Pregnant Woman Is 500 Pounds, Then Nurse Lifts Her Belly For A Closer Look At The Ultrasound

Monica Riley once aspired to be the biggest woman in the world. In fact, she would eat over 10,000 calories a day in the attempt to become immobile.

When she reached 700 pounds, the 28-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas, was so large that her fiancé, Sid, became her “feeder.” He enabled her unhealthy habits.

Despite the fact doctors diagnosed Monica as morbidly obese, she and Sid also wanted to be parents. Sadly, they suffered two miscarriages. The pregnancies were indeed affected by her weight.

Now, Monica is pregnant again — and this time, the pregnancy has served the necessary wake-up call needed for the couple to change their priorities.

Thankfully, Monica says she is currently overhauling her lifestyle in order to provide a better life for her child.

In the video below, Monica undergoes her first prenatal ultrasound to see if the baby is healthy or if the baby will suffer as a result of Monica’s weight.

Ultrasounds can be nerve-wracking enough, which is what makes the video below to important to see. Please SHARE this with your friends on Facebook.

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