This Brutal Anti-PETA Rant Is Going Viral, And People Are Shocked To Learn About Their Hypocrisy

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the largest animal rights organization in the world, but not everyone thinks they’re very righteous. For example, Calum Mcswiggan ... Continue Reading →

Owner Told His Dog To “Play Dead.” How The Beagle Did It Made Everyone Burst Into Laughter

Dogs are a loyal best friend. They’re also awesome pals that can be taught fun tricks like Baily the beagle. With the help of her owner, Baily the beagle takes the old trick “play ... Continue Reading →

China Just Began Enforcing Its TOTAL BAN on Elephant Ivory

“The Chinese government’s ban on its domestic ivory trade sends a message to the general public in China that the life of elephants is more important than the ivory carving culture,” ... Continue Reading →

Photographer Spends 2 Years Photographing Animals That May Soon Be Extinct, And It Breaks Our Hearts

For most of us, endangered animals are a far-away mystery. British photographer Tim Flach, however, has spent the last 2 years braving their habitats and documenting their fragile ... Continue Reading →

Woman Leaves Her Dog With Dad, Receives The Best Texts From Him

Not sure if your parents are ready for grandkids? Leave them with your dog! When Meghan Specksgoor had to visit New York City, she started looking for someone to take care of her dog, ... Continue Reading →

Man Visits Wild Gorillas He Raised As Babies, But Watch As He Introduces His Wife For 1st Time

When multi-millionaire wildlife conservationist Damian Aspinall took his wife, Victoria, to the jungles of Gabon to meet a couple of old friends, little did he know that one of his ... Continue Reading →

‘Monster bull’ bred to get more meat: See what happens when he tries to walk

The belgian blue bull is the result of 50 years of selective breeding in Belgium. The goal was to create a breed that produces a lot of milk and meat – something that has succeeded. However, ... Continue Reading →

Dog Patiently Waits 9 Months For Baby Brother – His Reaction When He Meets Him Is Going Viral

It’s no secret that dogs are a man’s best friend – and these smart and kind Weimaraner pups were elated to welcome a new little human buddy in the family. Footage has surfaced ... Continue Reading →

If You See Any of these 14 Animals You Are Being Called Upon

Humans are very spiritual creatures and we are capable of limitless possibilities. However, we aren’t the only spiritual creatures on Earth. In fact, seeing these animals is an instant ... Continue Reading →

“Ecological Armageddon” — Up to 82% Decline in World’s Insect Populations in 27 Years Stumps, Horrifies Researchers

An “ecological armageddon” has been set in motion, thanks to an extraordinary 75 percent or more decline in insect species worldwide, finds a new study twenty-seven years in ... Continue Reading →

Heartbreaking Footage : Caged Bears STARVE As Restaurant Diners Throw Leftover Food At Them

Heartbreaking photos have surfaced of caged bears on display for the entertainment of diners at a restaurant—just one of many instances where Armenian cultureallows and celebrates ... Continue Reading →

Officials Are Forces To Respond After Footage Of A Cat-Hybrid Go Viral

After rumors circulated that a cat-creature with a human-like face was found in Malaysia, authorities and police have came out and denounced the creature as a “hoax” (scroll down ... Continue Reading →

Elephants Are Being Skinned To Make Bracelets To Cure Illness In China

Despite the news earlier this week that the UK government are discussing a full ivory ban, there are still many other factors at play that are decreasing the populations of elephants ... Continue Reading →

59-Year-Old Dying Chimp Refuses Food, But Then She Recognizes Her Old Caretaker’s Voice

This is Mama, a 59 year-old chimpanzee who was matriarch of the colony at the Royal Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The colony is famous as the basis of groundbreaking research ... Continue Reading →

Raw Video: Farm Exposed For Breeding “Hulk-Like-Pigs” For Profit

Animal rights group PETA has come out and strongly condemned a cruel technique involving genetically modified pigs, calling it the “stuff of nightmares.” People were outraged ... Continue Reading →

If You Ever Feel Sad, Just Remember That Horses Can Grow Moustaches

Did you know that some horses can grow a moustache? More common in certain breeds such as the Gypsy Vanner, which is known for its luxurious mane and hair around its lower legs, it ... Continue Reading →

This Vet Put Explanations Of 15 Common Cat Behaviours On His Cork Board, And It’s Hilarious

Whereas dogs often wear their hearts on their sleeves, cats are generally more enigmatic creatures, but these fifteen useful illustrations will help you to decode many of your feline ... Continue Reading →