Oregon Just Sued Monsanto For $100 Million For Knowingly Selling Toxic & Unsafe Products

Oregon sue Monsanto for $100 million over toxic chemical use.

It seems that agro-chemical firms can’t catch a break when it comes to lawsuits, and the most recent one has set them back $100 million.

The type of lawsuit they normally face are from individual cases, but in this unprecedented case, the entire state of Oregon is suing Monsanto for an eye-watering $100 million over prolonged toxic chemical use in their state.

The chemicals in question are polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which have been banned in most places since 1979 die to their high toxicity and danger to human health.

Oregon claim that Monsanto knew about the dangers of PCB’s for many years, but continued to use them anyway.

They say that the $100 million will go towards a clean up of contaminated areas in Oregon and various medical costs.

Oregon released a statement outlining their claims:

Today, Oregon bears the burden of Monsanto’s decision to place profit above all else.
 The toxic legacy that Monsanto left Oregonians lives on, as PCBs persist in Oregon’s lands, rivers, and waterways, in its sediments, soils, and in the bodies of animals and humans.

“It has caused harm to aquatic, marine, and avian species, and poses ongoing risks to the health of the people of the State of Oregon.”

As one of the richest companies in the world, Monsanto normally don’t have to worry about the price of their lawsuits, and can usually afford to settle without it breaking the bank too much, but $100 million is a different kind of figure.

PCB’s are so dangerous that they are banned and are deemed unfit for human consumption, yet they were used on many crops and made their way into Oregon ecosystems.

They are linked with causing cancer, according to an EPA study:

“There is clear evidence that PCBs cause cancer in animals. EPA reviewed all of the available literature on the carcinogenicity of PCBs in animals as an important first step in the cancer reassessment.

“An industry scientist commented that ‘all significant studies have been reviewed and are fairly represented in the document.’ The literature presents overwhelming evidence that PCBs cause cancer in animals. An industry-sponsored peer-reviewed rat study characterized as the ‘gold standard study’ by one peer reviewer, demonstrated that every commercial PCB mixture tested caused cancer.”

Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is leading the case, and she highlighted the responsibility Monsanto had to the health of the people in Oregon.

She said:

“Monsanto knew decades before PCBs were banned that they were toxic to the environment, but they failed to disclose highly pertinent information.

“Oregon is paying a big price as PCBs are being dredged up in river sediments and measured in the tissues of fish and wildlife throughout the state.

“PCBs are extremely hard to get rid of — and it will take significant time and resources to fully clean them up. It only makes sense that the manufacturer of these PCBs, Monsanto, help clean up this mess with dollars.”

Lawyers for Monsanto have tried to play down the lawsuit, and the claims, in calling them ‘baseless’.

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