Heartbreaking Footage : Caged Bears STARVE As Restaurant Diners Throw Leftover Food At Them

Heartbreaking photos have surfaced of caged bears on display for the entertainment of diners at a restaurant—just one of many instances where Armenian cultureallows and celebrates the outdated practice.

As vicious as these animals can be in the wild, few things justify this kind of treatment—the tiny confines are suffocating compared to the vast expanse of nature they’re used to:

The bears are reportedly starving in many cases as they await the mercy of diners who, at their own whim, decide to toss leftovers to them for fun.

It’s a contrast that magnifies the disparity between the lives some can enjoy at the expense of others:

Caging bears for entertainment is a long-held tradition in the former Soviet Country, with the unsightly torture on display at restaurants, bus depots, factories, or even shopping centers.

Worst of all, the animals’ majesty is exploited by capturing them as cubs where they can later be held against their will when matured into adults:

But thankfully, some organizations are determined to fight back against the cruelty.

British charity International Animal Rescue (IAR) is initiating the Great Bear Rescue to locate, free, and rehabilitate the prisoners—ultimately releasing them back into the wild.

Chief Executive of the IAR, Alan Knight, declared:

“I have seen the conditions these bears are living in for myself and they are nothing short of appalling.

“Some have been living for years in small, barren cages, surviving only on scraps and filthy, stagnant water and standing on stinking mounds of their own feces.

“Many of them relieve their boredom and frustration by pacing endlessly to and fro, banging their heads against the walls or climbing up the bars, searching frantically for an escape route.

‘They have been robbed of their dignity and their freedom, all for people’s idle entertainment. It sickens me.”

The IAR has thankfully received support from the Armenian government—a gesture that at least shows the former Soviet country’s intentions to change.

So far, the IAR has managed to receive a procurement of 4,000 euros per animal rescued, which pays for the cost of “transport, care, and rehabilitation.”

Additionally, they also plan to build a sanctuary for 75,000 euro.

Cruelty towards animals masquerading as “entertainment” has a long history:

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