Little Girl Forgets Her Stuffed Bunny At Hotel, Staff Takes It On Adventure

When Adare Manor Hotel’s staff in Ireland found a lost bunny, they decided to have a little fun. They shared its photo on Facebook captioned “I lost my owner at breakfast in Adare Manor.” It went viral, so they decided to treat the bunny with 5-star service.

“We decided to keep it going,” a spokesperson for the hotel told BuzzFeed. “We thought Facebook was a great way to get the word out there.” They kept posting funny photos with the bunny enjoying the hotel until it was happily reunited with the owner, Kate Hogan.

More info: Facebook via boredpanda

“Claire in Concierge is helping me find my family, having fun at Adare Manor”

“Chilling before breakfast”

“Have to stay in Adare Manor tonight, hopefully my owner will come to collect me tomorrow”

“Getting used to this, afternoon tea at Adare Manor”

“Yippee…My owners have been found, I get to stay another night in Adare Manor and then home for a celebratory party tomorrow”

“Just enough time for a massage from lovely Kate in the treatment rooms before I go home”

“Off to stretch my legs with Claire after afternoon tea”

“Thank you for taking such good care of my special Jellycat,” the family later wrote on Facebook

“He was my first ever teddy”

Image credits: Adare Manor HotelKieran Hogan

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