Woman Works In Nursing Home, Snaps Photo Of Resident’s Hand That’s Going Viral

Brandalyn works for a Texas nursing home and this young woman is known as a shining beacon of positivity. One day at work, she was painting the fingernails of a resident and she asked her what color she would prefer. While the elderly woman said that she would like a clear polish, Brandalyn did not feel as if this was a truly fun color and she offered a follow up idea.

The woman offered a heartbreaking response to Brandy’s suggestion, as she said that her hands were far too ugly for her to intentionally call attention to them. She said that her hands were considered to be a representation of the story of her life, but Brandalyn was able to convince her to try a pink nail polish instead. She also took photos and shared them online.

Once the photos had been posted on Love What Matters, they went viral almost immediately and we wish that we could have been a fly on the wall when Brandalyn was forced to explain what that concept actually meant to this elderly woman. We can just imagine how priceless it would be to sit down with a senior and let them know all about the wonders of re-tweets and likes.

This woman deserves every last like and share, though. As a culture, we tend to drift too far away from the idea of respecting the old and treating them with the respect that they have rightfully earned. That’s why we are so glad to see a young woman who has the proper set of priorities. She was clearly raised the right away and her family members should be very proud of the woman she’s become.

Appreciating the beauty in every human is something that we all say we do, but it is an idea that we do not always put into practice. This story should serve as a reminder that we do not need to wait until people have come and gone before we give them their flowers. Let’s all come together and start giving our elderly the chance to enjoy their flowers while they can still smell them.

Do your part by sharing this heartwarming tale with your closest friends and loved ones. A story like this needs to be seen by as many people as possible, so don’t be shy about passing it along as early and as often as you can.

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