New Drug called Flakka that is making people turn into walking zombies (VIDEO)

Flakka, is an amphetamine — just like Molly, MDA and Ecstasy — which increases dopamine, the brain’s pleasure chemical, . Initially it makes you more alert and euphoric, but there are some dangerous side effects, including aggression and so-called super-human strength.

“It reminds me of Angel Dust in the early 80s,” says Jon Lapook, MD. “I was in the emergency room at Columbia [University Medical Center] back then and I knew when someone came in ‘dusted’ because they’d have seven policemen holding down every part of their body and it seemed like they had super-human strength — and it sounds like this is the same sort of thing.”

When you have a flood of too many neurotransmitters, irregular heartbeat, seizure, death — every single organ system can be affected.

via organicandhealthy

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