17 Foods are Banned By Other Countries, Yet Americans are Still Eating Them

All 17 of these items found in food products are banned in other developed nations, but Americans keep eating them because they don’t know the health risks.

If major foods are banned in other developed nations because of serious health risks, why is it that America has yet to ban them as well?

The answer is likely that those products are made by huge corporations who donate large sums of money to Congressmen and women who then turn around and crush bills that suggest banning the products.

So much for democracy.

The alternative option Americans have for avoiding dangerous food products is by educating themselves and banning those products from their own diet. They can also inform their friends and family so that maybe, someday, enough people will refuse to consume the product and the corporations will have to make a change.

It’s a shame that it has come to this and that America’s system of democracy has been so obscured by money in politics that the health of our nation’s citizens is in the balance, but it’s important to make personal changes in your own life before you can effect change in everyone else’s.

Here’s a list of 17 foods that are banned by several nations worldwide and that Americans should cut from their diet.

On top of these health risks, farm-raised salmon are also very bad for the environment. Seals, sea lions, and birds often get trapped in the nets around the salmon farms and drown. The pellets used to feed these salmon use more fish than are produced in these farms, making this practice highly unsustainable. The farms also cause huge declines in wild salmon populations, which is bad news for coastal ecosystems.
You can avoid purchasing GMO papayas by buying the certified organic variety. You should also avoid papayas from Hawaii because of the possibility of cross-contamination, and instead purchase ones from Asia, Brazil, Belize, or Mexico. Varieties of non-GMO papayas include Kapoho, Mexican Red, Caribbean Red, Maradol, Royal Star, Singapore Pink, and Higgins papayas. Common GMO papayas are Rainbow, Sun Up, Strawberry, and Sunrise papayas.

Besides these obvious health risks, all three of these livestock animals are a part of the factory farming industry and suffer from intense cruelty from their birth until death. Pigs live in gestation crates where they can’t move around at all and wind up chewing the bars until they injure themselves because these smart creatures cannot handle being so immobile. Cows also live terrible lives and are exploited for their milk and for breeding purposes. If they somehow reach the slaughterhouse after the exhausting journey there without food or water, they are then stunned and chopped up alive. Chickens are arguably the most mistreated, as chickens bred for meat are given hormones to grow larger than normal, which causes their legs to break. Chickens bred to lay eggs have their beak cut off to prevent them from pecking each other since they are crammed together in unlivable conditions. All of these chickens are then ground up or boiled alive or suffocated in bags. .

The entire European Union (and Japan) have banned BVO in food products and America is still dragging its feet…


I know we’re all sad to see these awesome snacks and meals be contaminated with processed food dyes, but the dangers of these dyes are no joke. Read this True Activist article on the yellow food dye in Mac and Cheese. Jell-O, which is gelatin, is also made from the ground-up bones and tissue leftover from slaughtered animals, while the red coloring comes from ground-up bugs.

Again with the entire European Union… Come on, America. Plus it’s arsenic-laced chicken. This is one of those times when Americans would really be opposed to this, but they aren’t educated on the issue.


You can avoid this harmful ingredient by first checking the ingredients list when buying bread. It’s not a necessary ingredient, and as you can see, dozens of nations have banned it themselves.


Weight gain and vitamin depletion is hardly what those who are buying fat-free snacks are looking for.


The risks associated with eating these preservatives in foods make a good case for why people should be eating more fresh food, which are healthier for humans anyway.


As stated earlier, cattle are also treated extremely inhumanely even as dairy cows and consumers should consider this, along with the health risks of drinking or eating dairy products from cows injected with rBGH.


Not only does pink slime look disgusting, but it’s very unhealthy for you when you happen to consume a lot of ground beef with pink slime in it. If you want to know if you’re eating pink slime, look at the ingredients and see if “textured beef” or “finely textured beef” is on the list. If it is, then avoid those products.

Carrageenans are also used as vegan alternatives for gelatin and are in random products that you wouldn’t suspect, such as chocolate milk. It is not digestible and is often found in organic or “natural” products.


Research suggests that atrazine also can cause disruption in a person’s endocrine system by altering levels of key hormones and has led to an increased risk of breast and prostate cancer. It’s important for pregnant women to avoid exposure in an effort to ensure that their baby is born healthy and not adversely affected later in life.


This reckless use of chemicals is not just a risk because of the exposure to the chlorine by poultry workers and consumers; the use of these chemicals is done as an end-of-production “solution” to having bad hygiene and engaging in inhumane practices regarding their chickens during rearing and slaughter. It would be safer and more efficient for poultry facilities to fight bacteria at each stage of animal farming, rather than attempting to douse the already-infected animal in chemicals.


When flour is bleached in this speedy process, it also creates a byproduct called alloxan. Alloxan is used in labs to give healthy lab rats diabetes for experiments and the FDA still allows the processes that produce alloxan in flour to be used in food. Bleaching flour also significantly reduces the number of nutrients found in flour, such as calcium, iron, and B vitamins.


he free radicals in irradiated foods is truly cause for concern. While the free radicals are able to kill some bacteria to make food safer, they also bounce around and destroy vitamins and enzymes. With fewer enzymes, the body also has to work harder to digest the foods.


To avoid phosphate additives in your food, it’s best to shop at markets that sell more wholesome foods, rather than budget markets and multipurpose mega centers. These additives are more likely to be injected into products from big industries, which gives you a good reason to simply ditch junk food altogether.

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  • Sharon Powless

    As long as politicians put corporations before people we will not have safe foods. This seems like a good time to be a vegan, but the soil is so contaminated by pollutants this is still not a safe way to eat.