Official Resigns After U.N. Accidentally Tells the Truth About Israel

A U.N. report published this week accused Israel of imposing an “apartheid regime” of racial discrimination on the Palestinian people. Shortly after its release, the official ... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Cause of Anxiety and Depression is Traumatic Life Events

It’s estimated that 1 in 10 U.S. adults struggle with depression [1] and another 40 million have anxiety. It’s quite common, too, for someone with depression to also have anxiety. ... Continue Reading →

Homeless Man’s Unbelievable Transformation Into “Hipster” Makes Him Burst Into Tears

When this homeless man in Spain was graciously given a makeover by a local salon, he also got a new lease on life. With the help of some scissors, hair dye, and a spiffy new outfit, ... Continue Reading →

Artist Creates Honest Illustrations Showing What Women Do When No One Is Watching

In April 2015, Little Rock Illustrator Sally Nixon started a project called “365” in which she had to create one illustration per day for a whole year. As it was not that ... Continue Reading →

Couple Forced to Destroy 40yo Pond on Their Own Property Because Govt Owns the Rainwater

A couple in the state of Oregon, was notified by state officials to destroy a 2-acre pond on their property. Why? It is the property’s most attractive feature, and because the government ... Continue Reading →

2 More High-Level Govt Child Trafficking Rings Busted and American Media is Silent

In late 2016, the government’s spin machine made it a point to feature “pizza gate,” only to mock anyone who would ever believe it to be true. The thought that high-level government ... Continue Reading →

Experts Beg Everyone To Check Their Gardens For Tiny Eggs Before They Prune This Spring

Whenever I’m out in nature, I find myself a little overwhelmed by how much spectacular beauty there is on this planet. If you’re a city dweller like me, you quickly start to appreciate ... Continue Reading →

Snowden Claims Osama Bin Laden Is ‘Alive And Well In The Bahamas’

The NSA whistleblower claims to have documents proving that Bin Laden is still on the CIA’s bankroll and that he’s living a life of luxury in the Bahamas. Credit: BBC / PBS After ... Continue Reading →

Spine-Tingling Photos Reveal What Life Is Like In A Legal Bangladeshi Brothel

Most of the women who become sex workers come from poor families or, in some instances, are victims of trafficking. On an average day, a worker will earn between $11 and $19. Warning: ... Continue Reading →

This Man Did A Sexism Experiment With A Female Co-Worker, And Was Completely Surprised By The Results

Some may say that sexism at work doesn’t exist or it’s exaggerated, but this man just experienced what it’s like to walk in a woman’s shoes. Martin R. Schneider, a writer and ... Continue Reading →

Cannabis plants spring up all over German town after campaigners plant thousands of seeds in protest against the ‘demonisation’ of the drug

Gottingen in Germany is sprouting Marijuana plants all over town A group called ‘A Few Autonomous Flower Children’ sowed seeds in June Members say the guerrilla gardening ... Continue Reading →

Dad Receives One-Letter Text From His Son. Calls Him Immediately For THIS Important Reason!

Bert Fulks was just like any other parent. He was concerned about his child’s teenage years. That’s why he created the X Plan. Bert, a minister, started a blog to share his parenting ... Continue Reading →

Robin Williams’ Widow Reveals The Tragic Cause Of His Suicide

Robin Williams’ suicide back in 2014 left millions of people heartbroken and baffled—how could someone so positive and funny take their own life? Now, new revelations by one of ... Continue Reading →

WTF? Feds Drop Charges in Child Porn Case to Protect Their Secrets

Washington, D.C. — In a case that’s drawn criticism from multiple angles, last week federal prosecutors in Washington state dropped all charges against a man who allegedly downloaded ... Continue Reading →

A mom of a kid with a disability explains a restroom problem you’ve maybe never heard of.

Accessibility does not always equal accommodation. There’s a bathroom secret I think you don’t know about. And no, this one has nothing to do with transgender people or sex or gender. ... Continue Reading →

Have you seen anyone with a semicolon tattoo? Here’s what it’s about.

Have you seen anyone with a tattoo like this? If not, you may not be looking close enough. They’re popping up… …everywhere. Photos by The Semicolon Tattoo Project. That’s ... Continue Reading →

Please read this before you post another RIP on social media.

Grieving in the technology age is uncharted territory. I’ll take you back to Saturday, June 9, 2012. At 8:20 a.m., my 36-year-old husband was pronounced dead at a hospital just outside ... Continue Reading →