11 Reasons You Need to Stop Drinking Cow’s Milk Immediately

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15 News Stories from 2015 You Should Have Heard About But Probably Didn’t

In 2015, the iron fist of power clamped down on humanity, from warfare to terrorism (I repeat myself) to surveillance, police brutality, and corporate hegemony. The environment was ... Continue Reading →

Americans Want Cops Tested to See if THEY are on Drugs – Cops Say It’s “Unconstitutional”

In an incredibly backwards display of irony, the union representing the Pittsburgh police has filed a most unusual lawsuit. A civil rights grievance has been filed against the city, ... Continue Reading →

These Five Plants Will Save You from Deadly Airborne Chemicals

Everyone knows that growing plants inside your home can bring beauty, vitality, and life into any living space. Did you know that growing certain plants in your home can also have wonderful ... Continue Reading →

4 Tbsp. A Day And Cancer Is Gone: Bulgarian Scientist Reveals The Most Powerful Homemade Remedy

The recipe of the Bulgarian scientist, Professor Hristo Mermerski, is considered to be revolutionary remedy, which is used to cure thousands of people from cancer. “It’s a food ... Continue Reading →

This Poison Destroys Your Bones but Everyone Drinks It (Even Daily)

Statistics shows that Americans drink more soda than ever before. They account for more than 25 percent of all drinks consumed in the United States. More than 15 billion gallons were ... Continue Reading →

How Big Oil Conquered the World (Full Documentary)

James Corbett surprised his audience with a shot of geoeconomic everclear this weekend, with the release of his latest documentary “How Big Oil Conquered the World.” The documentary ... Continue Reading →


As we progress even further into our future, it is becoming evidently clear that extraterrestrial life does in fact exist. Earlier last May, activists, political leaders, researchers, ... Continue Reading →

The History Behind The Popular Trend Of Horse Mane Braiding

Horses are truly incredible creatures. Not only are they amazingly intelligentanimals, but horses are highly sociable and know how to play well with other pets — like this adorable ... Continue Reading →

One Glass Of THIS Juice Everyday Will Unclog Your Arteries!

The number one killer of people in America isn’t what most assume it to be, cancer, that comes in at number two. Instead, it’s a disease that is accountable for over 25% of all ... Continue Reading →

Giant Squid Captured On Camera In Japanese Bay, Swimming Alongside Divers

Giant squids usually remain in the dark depths of the ocean or in pirate stories. However, late last week on Christmas Eve, a squid from this elusive species was spotted swimming ... Continue Reading →

Coconut Oil for Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease Now Clinically Studied

Dr. Mary Newport, desperate after orthodox medical attempts failed her husband’s dwindling dysfunction from Alzheimer’s, discovered coconut oil and rescued him from having to be ... Continue Reading →

200 Rescued Horses Are Loving Life At Their New Sanctuary

Love horses? Then I think you’ll be pretty jealous of Jennifer Kunz. Jennifer lives on the grounds of a bona fide horse haven. Not only is she surrounded by beautiful horses, but ... Continue Reading →

News Bloopers Never Seem To Get Old, And 2015 Saw Some Pretty Hilarious Ones

It’s easy to get bogged down by all the bad news that we hear on TV. War, mass shootings, natural disasters…it’s understandable if you just want to tune it all out. ... Continue Reading →

The Incredible History Behind Big And Beautiful Hair

Fashion is ever-evolving, with trends in vogue one minute and totally out the next. Whether you’re polishing your nails to look like crackling marble or dying your hair a wild and ... Continue Reading →

He Started Out Playing Alone, But Then Something Amazing Happened…Wow!

Every now and then you get to see someone truly talented showcasing their skills in public. Most buskers are amateurs who haven’t really honed their skills yet. They’re ... Continue Reading →

Farmer Makes Beautiful Snow Art Using Just One Tractor

The amazing people at Prunty Farms have been in the business for over 100 years, and when you watch their incredible video below, you’ll see why they’re so successful! They know ... Continue Reading →