Puzzle: Only 10% People Can Find All The 6 Words Hidden In This Image. Can You?


Hidden puzzle pictures have made a comeback and the most recent ones feature a little something more than just a panda or a Waldo to search for. They are specifically designed to challenge your eyes, brain, and mind all at once, like this one does! The picture below has six words concealed among the scene of two children playing and building a fort with the help of their cat. Illustrations like this are great for passing time and keeping yourself, or kids, occupied. So share and pass it along, and test yourself to see if you can find all six hidden words.

It’s interesting to note that children are often able to solve puzzles faster than adults can because they tend to automatically look at things from different angles or perspectives. Generally speaking, the younger the child the quicker they’re able to solve them, but this depends on a lot of factors. The type of puzzle, the child’s exposure to them, and the setting it’s all taking place in, such as a school, or a test, or at home, all matter. While it may seem odd that little kids can out-puzzle-solve adults, it’s mainly due to adults making things much more complicated than they have to be. This is because they have been taught to approach puzzles and problems with a hypercritical eye and to automatically look for patterns or sequences that jump out at them. When they don’t pick up on any right away they usually give up or assume that the problem is unsolvable for the average person. According to PlayBuzz, the makers of this puzzle, only 10% of people who try are able to find all six of the hidden words. With that in mind, try finding them all in the image below and have fun and enjoy!

Did you find all 6 words? Let us know in the comments below

via sun-gazing

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