A contest was held to find this year’s funniest animal photo. Here are 15 of the best.

A hamster has to get somewhere fast. It would also like to eat some nuts, if possible. Finally, it comes up with a genius solution. Photo by Julian Radd/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards ... Continue Reading →

You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Heard Baby Sloths Having A Conversation

I’ve always thought that sloths are some of the coolest animals in the world. No one can make them move more quickly than they want to, they eat all day, and they just hang around. ... Continue Reading →

This is why dogs like to sit on your feet – I had no idea!

If you have ever owned a dog before, then you understand how fun and awesome it is. After all, there’s a reason why the saying goes, “dog is man’s best friend.” It’s true! ... Continue Reading →

Stray Dog Uses Her Maternal Instincts To Keep An Abandoned Baby Alive Until Help Arrives

Stories about humans rescuing animals are common. Often, our four-legged companions simply don’t have the physical or mental capacity to get themselves out of precarious situations ... Continue Reading →

Watch Rescued Baby Sloths Have A Conversation And Try Not To Smile

Anybody out there speak sloth? Then check out this adorable video of two baby sloths deep in conversation about something. They were filmed at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, and ... Continue Reading →

Woman Adopts A Pitbull, And The Dog Can’t Stop Hugging Her

When Kayla Filoon, a student who volunteers as a dog walker at an animal shelter in Philadelphia, saw Russ the pit bull for the first time, she knew there was a special connection between ... Continue Reading →

President Trump’s Wall Will Have Worse Implications For Animals Than People

The wall will block the source of food for hundreds of animals, as well as undo a century of conservation work. Since President Trump’s executive order calling for securing the ... Continue Reading →

Researchers Find Dead Whale, Then Open Its Stomach And See THIS!

Researchers in Norway have reportedly discovered a whale with over 30 plastic bags and several other pieces of plastic waste in its stomach. According to The Daily Mail, wardens on ... Continue Reading →

This Rare “Goth Chicken” Is 100% Black From Its Feathers To Its Internal Organs And Bones

The Lambourghini of poultry has just pulled into the driveway, and its name is Ayam Cemani. This mesmerizing bird is a rare species of chicken from Indonesia, and its all-black appearance ... Continue Reading →

Cardboard Tanks, Planes And Houses For Cats

Want to spoil your cat? There’s no better way than getting him or her a fun toy from SUCK UK! SUCK UK creates unique gifts, accessories, and items for the home, including super ... Continue Reading →

Photos of Dads Who Didn’t Want The Damn Dogs In Their Lives

Bringing a new pet home isn’t always an easy decision, especially when someone in the family isn’t on board – we’re looking at you, Dad. These pups, however, ... Continue Reading →

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar To Your Dog’s Ear The Second You Notice Any Of These Signs Of Infection

Your dog, especially if he has droopy ears, may get ear infections frequently. If they do, though – we have the fix for you! A simple mixture of apple cider vinegar and distilled ... Continue Reading →

This Mall Is Doing The Nicest Thing For Homeless Dogs During The Winter.

When you watch or read the news every day it’s very easy to forget that there are actually a lot of good people in the world. The news is filled with drama, murder, and plenty of ... Continue Reading →

Mind control lasers turn mice into killer rodents with the flip of a switch

Scientists have transformed the harmless mouse into a killing machine with the flip of a switch, using lasers to manipulate the rodent’s brain circuit and turn on their predatory ... Continue Reading →

Man Dies Suddenly, Then His Grieving Horse Smells His Casket And Breaks Down At The Funeral

Wagner Lima, a 34-year-old Paraguayan cowboy, died on New Year’s Day 2017 in a motorcycle accident in Brazil. Everyone who knew Wagner knew what his dear horse Sereno meant to him, ... Continue Reading →

Animal Shelter Tries To Make Hilarious Low-Budget Cat Commercial, It Goes Viral Beyond Their Expectations

Furkids animal shelter’s hilarious ‘Kitty Kommercial’ is going viral, and it proves you don’t need a high-budget to produce a masterpiece! The rescue organization has its headquarters ... Continue Reading →

Man Shows His Dog How Loud It Snores. The Reaction? Priceless!

YouTube user Tal Solomon is receiving widespread attention for his rather bold method of confronting his dog about its snoring problem. In a clip titled ‘How to stop anyone from ... Continue Reading →