Fukushima – The Untouchable Eco-Apocalypse No One is Talking About

Since March 11th, 2011, the media and political establishment have become so quiet about the devastation from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

The earthquake that destroyed the plant leaked catastrophic levels of radiation into the Pacific Ocean.

Widespread Denial and Willful Ignorance

When it comes to the effects of Fukushima, many politicians, leaders and the world seem to be ignoring and denying the problem. The mainstream media was coverage of the event was surveyed, and a trend was found. They did more to cover the story as a human interest affair rather than the catastrophic danger it poses to us.
Nature has been seeing the effects of the leaks, and some factions of environmentalists are in deep denial of the damage. It has been six years since the leak of radiation began, and we know that the ramifications are just about to get worse. Each day 300 tons of radioactive water is being leaked right out in the Pacific.
All of this toxic radiation is affecting sea wildlife in the Pacific as it spreads towards the West coast of the United States. However, the FDA has stated that there is no evidence to conclude that there is any Fukushima radionuclides in the nation’s food supply. There is much debate about this amongst many independent researchers.
Fairewinds Energy Education released a report finding that cancer rates have skyrocketed in the areas close to the nuclear power plant, and millions will die in the next few years from it.“The second report received from Japan proves that the incidence of thyroid cancer is approximately 230 times higher than normal in Fukushima Prefecture… So what’s the bottom line? The cancers already occurring in Japan are just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sorry to say that the worst is yet to come.”
In the United States, the 2016 election was very dramatic and none of the candidates spoke a word about Fukushima. American politics has even turned its cheeks on the pressing issue and it will be harmful to us in the end.

The 40-Year-Plan

So far, many developments to stop the leak from contaminating the Pacific and Japanese island’s, have failed to contain the radiation from spreading. However, there is one intriguing construction, a frozen wall of dirt at about 100 feet deep and a mile long to cease the flow of radiation into the sea. This ‘land-slide impermeable wall’ is failing, a partial amount of ‘ice wall’ is melting apart due to intense rainfalls from past typhoons.
There has been efforts to clean the site of contaminated water near the plant, but its all a covering aid as radiation is STILL accruing each day! Plus, there isn’t a long-term plan out there yet to solve this ecological crisis.
“…the filtered water is still full of tritium, a radioactive version of hydrogen. (When two neutrons are added to the element, it becomes unstable, prone to emitting electrons.) Tritium bonds with oxygen just like normal hydrogen does, to produce radioactive “tritiated water.” It’s impractical—or at least extremely difficult and expensive—to separate tritiated water from normal water.” The situation is so lethal and hard to pinpoint that TEPCO’s 40 year plan to shutdown the plant will fail dramatically.

Final Thoughts

Not one important key figure in society is squawking about this devastating crisis and its effects on just about everything. America is too involved in its own domestic issues that it is blind to the fact that this radiation is coming to their west coast. The elections showed no candidate was willing to look into the problem and there could be many reasons why they don’t want to talk about it to the public.
I wonder.. Is there anything to fix this horrible disaster? Is the Energy industry manipulating information and concealing damaging information? Or is it due to the agenda of America that is working towards destabilization of many regions, aiming to increase the chance for environmental disasters, in an effort to further their secret global depopulation scheme?
Anyhow, Fukushima is a slow start to what will become a gradual apocalyptic disaster that requires our awareness.
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