She Poured Some Glitter On Some Tape And Made Beautiful Accessories — Wow!

Sometimes I’m just blown away by what people can do with just a few simple materials.

Take this project, for instance…with just some wire, resin, and glitter, Instructables user is able to create beautiful accessories. They might sound cheap, but when you see what they LOOK like, you’ll be just as impressed as I am.

Here’s what she started with…

Clear epoxy resin, glitter, Elmer’s glue, Scotch tape, popsicle sticks for mixing and a container to mix in, copper wire (22g or heavier), and earring findings.

First, make the shapes you want your earrings or necklace pendant to be — get creative!

Then stick the shape on some tape. Press down firmly here!

Fill any gaps between the tape and wire with some glue — this will ensure minimal leakage.

Now? It’s glitter time!

Now? It's glitter time!

Instructables / Rhonda Chase Design

Pour your glitter in however you want — Rhonda Chase Design did a rainbow layout.

Instructables / Rhonda Chase Design

Press the glitter into the tape…don’t worry, it will come off cleanly.

Now prepare your epoxy resin as directed on the box…allow time for bubbles to rise and pop.

Use a popsicle stick or plastic spoon and load your wire frames with the resin.

Let it set overnight and when you peel back the tape in the morning, this is what you’ll get!

Trim any excess resin with some scissors.

Add backings or a chain…

And there you have it!

How beautiful are these??

I’m not going to lie…I may try to make my own this weekend. What about you?

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