Here’s what your Native American symbol is and what it means for you

Animal symbols are very special to the Native Americans. These animal symbols and totems are believed to represent the physical form of a spirit helper and guide. Below are interpreted Native American symbols of the zodiac and the characteristics for each one.

#1 The Otter

Primary Personality Traits: Resilient, persevering, diligent and driven

Strengths: Ambition matched with talent

Hates: Disloyalty and disrespect

Lucky Color: Violet

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Lucky Number: 19

#2 The Wolf

Primary Personality Traits: Loner, loyal and fiercely independent

Strengths: A relentless hunger to excel

Hates: Cheaters and arrogance

Lucky Color: Red

Lucky Day: Thursday

Lucky Number: 3

#3 The Falcon

Primary Personality Traits: Focused, devoted and sharp

Strengths: Strong will and hardworking nature

Hates: Laziness and procrastination

Lucky Color: Black

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Number: 21

#4 The Beaver

Primary Personality Traits: Warm, gentle and sweet

Strengths: Self-awareness and empathy

Hates: Rude people and phonies

Lucky Color: Gray

Lucky Day: Monday

Lucky Number: 18

#5 The Deer

Primary Personality Traits: Alert, sharp and agile

Strengths: Courage and decisiveness

Hates: Liars and pretentious people

Lucky Color: White

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Lucky Number: 11

#6 The Woodpecker

Primary Personality Traits: Driven, thoughtful and instinctual

Strengths: Unwavering focus and unshakeable commitment

Hates: Lies, cheaters, and disrespectful people

Lucky Color: Scarlet

Lucky Day: Sunday

Lucky Number: 29

#7 The Salmon

Primary Personality Traits: Loyal, smart and creative

Strengths: Out of the box thinking and innovation-oriented

Hates: Regularity and mundane things

Lucky Color: Turquoise

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Number: 6

#8 The Bear

Primary Personality Traits: Fierce, passionate and self-aware

Strengths: Courageous and straightforward

Hates: Trivialities and nit-picking

Lucky Color: Orange

Lucky Day: Monday

Lucky Number: 23

#9 The Raven

Primary Personality Traits: Sharp, persevering and a dark sense of humor

Strengths: Strong sense of loyalty and a keen understanding of people

Hates: Drama, trivialities and pretentiousness

Lucky Color: Blue

Lucky Day: Saturday

Lucky Number: 14

#10 The Snake

Primary Personality Traits: Agile, decisive and fiercely protective

Strengths: Passionate, forgiving and commands respect

Hates: Dishonesty, boot licking, and rudeness

Lucky Color: Green

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Number: 9

#11 The Owl

Primary Personality Traits: Enigmatic, charming and mysterious

Strengths: Observant and ambitious with a will to succeed

Hates: Gossiping and back-biting

Lucky Color: Brown

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Number: 17

#12 The Goose

Primary Personality Traits: Gentle, calm and vigilantly thoughtful

Strengths: Wise, calm and a thoughtful mind

Hates: Laziness and rudeness of behavior

Lucky Color: Yellow

Lucky Day: Sunday

Lucky Number: 12

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