‘Beginning of the End’: Leaked Secret Recordings Expose Truth About CNN

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); As promised two days ago on the Sean Hannity radio show, James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas just released ... Continue Reading →

5 Foods That Starve Fat Cells

“By indirectly targeting fat cells, through their dependence on blood supply, we can actually starve them to death.” – Dr. Mitchell Gaynor In his TED Talk, Dr. William Li passionately ... Continue Reading →

5 Things To Never Do Before You Go To Sleep

Sleep is increasingly recognized as important to public health, with sleep insufficiency linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors. ... Continue Reading →

In The 1920s, This Wacky Shoe Helped Bootleggers And Moonshiners Avoid Cops

The 1920s in the United States were a wild time. Often referred to as the “Roaring ’20s,” the decade was known for crazy parties, flapper girls, and extravagance — think The ... Continue Reading →

Dad Sees A Tired Old Ice Cream Man, Then Posts A Photo Of Him On Facebook

Joel Cervantes Macias was driving through the streets of Chicago when he saw 89-year-old Fidencio Sanchez pushing an ice cream cart. Joel didn’t know Fidencio, but he could see that ... Continue Reading →

Doctor Shares Simple Trick With Scissors To Keep Band-Aids In Place

Everyone in the world gets cuts. Whether it’s from a knife in the kitchen, a piece of paper in the office, or a bad fall on pavement, you’re bound to need some bandages every few ... Continue Reading →

Watch: MSNBC Anchor Just Said ‘Our Job’ Is To ‘Control Exactly What People Think’

During a lively discussion centered on fears that President Trump is “trying to undermine the media,” MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski let slip the awesome unspoken truth that the media’s ... Continue Reading →

Declassified Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency

Washington, D.C. –  In spite of French-led U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 creating a no-fly zone over Libya with the express intent of protecting civilians, one of the over ... Continue Reading →

Severely Epileptic Child Granted Cannabis Oil in Ireland, Setting Precedent

Last week, 11 year old Billy Caldwell arrived back in Ireland after managing to secure legal, full spectrum cannabis oil in his home country. His family took him all the way to Los ... Continue Reading →

3 Pieces of Cookware That Are as Dangerous as Teflon Pans (and the safest alternatives)

Most of us tend to give great attention to the food we consume instead of paying attention to the kitchenware we cook in. Regardless of how health-conscious you are and how organic ... Continue Reading →

Costco Joins a Host of Retailers Refusing to Sell GMO Salmon

Costco has become one of the largest distributors of organic products in America. Customers weren’t so keen to GMO salmon, so they rallied in Seattle with a petition to gather 50,000 ... Continue Reading →

The Bottom Of Your Shoe Is Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat. Why Wear Them In Your House?

It’s easy to do and I’m sure we’ve all done it. Perhaps we forgot something inside the house, or needed a quick bathroom break before heading out — for whatever reason, we ... Continue Reading →

Scientists Discover THIS Oil Destroys 90% of Colon Cancer Cells in 2 Days!

According to the American Cancer Society, there will be 95,270 new cases of colon cancer diagnosed in the United States this year. Most patients are treated with surgery, radiation ... Continue Reading →

Identical twin girls see each other for first time, have a priceless conversation

Did you know that about 1 in 30 births in the United States are twins? For some families, having twins can be an unpleasant surprise. With an additional unexpected member to the family, ... Continue Reading →

How To Use DIY Castor Oil Packs For Liver Detox And To Break Down Kidney Stones

Castor oil is known to be a beneficial remedy but how productive it really is will amaze you. Most of us have been giving castor oil to treat certain ailments. Our grandparents surely ... Continue Reading →

The Most Powerful Herb that Destroys Strep, Herpes, Candida and Flu Virus

The mint family is proud to present one of its most powerful members- the thyme. Thyme comes from the Mediterranean areas and is also known as thymus vulgari. This herb is so mighty ... Continue Reading →

What will Earth look like if all its land ice melts? Here’s your answer.

Climate change isn’t pretty. Floods. Droughts. Forest fires. Trillions of dollars to pay for it all. And that’s just the tip of the (increasingly smaller) iceberg. Land ... Continue Reading →