George Soros Hacked, Confirming His Role As Global Manipulative Puppet Master

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Congress Just Killed Internet Privacy Protections. This Is What You NEED To Know!

The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to revoke key internet privacy measures—even though the Federal Communications Commissions had already approved them last year. As a result, ... Continue Reading →

Desperately Thirsty Massive Cobra Is Given A Water Bottle

After extreme drought hit southern parts of India, this King cobra found its way to a local village in attempt to get some water. Although King cobras are known for being dangerous, ... Continue Reading →

Dr. Phil Exposes Elite Government Pedophile Ring On Mainstream TV


‘Human waste’ found in Coca-Cola cans at company plant sparks police probe

A police investigation has been launched after workers at a Coca-Cola factory found what appeared to be human waste in a consignment of cans at its plant in Northern Ireland. The ... Continue Reading →

If You Hear THIS Question On The Phone, Hang Up Immediately!

Phone scams aren’t a new trick. They’ve been around for quite some time. And just when we uncover the latest scam, a new one arises, making it increasingly difficult to warn people. ... Continue Reading →

10 Remedies That Defeat Strep Throat In No Time!

If you’ve ever had strep throat, you know what a pain it can be. Literally. Strep throat is a bacterial infection that can make your throat feel sore and swollen. If untreated, ... Continue Reading →

WikiLeaks Bombshell: This Is The Real Reason Why Cannabis Is Still Illegal

Of the countless revelations surfacing from WikiLeaks’ 2016 election emails, few expose the corruption of government like the alcohol industry’s attempts to criminalize marijuana ... Continue Reading →

Pedophile Game Show Host: It’s Odd That Nobody Found This Disturbing Back Then!

You will find this game show to be very disturbed in nature. Safe for working in, but not in the literal sense that it was being broadcasted over live tv for all ages to watch. “The ... Continue Reading →

Why Magnesium is the Most Powerful Relaxation Mineral Known to Man

Magnesium is an important mineral that must be in the body, as you can die without it. It is a good weapon against illness, however, many Americans are deficient in magnesium and have ... Continue Reading →

1920s Kitchen Tips: 11 Timeless Tricks We Should Still Use Today

We’ve all found ourselves frustrated in our kitchens at some point or another when a pesky problem pops up to ruin our recipes. But you’re in luck: these tips from the 1920s just ... Continue Reading →

What Aloe Vera Does To Your Body: Why The Egyptians Called it The Plant of Immortality

There are 300 or more different species of Aloe. The most prominent variety, Aloe barbadensis, Miller commonly referred to as Aloe vera, is especially noted for its amazing healing ... Continue Reading →

Arnold Schwarzenegger Brutally Destroys Troll Who Mocked Special Olympics, Wins The Internet

Internet trolls aren’t exactly known for being bright, but this one made the dumbest move possible when he decided to mess with Arnold Schwarzenegger. After mocking the Special Olympics ... Continue Reading →

Why Do Moms So Often Mix Up Their Kids’ Names? The Answer Is Fascinating

Have you ever been trying to talk to a family member, only to realize that their name completely evades you? You suddenly can’t remember your child’s name and start calling them ... Continue Reading →

WikiLeaks Emails Expose Alcohol Industry’s Paid Campaign to Stifle Pot Legalization

When the good people at Marijuana.com went through the WikiLeaks dump of the DNC emails, they found something unrelated to the trove of damning information on the criminal Hillary ... Continue Reading →

They Can See a ‘Stick of Butter from Space’ — The Billion Dollar Spy Agency You’ve Never Heard Of

While most Americans would consider the CIA, and perhaps the NSA, household names, one U.S. spy agency — whose headquarters surpasses the U.S. Capitol in size — has managed to ... Continue Reading →

11 Signs You’re With A Good Man

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one. – Marcus Aurelius As men, one of our duties is to be gentlemanly to those that we encounter. There is perhaps ... Continue Reading →