Apply Apple Cider Vinegar To Your Dog’s Ear The Second You Notice Any Of These Signs Of Infection

Your dog, especially if he has droopy ears, may get ear infections frequently. If they do, though – we have the fix for you! A simple mixture of apple cider vinegar and distilled ... Continue Reading →

This Mall Is Doing The Nicest Thing For Homeless Dogs During The Winter.

When you watch or read the news every day it’s very easy to forget that there are actually a lot of good people in the world. The news is filled with drama, murder, and plenty of ... Continue Reading →

Mind control lasers turn mice into killer rodents with the flip of a switch

Scientists have transformed the harmless mouse into a killing machine with the flip of a switch, using lasers to manipulate the rodent’s brain circuit and turn on their predatory ... Continue Reading →

Man Dies Suddenly, Then His Grieving Horse Smells His Casket And Breaks Down At The Funeral

Wagner Lima, a 34-year-old Paraguayan cowboy, died on New Year’s Day 2017 in a motorcycle accident in Brazil. Everyone who knew Wagner knew what his dear horse Sereno meant to him, ... Continue Reading →

Animal Shelter Tries To Make Hilarious Low-Budget Cat Commercial, It Goes Viral Beyond Their Expectations

Furkids animal shelter’s hilarious ‘Kitty Kommercial’ is going viral, and it proves you don’t need a high-budget to produce a masterpiece! The rescue organization has its headquarters ... Continue Reading →

Man Shows His Dog How Loud It Snores. The Reaction? Priceless!

YouTube user Tal Solomon is receiving widespread attention for his rather bold method of confronting his dog about its snoring problem. In a clip titled ‘How to stop anyone from ... Continue Reading →

Gruesome Video Exposes The Truth Behind Crocodile Skin Products [Watch]

All this for a Luis Vuitton bag… WARNING: This content is NSFW and is graphic. As one skims over the products on Luis Vuitton’s website, they will eventually come across a selection ... Continue Reading →

Alarm As 44% Of Bee Colonies Reported DEAD In ONE Year

Recent news on the ongoing problem of bee colony collapse disorder has been bad: The Bee Informed Partnership (http://beeinformed.org), in collaboration with the Apiary Inspectors ... Continue Reading →

This Giant Furry Dog Playing With A Kid Will Make Your Day

“Little Kids and Their Big Dogs” is a heartwarming photography project by Andy Seliverstoff that focuses on the unbreakable bond between little children and their supersized ... Continue Reading →

Elusive Deep-Sea Ghost Shark Older Than Dinosaurs Filmed for First Time

Researchers were able to film, for the first time ever, an eerie looking pointy-nosed blue chimera, a deep-sea ghost shark that is thought to be older than the dinosaurs. Its skeleton ... Continue Reading →

Cat With Two Legs Will Bunny-Hop His Way Into Your Heart.

When life gets tough, sometimes it can feel really hard to keep going. You can be the most optimistic and hopeful person but it is ok to feel like it’s difficult to stay positive ... Continue Reading →

Dog spends 2 days on frozen rail-tracks trying to save injured pal (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

This heartwarming story from western Ukraine tells a tale of true friendship and love coming from the animal kingdom. A dog spent two days protecting an injured buddy that couldn’t ... Continue Reading →

Colorado to Spend $4.5 Million to Kill Mountain Lions and Bears – The Reason Why is Unthinkable

An outrageous and costly plan approved by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission will kill over 100 mountain lions and bears, just so more deer are available for hunting season. Despite ... Continue Reading →

The Agriculture Industry is Mutilating Cows by Drilling Holes in Them

Cows are a staple of the agriculture industry across the world.  They have become one of the most profitable commodities and farmers are developing many new practices to ensure the ... Continue Reading →

Vet Who Posed With A Dead Lion He Shot, Just Fell 100ft To His Death While Hunting

The infamous vet who sparked a backlash after posing with the big game animals he shot, died while hunting birds in Italy. 55-year-old Luciano Ponzetto had a veterinary clinic near ... Continue Reading →

Depressed Marine Thinks He Knows The Surprise, But When He Sees The Puppy, He Loses It

Three years ago, Peter Coukoulis came home to Tallahassee, FL, after serving with the U.S. Marine Corps. Upon his return to civilian life, Coukoulis began struggling with post-traumatic ... Continue Reading →

Fisherman Is Feeding A Huge Flock Of Bald Eagles. But Watch When The Camera Pans Left

The sight of a bald eagle is very rare. When someone spots one off in the distance, there is instant excitement in the air! So that really makes this video incredibly special, as here ... Continue Reading →