descendant of King David and he had intercourse with Mary to conceive Christ. It’s a Christian lie that Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Read your Bible, and you will notice that religion is diametrically opposed to the Word of God.

      • Arthur

        The Bible explains it more clearer than the Koran. Our God forbids us from eating unclean animals. And pig is one of them. He gave clear instructions and laws on what can be eaten and cannot be eaten, as outlined in Leviticus.

  • Chiniquy



    “When a pig is butchered, worms and insects take to its flesh sooner and faster than to other animal’s flesh.

    In a few days the swine flesh is full of worms.

    Swine and pigs have over a dozen parasites within them, such as tapeworms, flukes, worms, and trichinae.

    There is no safe temperature at which pork can be cooked to ensure that all these parasites, their cysts, and eggs will be killed.”

    (Click below to see more of the article)

    Eat healthy to stay healthy all you beautiful people.



    • Scott Francis

      Linking to your own WordPress blog as “proof” is a bit silly. Also hotdogs in most cases are made from beef and not pork. I would like to see actual factual proof to back up your claims. I can find TONS that completely contradict what you are saying.

  • Non-GMO Farm Girl

    There is just so much wrong with this article. This should apply to factory farms only. Our pastured, non-gmo hogs do NOT eat their own feces!

  • Scott Francis

    22 cases of trichinellosis in the US over 4 years linked to pork….
    380 deaths a year linked to salmonella every year
    That makes eggs 40x more dangerous than pork.

    And unlike this article, I’ll actually post links to the facts that I’m stating.


    This article is just plain bad. It’s attempting to scare you into its agenda by posting lies and pictures of nasty worms. Facts unfortunately get in the way here and show this for what it really is….a badly written propaganda piece.

    • Jamil Ahmed

      Its still a filthy animal regardless, it is one of the main causes for cancer.

      • Scott Francis

        Again, you statements aren’t rooted in anything factual. Pigs are actually very clean animals:

        Pork is not one of the main causes of cancer:

        I have no problem if people want to eat pork or not. But spreading mis-truths is just plain wrong.

        • Arthur

          God said we should not eat animals like pork and shellfish. Simply because they are unclean animals. Surely God as our Creator knew what he was talking about. As always, humans will always inject their philosophy in order to condone their sin.

          • Scott Francis

            God also said to stone my kids if they don’t mind. To marry my wife’s sister if her husband dies and to give blood offerings to the Lord because it is pleasing to his eye. I’m trying to understand however why you are quoting the Bible since later you say that religion is Devil worship. By sheer logic of your statements, the Bible was written by these religions and therefore would also be tainted by the Devil and therefore be nothing more than an instrument of the Devil. It seems we have a different understanding of a loving and compassionate Creator. I’m not going to get into a diatribe on religion because it’s a black hole. I was bringing up scientific fallacies that were being presented saying that pork was dangerous to eat. It is also dangerous to breath the air based on the carcinogens in it, but I also don’t think I will be stopping that or living in a bubble.

          • Arthur

            That’s not what God said in the Bible. He never said we should stone kids if they don’t mind. Only Satan would say that. Also, God never said you should marry your wife’s sister if her husband dies. He said you should marry your brother’s wife if your brother dies, in order to raise up seed for him. This is what we do even today in our culture. This is the common confusion that you find amongst the so called Christians. Either that’s what Christianity teaches, or Christians do not believe in the Bible. Exactly what I said about humans injecting their own philosophy into God’s word.

            On the Bible, Christians do not believe in the Bible. It is the Christians that say that the law has been done away with. Even though Christ said that he did not come to do away with the law, but to fulfill the law. It is Christians that say that Christ is God, whilst the Bible tells us that Christ is the Son of God. Even Christ said that he has come to fulfill the will of his Father, God, clearly showing his relationship to God Almighty. It is Christians that say that Mary, Christ’s mother was impregnated by the Holy Spirit, in effect saying that God slept with a human woman, whilst God punished the fallen angels that slept with human women. Remember, our God is not a hypocrite, who punishes humans and then partake in the very same sin the he punishes humans for. In this case angels.

