Japan to “drop tanks” full of Fukushima nuclear waste directly into the ocean

After a major earthquake struck Japan in March of 2011, a 15 meter high tsunami destroyed the reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Despite reactors being shut off ... Continue Reading →

American History Forgets About Native American Mass Murder

Todays mass shootings are some of the most horrible we’ve ever witnessed in our nation’s history. The mainstream media is so fast to claim the Sandy Hook school shooting as the ... Continue Reading →

Radioactive Waste Flowing Freely into Columbia River Because There’s No Money to Stop It

A member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently informed the public that radioactive waste from the decommissioned Hanford nuclear power plant is ‘flowing freely’ ... Continue Reading →

“Earth Has Shifted”- Inuit Elders Issue Grave Warning To NASA And The World [VIDEO]

The Inuit of the great north Arctic have long been unbelievably gifted at forecasting the coming weather. Now, though, they’re warning us that the earth is changing – and that ... Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Mysterious Waves Of Energy Are Coming Out Of Antarctica These Past Couple Of Days!

In a mystery that’s baffling scientists around the world, mysterious waves of energy have been detected coming from Antarctica. The microwave rays, first detected by MIMIC (Morphed ... Continue Reading →

Radiation from Fukushima Now Causes 100% Infant Mortality Rate in West Coast Orcas

Since 2011, the tragedy surrounding the Fukushima disaster is a persistent reminder of the power of the Earth and humankind’s inadvertent wake of destruction. The death of our ... Continue Reading →

Chemtrails: NASA Plans To Fill East Coast Skies With Toxic Metals

This weekend, Saturday June 3rd, NASA planned to spray toxic metals into the skies along the east coast, essentially engaging in an admitted chemtrail operation. However, poor weather ... Continue Reading →

Trump Just Promised $350 Billion to a Country That’s Beheading a Blind Man for Peacefully Protesting

In an act of criminal negligence, Donald Trump is ignoring the overt human rights abuses and outright terror of the Saudi regime. The President promised the largest exporter of terror ... Continue Reading →

The Real Story of David Rockefeller That the Media Isn’t Telling

While celebrated for his philanthropy in media reports, the last surviving grandson of America’s first billionaire died yesterday, leaving behind a dark legacy indicative of how ... Continue Reading →

ISIS Sex Slave Survivor Exposes US Ally for Running Global Sex Trafficking Ring

An escaped sex slave, once held captive by ISIS, noted that the country Donald Trump just promised billions, is facilitating a massive sex trafficking ring. Conveniently absent from ... Continue Reading →

Couple Spends 26 Years Replanting A Rainforest They Bought In 1991, And Here’s How It Looks Today

Pamela Gale Malhotra and her husband, Anil Malhotra, own Sai Sanctuary, the only private wildlife sanctuary in India and have been replanting and protecting forests and wildlife since ... Continue Reading →

What You’re Not Being Told About the Paris Climate Agreement

President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord has thrown the world into a blazing furnace full of weeping and gnashing of teeth—or the ... Continue Reading →

Argentina: The Country That Monsanto Poisoned

American biotechnology has turned Argentina into the world’s third-largest soybean producer, but the chemicals powering the boom aren’t confined to soy and cotton and corn fields. ... Continue Reading →

Dog Meat Is Finally Banned From Yulin Festival In China

A huge victory for animal lovers around the world – dog meat has just been temporarily banned from the infamous Yulin Festival in China that has already taken the lives of thousands ... Continue Reading →

Seth Rich Named as WikiLeaks’ Source, Not Russia — ‘Clinton Team Blocking Murder Investigation’

Washington, D.C. – A stunning report from private investigator, and former D.C. homicide detective, Rod Wheeler, regarding the investigation into the murder of Democratic National ... Continue Reading →

Fukushima – The Untouchable Eco-Apocalypse No One is Talking About

Since March 11th, 2011, the media and political establishment have become so quiet about the devastation from the Fukushima nuclear plant. The earthquake that destroyed the plant leaked ... Continue Reading →

Woman Finds Note From Chinese Labor Prison Inside Walmart Purse

A woman in Arizona discovered  a note written by a  prison laborer from China inside a purse she bought at Walmart.   Laura Wallace found  message tucked inside the zipper ... Continue Reading →