This Bonobo Starts Fires, Cooks His Own Food, AND Knows 3,000 English Words [Watch]

A bonobo ape has learned how to start fires, cook his own food, put them out, and much, much more… Only recently was it affirmed that other species besides mankind have entered ... Continue Reading →

Abused Dog Just Days From Death, Then Neighbor Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

It breaks our hearts to see anyone or anything abused or mistreated. No one should ever be treated with anything but love and kindness, and when a person treats a helpless and innocent ... Continue Reading →

This Genius Invention Is Saving Animals From Terrible Death

Having a swimming pool is a super fun way to stay cool during the summer. For the small animals living in your backyard, however, it can be a death trap. Wildlife biologist Rich Mason ... Continue Reading →

Every Day This Dog Rides The Bus All By Herself To Go To The Park

Meet Seattle’s celebrity dog, Eclipse, who takes a bus to a nearby park all by herself. “All the bus drivers know her. She sits here just like a person does,” fellow rider Tiona ... Continue Reading →

Disturbing New Facebook Patent Reveals How The Company Plans To Spy On You

The largest social media platform in the world is now putting the “face” in “Facebook” by using your laptop’s or smartphone’s built-in camera to analyze your facial expressions ... Continue Reading →

Experts Warn: Brown Patches In Your Yard Could Be Hiding These ADORABLE Animals

At first glance, a brown patch in your grass might just seem like an area where your grass has died. From far away, it might look like some brush or sticks. But wildlife experts are ... Continue Reading →

Watch: Mother Cow Freaks Out When She Is FINALLY Reunited With Baby

The maternal instinct of a cow is similar to that of humans. If separated from their young, mother cows will cry for days. The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary witnessed this first-hand ... Continue Reading →

Man Jailed For 180 Days For Refusing To Give Police His iPhone Password

A dangerous precedent has been set involving an iPhone in which people can be imprisoned for doing nothing more than practicing their 5th amendment right. Welcome to the post-constitutional ... Continue Reading →

Trump Just Promised $350 Billion to a Country That’s Beheading a Blind Man for Peacefully Protesting

In an act of criminal negligence, Donald Trump is ignoring the overt human rights abuses and outright terror of the Saudi regime. The President promised the largest exporter of terror ... Continue Reading →

Shocking Video Shows Moment Sea Lion Attacks Girl Feeding Him Bread

Shocking video out of Vancouver, Canada shows the moment a killer sea lion mistook a girl’s dress for a piece of fish and dragged her into the water yesterday. A witness, speaking ... Continue Reading →

Dog Meat Is Finally Banned From Yulin Festival In China

A huge victory for animal lovers around the world – dog meat has just been temporarily banned from the infamous Yulin Festival in China that has already taken the lives of thousands ... Continue Reading →

Woman Found Him In An Alley, Thinking He Was A Cat. But After Picking Him Up, She Realized She’d Never Seen Anything Like It

Last year in Chiang Mai, Thailand, neighbors were convinced a bomb had gone off. Later it was revealed that the loud, thunderous noise had actually been caused by loose wires in the ... Continue Reading →

Major brands are ditching down after undercover video shows the horrors of pulling it out of birds

Though soft, down is one of the more grueling animal products on the market.  In order to acquire it, people are forced to yank feathers out of geese, often when they are conscious ... Continue Reading →

WTF? Saudi Arabia Appointed to U.N. Women’s Rights Commission

Saudi Arabia was just appointed to the U.N.’s women’s rights commission, a troubling development considering the country’s historical and current treatment of women. As reported ... Continue Reading →

Genius Optical Illusions To Promote Pet Adoption

There are a lot of potential pet owners but some of them need a little bit of inspiration to adopt. Photographer Amol Jadhav and art director Pranav Bhide have created a powerful campaign ... Continue Reading →

Vaccines Causing Possible Dog Autism On The Rise

The number of cases of Autism-Spectrum Disorder is a rising concern for parents and for society. Stats are now saying that 1 in 60 children will be diagnosed with autism. And that ... Continue Reading →

This Man Posed Proudly With the Bear he Shot While it Was Hibernating

The Senate has voted (52-47) to eliminate enforced laws that prohibit the hunting of hibernating animals.   The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) enacted these regulations to ensure ... Continue Reading →