GRAPHIC: Vet Warns About Common Infestation That Plagues Dogs & Humans

A heartbreaking moment was captured when a vet squeezes out dozens of MAGGOTS from under a dog’s skin. The viral clip has been shared over 300,000 times. (scroll down to watch the ... Continue Reading →

Pharma Found To Have Horse Blood Draining Farms

Sometimes, the Internet can be so completely outrageous that we almost have to take a few minutes to confirm that something we read or see is true. And often times, we hope that the ... Continue Reading →

Badass Rescue Dog Who Has Rescued 52 Lives Is Now Saving People Affected By Mexico Earthquake

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocked central Mexico on Tuesday, killing over 230 people so far and injuring thousands. The earthquake comes less than two weeks after another, more powerful ... Continue Reading →

Vets Warn About Deadly Bug Bite That Kills 100s Of Dogs A Year

If you have dog, you’ll want to keep an eye out for a deadly bug that is making our four-legged friends very sick. Called “the kissing bug” or “the assassin bug,” this ... Continue Reading →

With iPhone’s New FaceID, Cops Can Unlock Your Phone by Pointing at Your Face—While You’re Cuffed

On Tuesday, the world watched as Apple unveiled their tenth-anniversary special edition iPhone, the iPhone X. While iPhone boasts a newer more secure phone—using its patented new ... Continue Reading →

Great Dane Discovers Trampoline. Leaves Neighbors Laughing With Joy!

What young person doesn’t enjoy a good jumping session on a large trampoline? It’s certainly one way to get the kids outdoors and exercising. Of course, many adults enjoy the activity ... Continue Reading →

DoJ Demands 1.3 Million IP Addresses, Info, and Photos of People Who Visited Anti-Trump Website

The DOJ is demanding the IP addresses, contact information, email content and even photos of the individuals who simply visited an “anti-Trump” website. While the United ... Continue Reading →

Trophy Hunter Trampled To Death While Attempting To Kill Elephant

An Argentinian hunter has been trampled and killed by an elephant he was tracking in Namibia. Jose Monzalvez, 46-years-old, who held a legal hunting license, was among a professional ... Continue Reading →

Man Captures Rare Footage Of Humpback Whale Doing The ‘Impossible’

Being that it was the middle of July, it was an unusually calm day on the Indian Ocean when a film crew caught an amazing sight on camera. After several fruitless hours, the crew ... Continue Reading →

Experts Warn Owners To Check Pets’ Mouths For Common Parasite | David Wolfe TV

Summer is officially here. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the bugs are out in full force! It’s extremely important to check for ticks after spending time outdoors. They ... Continue Reading →

Viral Photo Of Husky Raises Serious Warning For Pet Owners

A photo of an almost-completely-shaved husky has been making its rounds on the internet. Some dog owners, perhaps, in a bid to keep their pets cool, have been tempted to do the same ... Continue Reading →

Man Meets Gorilla 5 Years Later In The Wild, He Ignores The Warnings And Gets Closer

Reunions are absolutely beautiful. We often see, and hear stories, of people who reunite with their family and friends after years apart—they always leave us in tears. Something ... Continue Reading →

12 Bizarre Eggs You Didn’t Know Could Actually Come From A Chicken

As a huge fan of breakfast, I’m surprised I never knew all the weird egg shapes and sizes chickens can actually lay. Of course, I’ve also never spent any time on a farm — though ... Continue Reading →

Vet Explodes Over Pet Vaccines While Others DO THIS

Over-vaccinating and the overdosing of pet vaccines has become a global issue. 5 lbs dogs are receiving the same dose of the rabies vaccine as 150 lbs Great Danes, and vets are now ... Continue Reading →

Guy Brutally Roasts PETA On Twitter, And People Are Finally Realizing The Truth

Since 1980, PETA has made a name for itself as the number-one authority on animal welfare. UK-based YouTube vlogger Calum McSwiggan, however, wants people to consider otherwise, and ... Continue Reading →

He Watches Cow Collapse In Middle Of Field. When He Sees Why He Refuses To Leave Her Side

Many people think animals are just dumb creatures with no feelings or emotions, but anyone who has spent any time with an animal knows that is just not true. Many animals feel happiness, ... Continue Reading →

Once You Know What These Are, You’ll Never Look At This Animals The Same Way

For the most part, we tend to imagine baby foals as being some of the most adorable and cuddly animals in the world. We’ve allowed cartoons to effect the manner in which we view things ... Continue Reading →