Ellen Roasts United Airlines & It’s Hilarious!

Ellen DeGeneres is a woman of many talents. Without a doubt, her most prominent talent is making us laugh. Even in light of alarming news items, Ellen has always had a knack for keeping us smiling. But as always, she does so with a carefree finesse, keeping the integrity of her jokes without taking away from the severity of the situation. And the results are absolutely hysterical!

In the clip below, Ellen yet again delivers the perfect balance between honesty and hilarity.

United Airlines has been in hot water lately for more than just one questionable policy—forcibly removing passengers and imposing, many would say, a ridiculous dress code. In the video, Ellen addresses both issues with her unique brand of lighthearted humor.

In response to the man who was dragged off the United Airlines plane, the daytime TV host jokes about forcing one of her audience members to leave, then quickly adds she “would not do that”.  She also addresses the United Airlines dress code fiasco from last March, joking that she has seen more yoga pants at the airport than she has in an actual yoga studio.

Regarding United Airlines’ policy for overbooking, the host observes, “That seems like a bad policy.” She then follows up with a piece of comical but sage advice: “Here’s a better policy: don’t overbook your flights!” The audience shows their appreciation with a rousing round of applause.

Watch the video to see what else Ellen has to say about United Airlines:

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