19 Synthetic Chemicals That Are Linked To Cancer, Asthma & Autism

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22 Deadly Reasons To Never Drink Coke Again

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Common Hair Dyes are Full of Cancer-Causing Chemicals! Here’s What To Use Instead

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Your Oatmeal is Full of THESE Deadly Chemicals

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Most Popular Tea Bags Contain Illegal Amounts of Deadly Pesticides (avoid these brands at all costs)

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Bottled Water Found to Contain Over 24,000 Chemicals, Including Endocrine Disruptors

Shocking- research has found bottled water to contain more than 24,000 chemicals, many of which are endocrine disruptors Modern living constantly faces serious health threats due to ... Continue Reading →

Fed-up dentists expose the evil practices of modern dentistry: toxic filling, fluoride poisoning and more

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This Plant Gives You Third-Degree Burns Just From Touching It, And It’s Spreading

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The Watermelon You Should Never, Ever Eat

Watermelon fields in eastern China are covered in exploded fruit. Farmers used growth chemicals to make their crops bigger, but ended up destroying them instead. The farmers used the ... Continue Reading →

What You Need To Check The Next Time You Buy Bottled Water

Lately, when buying bottled water, consumers are advised to check the bottom of the bottle, in order to protect their health. Plastic bottles labeled with letters like HDP, HDPE, ... Continue Reading →

Colgate Total Toothpaste Has Triclosan, A Cancer-Linked Ingredient — And Nobody Knew Until Now

Millions of Americans are putting it in their mouths every day, by way of a top-selling toothpaste that uses the antibacterial chemical to head off gum disease — Colgate’s Total, Bloomberg noted. Total is ... Continue Reading →

Toxic Decayed Meat Being Sold As “Fresh”

via realfarmacy After reading this you may never trust Congress or the FDA again, let alone corporate chain grocery stores.   This toxic practice makes seriously decayed meat ... Continue Reading →

10 Things People Have No Clue Are Inside Meat

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More Than 2/3 Of Conventional Sunscreens Contain Harmful Chemicals: Here’s How To Avoid Them

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Chemicals in Tobacco Cigarettes

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Five Crucial Skills To Protect Your Health In A World Overrun By Toxic Chemicals, Dangerous Drugs And Medical Propaganda

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When I Look at Candy, All I See Is Petrochemicals and GMO

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