The Shocking Truth About Coca-Cola Life They Don’t Want You to Know

Diet soft drinks are a multi-million dollar industry, but taking a closer look at one of the industry’s main players might shock you.

Coca-Cola Life was launched as a ‘healthy’ alternative to it’s full-sugar counterpart, but the health credentials of this drink have been left wanting.

Most ‘diet’ soda drinks have a very little sugar content, with many having no sugar whatsoever.

Coca-Cola Life however packs 17 grams of sugar per serving, making it only marginally less than the full-sugar Coca-Cola Classic.

The spike from sugar in soft drinks when people drink them so frequently has been linked with diseases such as diabetes as well as a range of other problems like tooth decay.

The risk of such high sugar products in association with very serious health problems has led some high sugar products to contain cancer warnings.


Michael Jacobson from the Centre for Science in the Public Interest said:

“We’re asking the FDA to ban the use of caramel coloring that’s used in colas and certain other soft drinks and a variety of other foods.

The reason is that several years ago, a government agency, the National Toxicology program, tested a contaminant in the coloring and found that it caused cancer in mice and possibly rats.”

One of Coca-Cola Life’s differences from regular Coke is it’s claims of ‘natural sweeteners’ such as stevia, which is looked upon favorably in nutritionist circles, when in fact the sweetener used in Coca-Cola Life is steviol glycoside, a modified version which has little nutritional value.

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