Researchers Find Deadly Disease Resurgence Linked To Faulty Vaccine Use

The entire vaccine-industrial-complex depends largely on the supposed “effectiveness” of vaccinations in preventing diseases—but what if decades of scientific research prove ... Continue Reading →

Sweden Rejects Mandatory Vaccines As Posing ‘Serious Health Concerns’

In the United States and especially in Australia, the mandatory vaccination movement has serious legs. But for one European country, Sweden, they aren’t having it, according to an article on ... Continue Reading →

New Groundbreaking Study Links Heavy Metal In Vaccines To Autism

The notion that vaccines are linked to autism is nothing new—even President Trump has ranted about it before on Twitter. But whenever new, tragic cases of children left autistic ... Continue Reading →

Detroit Mother To Be Jailed For Refusing Vaccines For Son

A mom in Detroit has been given the harshest of choices to make: get your son vaccinated or go to jail. While this story likely sounds fabricated, it sadly is real life. “I would ... Continue Reading →

Another Teen Dies After HPV Vaccine – The Science Speaks For Itself

I remember the moment I got the HPV vaccine. I was a young, impressionable teenager, and my mother was concerned about me being sexually active and the potential risks of HPV and cervical ... Continue Reading →

New Mega-Vaccine Could Contain 11 Vaccines In One Dose

Aside from a polarized public sentiment towards vaccines, the vaccine industry at large has always had other obstacles. One of the main obstacles is children fearing shots. And further ... Continue Reading →

Johns Hopkins Scientist Reveals Shocking Report on Flu Vaccines

A Johns Hopkins scientist has issued a blistering report on influenza vaccines in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Peter Doshi, Ph.D., charges that although the vaccines are being ... Continue Reading →

Taking a Stand: 22,000 Nurses Refuse “Mandatory” Vaccinations

Nurses are taking a stand against mandatory vaccinations, at the risk of losing their jobs. Over 22,000 nurses are a part of Nurses against Mandatory Vaccines (NAMV), a movement that ... Continue Reading →

Do Your Pets Need To Be Vaccinated? Here Are The Risks That Your Vet Doesn’t Really Know About

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding human vaccinations, especially in relation to certain ingredients like mercury and aluminum. Vaccines have been linked to autism, autoimmune ... Continue Reading →

Egyptian Study Confirms Autism is Caused by Mercury in Vaccines

Egyptian scientists discover not so shocking problem with American vaccines. In Egypt, a team of nine scientists from prestigious Egyptian medical schools and universities have found ... Continue Reading →

What are we injecting into our Seniors?

It’s interesting to see how much time and money is spent researching influenza and influenza vaccines. A quick search of PubMed for “influenza vaccine” returns 8,062 results; ... Continue Reading →

13 Year Old Boy Paralyzed from Neck Down After Given Gardasil HPV Vaccine

The story in the video below is about Colton Berrett, who received the Gardasil HPV vaccine at 13 years old, and soon afterwards became paralyzed from the neck down. After many months ... Continue Reading →

Infant Twins Die Simultaneously After 1st Vaccinations

Given how infrequently twins suddenly and simultaneously die, this story could be getting more publicity. Instead, doctors are shrugging their shoulders, as if to say, “eh, whatever.” Even ... Continue Reading →

Dementia Now Afflicting People in Their 40s as Mercury from Vaccines Causes Slow, Degenerative.

Dementia and other neurological brain diseases are striking people younger and younger, according to a new study conducted by researchers from Bournemouth University in England and ... Continue Reading →

Now It’s Proven. Dr. Bradstreet Was Murdered- But by Whom?Now It’s Proven. Dr. Bradstreet Was Murdered- But by Whom?

A few months ago I had looked over some of those holistic doctors getting murdered reports and decided to look more closely than the reports did. I found that most if not all, with ... Continue Reading →

Shocking: Tests Confirm Vaccines Are Contaminated With Monsanto’s Herbicide

There has been serious concerns over the safety of vaccines in the past, but there is a very serious new problem that has arisen, regarding Monsanto. It has been found that certain ... Continue Reading →

Senator Passes Forced-Vaccination Law While Taking $420k From Giant Lobby Group

Who should our elected representatives represent? The people who elected them, or shadowy corporations behind the scenes? On paper, the answer should be obvious, but in practice, ... Continue Reading →