Police Seize 600 Pounds Of Lollipops Laced With Dangerous Drug

On Monday, Houston police made a chilling discovery: 600 pounds of meth-laced lollipops, many of which were shaped as popular children’s fantasy characters, suggesting kids were the target demographic.

In total, the contaminated candies were worth $1 million due to the methamphetamine in them.

Sheer luck granted the officers’ discovery after a neighbor called emergency services about a possible burglary.

Upon arriving at the scene, police saw and a man and a woman transferring the lollipops from the home.

“They had so many narcotics in their vehicle they couldn’t close the back hatch of their car,” said Lt. Ruben Diaz at a Tuesday press conference.

A spokesman for Harris County said the case is extremely unusual in that area.

“The house was the place they manufactured the drug,” said sheriff spokesman Cedrick Collier, “It was evident they were making these in the kitchen.”

Many of the candies came in shapes from Batman and Star Wars films, suggesting they were designed to appeal to children.

“It hits home,” added Cedrick, “and affects the entire community when someone is targeting children like this.”

via davidwolfe

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