The Correct Way to Use Baking Soda to Wash Off Harmful Toxic Pesticides from Your Fruits and Vegetables

How to REALLY get all of those pesticides off your fruit and veg.

Pesticides – they are so sneaky. Invisible to the naked eye, but they are certainly there, contaminating your fruit and veg.

Any fresh produce that you buy from almost any store is guaranteed to be infected with pesticides.

Most fresh produce even (kindly!) comes with a warning – ‘wash before use’ as if a few squirts of water is going to remove the layer of chemicals that are no doubt lingering on the skin.

Pesticide use is at such a high level now that they are almost impossible to escape, and the level has increased drastically in the last few years.

Even fruit and veg labeled as ‘organic’ is now testing positive for pesticides, not because the organic farms are using pesticides, but that the air is so polluted with them they are finding their way into all manner of foodstuffs, across farms and fields, even state borders.

Research has shown that baking soda is one of the most effective tools in your pantry that is able to remove pesticides from the skin of your fruit and veg, but even then they need to be soaked for around 12-15 minutes!

Baking soda is such an effective pesticide wash due to its alkaline base and its abrasive texture. Fruits with soft skins such as peaches are particularly susceptible to absorbing pesticides, and so extra time should be taken when removing pesticides.

Most people will give their fruit and vegetables a quick rinse to try and get rid of any undesirables before they cut them up to be eaten, this is almost useless to really get rid of soaked-in pesticide.

Baking soda pesticide wash

  1. Add a few tablespoons of baking soda to a bowl filled with water, big enough to fit the vegetables you are preparing to wash.
  2. Place the vegetables you want to wash into the mixture, making sure they are fully submerged.
  3. Leave them in the mixture for between 10-15 minutes, agitate the bowl slightly a couple of times to ensure even coverage.
  4. After 15 minutes, give the produce a good rinse with cold water, ensuring all of the baking soda residue is removed. They are then ready to use.

Alternatively, for an even more invigorating clean, you can scrub each individual item using a small brush and the baking soda mixture. This is only really needed if you believe the produce is highly contaminated, if it is displaying a film or a funny smell.

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