First ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ In 150 Years Will Happen Later This Month

For the first time in 150 years, a stunning display of celestial bodies will coincide to reveal to what stargazers are calling a “Super Blue Blood Moon.” Not too unlike last ... Continue Reading →

10 Signs Your Soul Is Experiencing Spiritual Death

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6 Mind-Control Tactics Facebook Uses To Change What You Think & Do

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Scientists Now Believe the Universe Itself May Be Conscious

You don’t have to look far to find outlandish theories on the nature of the cosmos and human consciousness. These days, notions once relegated to science fiction are finding their ... Continue Reading →

7 (Badass) Scientific Discoveries You Probably Missed in 2017

Though 2017, without a doubt, was a turbulent year, not everything that occurred was bad. Sure, the US and North Korea came within inches of all-out war, and “fake news” became ... Continue Reading →

Why Did the Russians Ban an Appliance Found in 90% of American Homes?

By now, you probably know that what you eat has a profound impact on your health. The mantra, “You are what you eat” is really true.   But you need to consider not only WHAT ... Continue Reading →

FBI Warns: Your Child’s New Christmas Gifts Could Be Spying On Them

Although your holiday season should be full of joy and hopefulness, the FBI has issued a dire warning: your children’s privacy and safety could be at risk, and the culprit could ... Continue Reading →

What does the size of your pinky finger say about you?

Why do you think the size of our little fingers varies? If it meant nothing, wouldn’t it have been the same for all of us? Further, the study of palmistry helps identify, distinctly, ... Continue Reading →

Here’s what your Native American symbol is and what it means for you

Animal symbols are very special to the Native Americans. These animal symbols and totems are believed to represent the physical form of a spirit helper and guide. Below are interpreted ... Continue Reading →

We are born 7 times in this world…find out which number you’re on right now!

The 7 lives come one after the other, you decide which one you are on based on its characteristics. #1 The Infant This is believed to be your first birth. The first time your soul ... Continue Reading →

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Built Its Own AI That Outperforms Any Made by Humans

With the exponential growth of machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence, a certain anxiety over future job losses and human obsolescence has crept into popular culture. ... Continue Reading →

Lighting a Room for a Month with a Potato – Yes, it Actually Works

The electrical power of the potato. You might have tested a potato for it’s electrical potential when you were at school, and while this is a cool experiment most people think that ... Continue Reading →

NASA Accidentally Shows Evidence of Large-Scale Weather Manipulation In Satellite Photos

Hurricane Matthew and its successor Irma have turned weather into a dominant theme in the forefront of the public’s mind. From extreme flooding to widespread debris damage, people ... Continue Reading →

Scientists Warn of Massive Earthquakes in 2018 Due to Earth’s Slowing Rotation

2018 could see a stark uptick in earthquakes, according to a recent report published in Geophysical Research Letters and presented at the annual meeting of the Geological Society ... Continue Reading →

Harvard-trained brain researcher has a stroke and figures out the mystery to life

This Harvard-trained brain researcher had a stroke and while she lost half of her brain she survived and came back with some amazing information. Learning from an experience like this ... Continue Reading →

Stephen Hawking: God DID NOT create the Universe, and God does not exist

“Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the ... Continue Reading →

Students Demonstrate The Dangers Of Wi-Fi Radiation With Ingenious Cress Seeds Experiment

In this current internet age where everyone from children to pensioners habitually keep their cell phones within arms length, are we all at risk of damaging our health? Few likely ... Continue Reading →