Great Dane Discovers Trampoline. Leaves Neighbors Laughing With Joy!

What young person doesn’t enjoy a good jumping session on a large trampoline? It’s certainly one way to get the kids outdoors and exercising. Of course, many adults enjoy the activity as well. And if your neighbors are within close proximity of you, you might catch a glimpse over the fence of them or their kids leaping up into the air, having a blast on their trampoline. But the neighbors that took the video below never expected to see a Great Dane making use of the recreational device!

When they first saw the dog leaping to the air, they assumed the Great Dane simply had superb jumping skills.

But when they figured out that the dog was jumping on a trampoline, they were tickled pink! And the big guy definitely seemed to be enjoying himself. The sight of his big ears flopping about and his silly, playful barks sounding is nothing short of adorable!

Great Danes are gleeful dogs. They’re also goofy, and despite their great size, they can also be extremely gentlecreatures. They love people, and they love to play! According to Pet Wave, young Dane pups can get what is called “the zoomies”. This is an outburst of frivolous, joyful activity, including jumping, spinning, and galloping around and over objects. It can be entertaining to witness such a romp, especially from such a large dog. And it seems the Dane in the video below still has plenty of his puppy spunk to spare!

Watch the Great Dane enjoy a playful romp on his owners’ trampoline!

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