Popular Candy Linked to Cancer, ADHD, and Liver Problems

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Another Teen Dies After HPV Vaccine – The Science Speaks For Itself

I remember the moment I got the HPV vaccine. I was a young, impressionable teenager, and my mother was concerned about me being sexually active and the potential risks of HPV and cervical ... Continue Reading →

The “BPA-Free” Marketing Scam: Why Plastic Is Still Toxic And Filled With Chemicals

Whenever we see “free” labelled on a product, it tends to trick our brains into thinking, “Hey, that must be good for me!” Seriously, think about it. When you see a cereal ... Continue Reading →

The Powerful Fruit That Reduces You Chance Of Stroke, Cancer & High Blood Pressure

Watermelon is the most consumed melon in the United States, and it’s easy to see why. The juicy fruit is equal parts refreshing and delicious! Contrary to popular belief, watermelon ... Continue Reading →

Study Finds Chinese Herb That Kills Cancer Cells In 40 Days

According to a new study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, an ancient Chinese herb contains at least one unique compound that is capable of eradicating cancer ... Continue Reading →

Man Plays ‘Sound Of Silence’ On 18-String Guitar & It’s Hauntingly Beautiful

A cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” has made its rounds on the internet and it will leave you breathless.  If you haven’t heard it yet, now is your chance! ... Continue Reading →

10 Important Things All Children Should Know By Age 10

Being a parent is arguably the hardest job in the world. When you become a parent, you are suddenly responsible for your child’s future. Every parent wants their child to grow up ... Continue Reading →

If You Ever Feel Sad, Just Remember That Horses Can Grow Moustaches

Did you know that some horses can grow a moustache? More common in certain breeds such as the Gypsy Vanner, which is known for its luxurious mane and hair around its lower legs, it ... Continue Reading →

For 20 Years The French Have Been Building A Medieval Castle Using Medieval Techniques, And The Result Is Incredible

If you’re fascinated with the middle ages, you don’t need a time machine to visit the period. Guedelon Castle in Burgundy, France is a unique project where volunteers and researchers ... Continue Reading →

This Vet Put Explanations Of 15 Common Cat Behaviours On His Cork Board, And It’s Hilarious

Whereas dogs often wear their hearts on their sleeves, cats are generally more enigmatic creatures, but these fifteen useful illustrations will help you to decode many of your feline ... Continue Reading →

The Appendix Could Be More Important Than Expected

Generally, the only mention of the appendix is when it needs to be removed. But what exactly does the appendix do?   The appendix is a tube-shaped sac that is attached to the ... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump: Pedophiles Will Get The Death Penalty

Donald Trump has vowed to tackle the child abduction crisis in the United States by giving pedophiles a fast trial resulting in the death penalty. In October of 2012, Donald Trump ... Continue Reading →

This Color Test Will Reveal How Many Past Lives You’ve Had!

For most people, reincarnation is a bit of a fuzzy topic. Indeed, for every person who remembers their former glory in staunch detail are a million others lacking that sort of confidence. Today, ... Continue Reading →

Former Pfizer Vice President Blows the Whistle On Pay-to-Play Big Pharma

Warning the public about the dangers of Big Pharma seems to always get undermined by the label “conspiracy theory”—a stigmatizing term that silences dissent. But what happens ... Continue Reading →

GRAPHIC: Vet Warns About Common Infestation That Plagues Dogs & Humans

A heartbreaking moment was captured when a vet squeezes out dozens of MAGGOTS from under a dog’s skin. The viral clip has been shared over 300,000 times. (scroll down to watch the ... Continue Reading →

Why Pisces Is The Most Difficult Sign To Understand

Pisces have an imaginative, emotional disposition, and often keep their thoughts well-hidden from the world. They are gentle, loving, caring folks who have a heart of gold, but can ... Continue Reading →

8 Signs A Child Is Being Bullied (And Not Telling Anyone)

More than one out of every five students report being bullied. ~ National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016 The  Bullying Problem In 2005, the U.S. federal government began ... Continue Reading →