Pharma Found To Have Horse Blood Draining Farms

Sometimes, the Internet can be so completely outrageous that we almost have to take a few minutes to confirm that something we read or see is true. And often times, we hope that the news isn’t true.

So when I heard that pharmaceutical companies have horse blood farms, my first reaction was anger. My second reaction was to do some research and find out if this was just some sort of fake news that would fit the narrative of “evil big pharma.”

And then, my third reaction was back to anger. That’s because you guessed it, big pharma has horse blood draining farms. Often they use horseshoe crabs for their blood draining needs. Sometimes they just use us and figure it out as they go along. Now apparently, they have driven up horse blood stock.

So you might be asking, why would pharmaceutical companies drain horses of their blood? Well, specifically, pharma extract’s pregnant mares’ blood. They are receiving in return, a specific hormone they use in their drugs. According to a petition on SumOfUs.com, Merck, Sharpe and Dohme (MSD) all caved under pressure and claim they’ve stopped this activity.

But blood farms will still operate as long as there are pharma companies willing to buy their products. Can you help push the next big player, Germany’s IDT Biologika, to cut ties with blood farms? We’ll be delivering your voices straight to IDT Biologika’s headquarters in less than two weeks — so please add your name now.

Blood farm conditions are worse than you’d ever imagine.

On farms in Uruguay and Argentina, our partners revealed that workers routinely take 10 litres of blood from the horse in a single extraction — almost a fourth of its total blood. That much blood loss can lead to hypovolemic shock, anaemia or even death.

It’s a hormone called PMSG that the pharma industry is after. Because the valuable hormone can only be found in the blood of mares in their early pregnancy, they are forced into repeated pregnancies and abortions. Finally, they are shipped off to be slaughtered once they’re too weak or old to become pregnant.

There is truly very little hope left for mankind.

via vaxxter

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