12 Bizarre Eggs You Didn’t Know Could Actually Come From A Chicken

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How Eggs Are Made: You Don’t Want to See, But You Do

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He Cracks 3 Eggs Into This Potato. When He’s Done? My Mouth Won’t Stop Watering

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Costco Would Prefer You Don’t Find Out The Disturbing Secret About Their Eggs

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Learn A Few Things Everyone Should Know Before Cooking And Eating Eggs

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This is Why You Should Eat More Eggs

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How To Decorate Unique Easter Eggs With Rice And Colors

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By Just Using 2 Rubber Bands, You Can Make The PERFECT Easter Egg

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He Puts A Boiled Egg In A Glass Of Water. The Result? I Had NO Idea!

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I’ve been eating dank health eggs for awhile now. Here is a great read from Garden Betty about how exactly she raises chickens to produce beautifully and and delicious eggs. My strategy ... Continue Reading →

Poaching An Egg Seems Impossible. With This Trick You Can Easily Poach A Dozen!

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15 Easter Egg Ideas That Will Make Your Mother Proud… And Jealous.

#1. Dip eggs into pastel sprinkles. #2. Wrap eggs with colored embroidery thread. #3. Print on eggs using dried flowers and leaves. goldteam.su goldteam.su #4. Embroider using ... Continue Reading →

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

SAFETY NOTE: “Do not eat hard boiled eggs that have been left out for more than 2 hours. Refrigerate hard boiled eggs within 2 hours 45degrees or less, eat within 1 week! Raw eggs ... Continue Reading →

Yolk-Eating Fish By Peleg Design (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever tried separating yolks from egg whites, you know it can get dirty. Luckily, Tel Aviv-based Peleg Design has come up with the “Yolkfish”, a gulping goldfish designed ... Continue Reading →
scramble egg in inside the shell

How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell

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The Worst Way to Eat Eggs

CAFO versus Free-Range Egg Production -Conventional egg-production agriculture (also known as confined animal feeding operation or CAFO) raises hens indoors and in cages. This has ... Continue Reading →