Elephants Are Being Skinned To Make Bracelets To Cure Illness In China

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Despite the news earlier this week that the UK government are discussing a full ivory ban, there are still many other ... Continue Reading →

DTaP Vaccine Shatters UFC Fighter’s Family After It Kills Their Healthy Boy

On Thursday May 11, 2017, UFC fighter Nick Catone tucked his healthy, beautiful little boy, Nicholas, into his crib to the sound of him saying, “Goodnight Daddy.” In the morning, Marjorie ... Continue Reading →

Las Vegas Witness Who Identified Multiple Shooters, Found Dead

Kymberley Suchomel, a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting who claimed there were multiple gunmen involved in the shooting, has been found dead. She was 28. Suchomel was not injured ... Continue Reading →

Yemenis to Americans: Your Las Vegas Massacre Is Our Everyday Life

The recent events in Las Vegas shook the entire nation, and the rest of the world has watched intently as authorities have struggled with their investigation and independent media outlets ... Continue Reading →

3D printed water-maker can create 2 liters of drinking water every hour out of the air

Indian engineer, Jawwad Patel, has invented a small device, known as the Dewdrop, that is capable of producing two liters of water every hour from the air. It is a relatively simple-to-create ... Continue Reading →

Alzheimer’s Natural Treatments: 4 Foods To Eat & Avoid + Supplements

Alzheimer’s accounts for 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases. Most notably, Alzheimer’s causes memory loss and loss of other cognitive abilities. Alzheimer’s causes are currently ... Continue Reading →

Hilarious Reactions To Hurricane Ophelia By Irish People That Prove They’re The Craziest Country Ever

Had enough hurricanes yet this year? Too bad, because Hurricane Ophelia has arrived, and she’s giving Ireland the old one-two. Luckily, the Irish are a resilient folk, and their ... Continue Reading →

59-Year-Old Dying Chimp Refuses Food, But Then She Recognizes Her Old Caretaker’s Voice

This is Mama, a 59 year-old chimpanzee who was matriarch of the colony at the Royal Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The colony is famous as the basis of groundbreaking research ... Continue Reading →

Slice potatoes and put them in a muffin pan. They’ll come out of the oven family favorite!

Home Cooking Adventure shows us how to use the bakeware for cooking up something other than traditional muffins. This easy recipe for Parmesan potato stacks makes a great side dish ... Continue Reading →

Handwritten Draft of The Bible Discovered Proves Complete Work of Fiction (Watch)

The book has been confirmed by leading experts as an early working of The King James Bible which is one of the most influential and widely read books in the English language. The discovery ... Continue Reading →

Media Silence: North Korea Has Repeatedly Offered to Give up Their Nukes

As the mass media and the establishment figures who keep mainstream outlets afloat continue to beat the drums of war against North Korea, little attention is being paid to one ... Continue Reading →

Cover-Up Exposed: Medical Professionals Hide Evidence Linking Vaccines To Neurodevelopmental Disorders

As questions over the necessity and safety of vaccines grow, an old scandal has surfaced exposing a government cover-up of evidence linking vaccinations to mercury/autism. An assembly ... Continue Reading →

Las Vegas Survivor, Who Witnessed Multiple Shooters During The Attack, Found Dead

In the years after the JFK assassination—an event which 61% of Americans believe there was more than one gunman besides Lee Harvey Oswald—a disturbing trend began to emerge: ... Continue Reading →

1998 Washington Post Article Reveals Disturbing Link Between Harvey Weinstein & Bill Clinton

When you think of the word “liberal”, what comes to mind? For me, it’s buzzwords like “compassionate,” “pro-woman,” “pro-minority”, etc., etc., etc…… The last things ... Continue Reading →

The Best Wedding Photos Of 2017 Will Absolutely Amaze You

Trusting a photographer with your wedding is a huge risk. You’re not entirely sure if the pictures will satisfy your eye, and there’s no way of redoing them. That’s ... Continue Reading →

Yellowstone Supervolcano May Blow Sooner Than Thought and Could Kill Everyone on Earth

If only for a moment, this story is forcing many to put the current political chaos “into perspective.” Yes, Donald Trump is president. And yes, he has access to the nuclear codes—a ... Continue Reading →

Police Change Vegas Shooting Story Yet Again As Witness Goes Missing

Las Vegas, NV — Earlier this week, police investigating the Las Vegas shooting made headlines when they changed the official timeline of events in the deadly massacre on October ... Continue Reading →