Little girl ditches nice clothes for rags to see how strangers treat her. The result is heartbreaking.

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30 Years Later, Kindergarten Teacher Makes A Stunning Realization About Her Student

Back in the 1940s, Lorly Schik began her long career as a teacher in the Perham school district of Minnesota — and she was a wonderful teacher at that. And like many wonderful teachers, ... Continue Reading →

Alkalize Your Body and Fight Disease with THESE 10 Foods!

Life is all about balance. Balancing work and play, family and friends, saving and splurging, and let’s not forget about balancing healthy food with the occasional treat. Balance ... Continue Reading →

Avoid Fleas & Tics FOREVER with this Natural Remedy!

You know that really great friend that unfortunately seems to be a magnet for horrible, draining people? Having a dog with fleas can be a lot like that. To make matters worse, many ... Continue Reading →

6 Signs You Need to Divorce Your Toxic Parent

You can divorce your spouse, or put an end to a toxic relationship with your significant other, but what if your own parent is the source of constant negativity, stress and misery ... Continue Reading →

You’re Poisoning Your Household With this Popular Cleaner! It contains 146 toxic chemicals that can cause cancer

Commercial cleaning products have been linked to neurological problems, cancer, blindness, and asthma. Many are extremely poisonous. Did you know that the EWG found one hundred and ... Continue Reading →

The Top 10 Worst Food Ingredients to Avoid

Food companies use lots of unhealthful and dodgy ingredients to extend shelf life, add gaudy colors, and make us crave their products. You can (and should!) steer clear of these toxic, ... Continue Reading →

Popular “Diet” Ingredient Now Linked to Leukemia and Lymphoma in New Landmark Study on Humans

As few as one diet soda daily may increase the risk for leukemia in men and women, and for multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in men, according to new results from the longest-ever ... Continue Reading →

What Happens To The Body After Putting on Nail Polish?

Even the most health-conscious people can fail to consider how nail polish is affecting their bodies. But a recent study found that many of the most popular nail polish brands in America ... Continue Reading →

12 Awesome Ways You Can Use The Tags That You Get With Your Bag Of Bread

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She Poured Some Glitter On Some Tape And Made Beautiful Accessories — Wow!

Sometimes I’m just blown away by what people can do with just a few simple materials. Take this project, for instance…with just some wire, resin, and glitter, Instructables ... Continue Reading →

Have An Above-Ground Pool? Up The Luxury Factor With This Awesome Deck Project

Nothing screams summer luxury quite like having an in-ground pool to come home to when the weather’s warm. And nothing says “I’m going to spend an exorbitant amount ... Continue Reading →

Make Your Own Fabric Softener to Avoid Toxins

Making your own fabric softener is a great way to create scents that delight you while ensuring your clothing is softened without the use of chemicals. The ingredients won’t cause ... Continue Reading →

Autistic Boy Gains Ability to Speak After Just Two Days on Cannabis Oil Regimen

At 10 months of age, Kalel Santiago of Puerto Rico was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma. He endured chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and surgery for two ... Continue Reading →

What Happens When You Stop Showering?

Many people are now aware of the importance of your gut microbiome. Some even take proactive steps to protect it, like minimizing the use of antibiotics and eating fermented foods ... Continue Reading →

Jeremy Irons Has An Important Message About Corporate Greed You Need To Hear

Jeremy Irons just won me over. Firstly he looks a lot like Alan Watts , but the main reason is because he seems to get that the whole world is brainwashed and isn’t afraid to voice ... Continue Reading →

Harvard Goes To The Himalayas – Monks With ‘Superhuman’ Abilities Show Scientists What We Can All Do

It’s fascinating to consider just how many ancient teachings tell us that humans have the capacity to gain extraordinary powers through various techniques. Some of these techniques, ... Continue Reading →