Stunning! Researchers Reveal How The Pyramids Looked When They Were First Built!

Over the years, there have been some astounding revelations and mysteries surrounding the Great Pyramids.  The mighty structures never seem to cease exposing new secrets about the past.   Last fall, for example, experts discovered never-before-seen chambers within the Pyramids.

And in a documentary done by The Smithsonian Channel Harvard University, Egyptologist Jacquelyn Williamson reveals another fascinating aspect about the Giza Pyramids.

Due to their original white color, the Pyramids likely once sparkled in the sun like like diamonds.

While you and I know the monoliths to be crumbled and dark brown, not surprisingly, it wasn’t always so. Most could assume the color of any ancient structure has changed over time. But the video below gives a glimpse of the work put into it to achieve such a result, as well as suggests the stunning results.

In the video, you’ll see a demonstration of the work the Pyramid builders likely had to endure in order to get the mucky, bumpy lime stones to turn to a dazzling white. And the illumination of the sun on such a tone would have taken dazzling to a whole new level. …Possibly to a blinding level, if you gazed at them for too long!

But what a sight that would have been!

Watch the short documentary video about the original color of the Great Pyramids here:

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