Shocking Study Reveals Flu Shots Actually Cause Over 5 Times More Respiratory Infections

The dangers of the flu vaccine on respiratory health have been revealed.

The flu vaccine has come under intense scrutiny as the apparent health benefits of it have fallen down when investigated.

Concerns over the damage the vaccine does to certain people who receive it have thrown into question the motivation behind the drive to have so many people vaccinated each year.

Young children and the elderly often have adverse reactions to the shot, although there has been no official tests done in the U.S on the subject.

There has however, a study been done in Hong Kong over the differing results of vaccinated and un-vaccinated people concerning respiratory health, and the results are shocking.

The study also demonstrated that the vaccine resulted in recipients having 5.5 times more respiratory illness.

Here’s a partial breakdown of their results:

As you can easily see, there was no distinction in cases of influenza between the subjects who received a vaccine and those who received the placebo, the reality seems to be quite different: There were a total of 116 influenza cases in the vaccinated group and 88 in the placebo group.

The study showed that people who received the flu vaccine were 5.5 times more likely to suffer from respiratory illness that those who did not receive the shot.

487 illnesses were suffered by the vaccinated subjects whereas only 88 illnesses were felt by those in the placebo group.

The doctors and the health professionals recommend this vaccine year in year out, particularly to those who have chest and lung problems, as a way of ‘protecting’ them against such illnesses, so why is the opposite happening?

Skeptics and whistle-blowers have commented on the culture within the pharmaceutical industry of lying to themselves, twisting facts and in some of the worse cases inventing data to show how the drugs and the medicines they create ‘help’ people, when in reality often they are doing the opposite.

Big Pharma make a ton of money each year from selling vaccines such as the flu vaccine, and doctors are pressurized to administer to as many people as possible for the sake of their health.

If these people knew that by volunteering for the vaccine they would be increasing their chances of becoming ill by more than 5 times, perhaps they will consider their decision differently.

It is thought that the shock the body has on receiving the vaccine can damage the immune system in the interim, leaving it more exposed to viruses than if the vaccine had not been taken.

The interference of vaccinations with the innate cell-mediated immune response is well known! The authors go on to cite several sources supporting this fact.

In summary, this study demonstrates:

  1. Influenza vaccines provide no benefit.
  2. Influenza vaccines cause a hugely increased number of respiratory illnesses.
  3. Influenza vaccines—and very likely other vaccines—harm the innate cell-mediated immune response, which results in a significant increase in infectious disease incidents.

Watch this brilliant short video by Dr. Tenpenny which clearly explains the difference between the presence of “antibodies” and vaccine effectiveness:

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