            The Bible clearly tells us that Christ would come from the loins of King David. Joseph was from the lineage of King David himself and Christ came through that lineage. John 7:42. “Hath not the scripture said, That Christ cometh of the seed of David, and out of the town of Bethlehem, where David was?”. Seed is sperm by the way in the Bible. What do Christians teach? That Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit. Why would somebody lie like that about God? Simply because they do not believe in the God of the Bible. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

            Also, do not forget that it is the Romans that crucified Christ. How then can the Romans be the custodian of the word of God, who they crucified his Son? Remember Christianity is a Roman religion and was specifically meant for the slaves in order to present to the slaves this white god called Jesus as the god of the slaves. Unfortunately, that fooled their own people too. If you do not know, Christianity and Islam are 2 sides of the same coin. Christianity was imposed on non-Christians through the barel of a gun, whilst Islam was imposed on non-Muslims through a sword.

            Mathew 24:5 “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ and shall deceive many”. It is indeed Christians who are coming in the name of Christ and deceiving many. The basic Christian doctrine as I outlined above, is a great deception and a great delusion. In fact, all religion like I said is Satan worship. Including Christianity. They worship anybody except for the God of the Bible.

            Let us look at who the Gentiles worship: Arabs worship Allah, the moon god, Asians worship bhudda, Indians worship vishnu, Europeans, North Americans and South Americans and Australians worship Zeus/Jesus/Jupiter and Africans worship Zeus/Jesus/Jupiter and Allah. Where is the God of the Bible in all this. The God of the Hebrews, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Nowhere to be found. As I have demonstrated all religions have their own god or gods and none is the God of the Bible.

            The only God that I did not mention with the Gentiles, is the God of the Bible. The God of the Hebrews, the Israelites. And for that matter, Christ/Yashaya was not a Roman, he was a Hebrew and we know who are the Hebrews today. We know that the people, who are suffering the curses of Deutoronomy 28: 15 – 68 are the Hebrews, God’s chosen people. Not the Khazar converts that are sitting in the land of Israel today.

            These are the people that were destroyed by the Romans in Jerusalem in 70 AD and were taken into captivity by the Romans and made Gladiators and fed to wild animals by the Romans in their arenas for entertainment purposes. Remember, these are the very same people that started Christianity.

            Those that managed to escape the Roman persecution ran into Africa predominantly West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. They stayed peacefully in the wilderness for 1260 years until the Arabs found them there with a thriving civilization. The Arabs, Africans and the Romans made a confederation amongst themselves, attacked the Hebrews in Sub-Saharan Africa and took them as slaves from the coasts of Africa and sold them as bond men and women. Who did that? The so called Christians today. Do you know who owned the ships? The very same Khazar converts that are sitting in the land of Israel today, whom Christians call the chosen people of God!!!

            Deuteronomy 28: 68, says specifically what I have outlined above in terms of the slavery of God’s chosen people. “And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you”. Why did God do that? It was punishment for the Hebrews because they went whoring with the gods/idols of other nations even though God chose them as a special people to serve Him. They started serving the gods (zues/jupiter/baal etc) of the gentiles/other nations. They refused to obey God’s commandments like not eating unclean animals like pork for instance, or going to church on Sunday worshiping the sun god. That is why the day is called Sunday. God said we should worship him on the Sabbath, Saturday not Sunday, Sun-day, the day of the Sun.

            Also note that Egypt means bondage/slavery. It was the name given by the Romans when they saw those huge monuments in the so called Egypt. They said, indeed this place was built through hard bondage. And it is the Hebrews that built it when they were slaves in Egypt. The correct name for Egypt is Mizraim, one of the sons of Noah. So when the verse says the Lord shall bring thee into Eqypt again with ships, it means that the Lord will bring the Hebrews into slavery again, but this time, he will use ships. The only nation that was brought into slavery by ships in the history of the world are Hebrews, who were taken from the coasts of Africa with ships and distributed and sold to their enemies as bond men and women throughout the world, predominantly Europe and the Americas. It is Christians who say that the Khazars who are squarting in the land of Israel are the chosen people of God.

