Shocking: Full List of Flu Vaccine Ingredients – Carcinogens, Neurotoxins and More…

Now comes the time of the flu season, when many of us suffer from a weakened immune system and flu and are not sure whether they should have the flu shot, as advised by the medical ... Continue Reading →

Ellen Degeneres Comes Out “Vaccine Free”

The Vaccine Safety movement is now rolling. It seems that once Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was appointed the Vaccine Safety Czar, mainstream media is allowing a lot more discussion and it ... Continue Reading →

Pfizer VP Comes Clean & Tells The Truth About Pharmaceutical Companies (Video)

Below is a clip taken from the “One More Girl” documentary, a film regarding the Gardasil vaccine, which was designed to prevent Human Papillomavirus. In it, Dr. Peter Rost, MD, ... Continue Reading →

13 Year Old Boy Becomes Paralyzed From Neck Down After Gardasil HPV Vaccine

Gardasil, the vaccine that supposedly protects youngsters against four types of human papillomavirus, or HPV, and the cervical cancer which it can lead to, has come under intense scrutiny ... Continue Reading →

Vaccine Contaminants, Nanotechnology, and Cancer

Over the last 17 years, I’ve read hundreds of medical journal articles on the problems associated with vaccines. I have written and spoken about vaccine contaminants – stray viruses, ... Continue Reading →

Shocking: Tests Confirm Vaccines Are Contaminated With Monsanto’s Herbicide

There has been serious concerns over the safety of vaccines in the past, but there is a very serious new problem that has arisen, regarding Monsanto. It has been found that certain ... Continue Reading →

Report Shows US Infant Mortality Worsens as it Increases Vaccine Schedule

When it comes to saving lives during birth, western medicine has long been credited for increasing mortality of both mothers and babies. In fact, it is often stated that western medicine’s ... Continue Reading →

Study Shows HUGE Drop In Flu Tied To Less Flu Shots

I was stunned to read an article from BlackburnNews.com, titled, Big Drop In Reported Flu Cases. I wasn’t particularly stunned to read that flu cases in the region were down, I was ... Continue Reading →

Bill Gates Vaccinations to be Used to ‘Reduce Population’

Bill Gates tells Sanjay Gupta that vaccines will be used to reduce the population. Vaxxter.com reported that Kenya was seeing mass infertility occurring at the hands of WHO anti-tentanus ... Continue Reading →

The flu shot is the most defective vaccine ever made – here’s proof

You may not want to hear it put this plainly, but vaccines, as administered today, are the most devastating form of chemical violence in the history of medicine. The annual flu vaccine ... Continue Reading →

If You Know Anyone Considering a Flu Shot This Year, Show Them This

A growing number of experts nowadays warn about the adverse effects of flu shots and advise families to avoid them completely. Every year, the medical experts, the mainstream media, ... Continue Reading →

Cleveland Doctor BLASTS Vaccines In Wellness Article

Dr. Daniel Neides, a well-respected MD at the Cleveland Clinic wrote an article for Cleveland.com in which he promoted wellness. His general message, avoid vaccines when possible, ... Continue Reading →

Richard Pan Just Introduced a Terrifying New Bill

Richard Pan will always live in infamy after pushing through SB277. Pan used the Disney Measles “outbreak” as a way to herd the media and vaccine proponents into a frenzy, easily ... Continue Reading →

These Doctors Are Being Killed Saving Your Children from Genocide

Dr. Ted Broer explains why doctors are being killed for what they’ve discovering about vaccinations and how to cure the effects of the Elite’s genocide forced on your children ... Continue Reading →

90% Of Pregnant Women Refusing Flu Shot

Pregnant women are a demographic that pharmaceutical companies rely on for heavy profits. And whenever they are looking to further enhance their bottom lines, it is one of the first ... Continue Reading →

STUDY: Lack Of Vaccines Among Many Reasons Amish Rarely Get Cancer

Cancer is a word that evokes the fear of God into all of us. Most of us have at least known one person who has suffered the wrath of some form of cancer. The disease devastates not ... Continue Reading →

Dementia now striking people in their 40s as mercury from vaccines causes slow, degenerative brain damage

Victims of Dementia and other neurological brain conditions are getting younger, researchers at Bournemouth University, England have found. The study, published in the Surgical Neurology ... Continue Reading →