They Rescued This Cow But They Didn’t Know She Had A Baby. Watch Their Reunion!

Many people don’t believe that animals are capable of having the same love towards their children that humans do, but this video removes all doubt on the matter. When Jay Weiner ... Continue Reading →

Nurse Films The Rare Moment A Baby Is Born Inside A Fully Intact Amniotic Sac

As an unborn baby grows inside the protective membrane of his or her mother’s amniotic sac, the sac typically bursts on its own, causing the mother’s water to break. The baby you’re ... Continue Reading →

They Attempt To Get Their Baby To Say His First Words. But How The Dog Reacts? Hilarious!

Dogs love eating. Whether it’s their kibbles and bits, stuff they find outside, or a special treat, they’re usually ready and willing to chomp down on it. Even if they come across ... Continue Reading →

Innovative Brain Surgery Helps Fix Hole In Baby’s Skull encephalocele

Doctors, nurses, even his parents, Dustin and Sierra Yoder, were certain that baby Bentley would die as soon as he was born. The nurses didn’t bother to clean the newborn, to weigh ... Continue Reading →

Hilarious Grandpa Has Best Reaction To Double Surprise

In September 2015, Leann and her husband went to visit her Grandpa Ried, and they came bearing a huge surprise. Leann kept the fact she was expecting twins a secret from her beloved ... Continue Reading →

This Mother Cow Kept Hiding Her Baby Calf. But The Reason? Tore My Heart Up

At Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia a dairy cow named Clarabelle was acting nervous and not like her usual self. She paced around the paddock and seemed to have lost ... Continue Reading →

Nobody Believed Dad When He Described His Daughters Morning Ritual With The Cat. So He Caught

When it comes to the sounds that come out of a baby’s mouth, it’s basically impossible to understand. The words and meanings they may be trying to convey is anyone’s guess as ... Continue Reading →

A Video Showing 9 Months Of Life In The Womb Within Minutes Is Just Breathtaking!

Giving a birth is the most noble gift on Earth, and carrying a baby is considered a real miracle. The 4-minute video below shows how a baby develops in its mother’s womb, from the ... Continue Reading →

She Is Trying To Teach This Baby Animals. But When She Says THIS? He Loses It!

My first two kids were very close in age; eighteen months apart to the day.  In those early years, we used to videotape them practically every day, because so much of what they did ... Continue Reading →

Baby Puts On An Incredible Irish River Dance Performance!

Irish River Dance has always intrigued me. It seems to take such skill and discipline to move your lower body with such a rapid and intricate pace, while holding your upper body still. ... Continue Reading →

Hero Rescues Injured Baby Deer And Releases It Back To Mom

It all started one sunny spring morning, when a YouTube user named Darius watched two baby whitetail deer being born in his backyard. He noticed of the babies had an injured leg and ... Continue Reading →

Dog Saves Newborn Baby Abandoned Left To Die At Trash Heap

It wasn’t uncommon for an adventurous two-year-old dog named Pui to leave his house in Thailand, explore the neighborhood, then return to his family. One day, he found himself passing ... Continue Reading →

This Device Is Used To Give A Baby An X-Ray, And It’s Totally Bizarre

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When This Baby Was Born, All The Adult Elephants Did Something Incredible

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya welcomed a new baby girl from a previously orphaned elephant, Emily. The second-time mom spent most of the latter half of 2014 wandering ... Continue Reading →

A Deployed Soldier Is Given The Most Priceless Gift In The World Thanks To Dove!

Make sure you have a box of tissues handy – you might need it for this one! Anyone who has a family knows that it’s hard to be away from your kids. An hour can feel like a day, ... Continue Reading →

These 2 Men Try Pushing A Baby Down On The Bed, But Seconds Later, I Got Chills

In 2011, a tiny newborn elephant was abandoned by his mother when she and her herd were chased out of an area of human settlement in Africa. The calf wandered into an adjacent village ... Continue Reading →

This Everyday Product Can Cause A Huge Problem

It’s important that we’re careful about what we flush down the toilet. For generations, parents have used baby wipes to properly clean their babies. But there’s a new growth market ... Continue Reading →