            Christ/Yashaya himself, the Son of God, said that they are the synagogue of Satan. If then the Son of God, referred to those Jewish people as the synagogue of Satan and Christians refer to the synagogue of satan as the chosen people of God, which God are they serving and worshiping? It is certainly not the Father of Christ but satan.

            I am demonstrating here that religion including Christianity does not worship nor serve the God of the Bible. If you are not worshiping the God of the Bible, by default you are worshiping satan. These are the only 2 powers that exist today.

            The advise from me therefore is that: Quit Christianity and study the Bible for yourself because Christian doctrine is not based on the Bible. It is human philosophy and paganism worshiping satan under the impression and disguise that they are worshiping the God of the Bible.

          • Arthur

            On the Bible being written by a religion: Remember the Bible is God’s word. God was ever existent way before religion existed, He is the beginning and the end (Alpha & Omega). His word was already with Him before Creation, even before angels and humans were created. That is why God tells us that his Word is forever settled in Heaven. Religions will come and go, but God’s word is forever settled in Heaven. And God did not use religion to distribute his Word. All the men that God used to write his Word were not religious. All the prophets were not religious, Christ/Yashaya himself, the Son of God was not religious. Religion is man-made doctrine/philosophy, that is why all religion does not believe in God’s Word. Christianity as the nearest example. Indeed, at the top of religion is the Devil. Including Christianity.

            On the loving compassionate Creator: Of course God is a loving compassionate Creator and Father. But that is the God that Christians took and put in a box. The Bible tells you that God is also a God of wrath, who created evil and who punishes his people to the fourth or fifth generation. The God who hates and the God who loves. The God who creates life and the God who kills and the God that sends those who do not obey his commandments to everlasting damnation in the lake of fire/hell. This is not the God that Christians preach or teach about. Christianity has taken the God Almighty and put him in a box as only the God of love. That is why the Christians do not even obey his commandments because they do not fear him.

            It is not science that said pork is dangerous to eat. Remember science is human philosophy. It is our God that gave us a commandment that we should not eat unclean animals. Pig is classified as an unclean animal by God. If you eat pig, you are breaking the commandment of God and it is sin. The Bible tells you that the wages of sin is death. Simply if you eat pig, you are gonna die. That’s what God our Creator said. Christians say that you will not surely die, the same thing that the Devil said to Eve in the Garden of Eden. But when you look around you, people are dying like flies, exactly what God said. The devil said that they will not die. This is exactly what Christians are saying. You can eat unclean animals and not die!

            On the air that we breathe: There is no commandment stopping us from breathing the air. Surely God knows how to protect us from such air full of carcinogens. He knew that satan will pollute the environment and therefore he made a plan. God is in control of everything that happens in this earth. He created this earth remember. It is his earth. The poisons that are emitted into the atmosphere including chem trails, would have destroyed us a long time ago if our God was not in control.

    • Arthur

      Eggs being dangerous than pork does not mean that you can then eat pork. If eggs are more dangerous, then you should quit eating both eggs and pork. I do not see your argument here. You can now eat pork because it is less dangerous than eggs? Common sense should dictate that you should not eat anything that is dangerous to your health.

  • Bill Rogers

    Fake news. Sites like this never learn

  • Gardenwife

    Chickens eat anything they can get their beaks on…LOL

  • Disqus Created July 23rd 2014

    all types of animals scavenge , even fish, fish will consume carcasses , its true that pigs are not fussy eaters , one can make a case for vegetarianism but that is a different issue , i mean sheep graze on grass that is heavily contaminated with faeces and their rumps are often infested with maggots from blowflys

    worms of all kinds are common in all livestock , chickens are also scavngers happily eating all kinds of insects and slugs . its absurd to take extreme examples of the worst cases and then make a sweeping generalisation