Doctors Are Sharing Their Stupidest And Funniest Patient Stories, And It’s Hilarious

Nobody really likes going to the doctors do they? I mean, that antiseptic smell, the silence of the waiting room except for the odd groan and sniffle, and don’t get me started ... Continue Reading →

Hilarious Wives That All Men Secretly Wish They Were Married To

Marrying someone with a good sense of humor is a one-way ticket to years of laughter, and these wives prove it. They’re creative, they’re hilarious, and they’re honestly ... Continue Reading →

Photos That Are So Uncomfortable You Probably Won’t Finish Scrolling

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20 Obvious Signs Humanity Is Regressing

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Woman Goes Off On Facebook Over “Inappropriate” Family Picture

Facebook is doing its best to combat all of the murders and psychos popping off on Facebook live. I think they need to do a better job policing people like this. 1st – how are you ... Continue Reading →

A contest was held to find this year’s funniest animal photo. Here are 15 of the best.

A hamster has to get somewhere fast. It would also like to eat some nuts, if possible. Finally, it comes up with a genius solution. Photo by Julian Radd/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards ... Continue Reading →

European Countries Are Competing Who Can Troll Trump The Best

There is a new viral competition on the internet and President Donald Trump is responsible for it. He has pledged to put “America First”, and most countries don‘t want ... Continue Reading →

This Guy’s Mom Accidentally Cooked With Weed Butter and the Results Were HILARIOUS

As far as family dinners go, this one is one for the books. It all started when this Reddit user made a huge wad of weed butter to only find out his mom unknowingly cooked a family ... Continue Reading →

Wife Texts Husband She Brought A Dog Home While The Pic Shows A Coyote, And He Seriously Freaks Out

If you ever find an abandoned puppy which you want to take home, make sure it’s not something else. For example, a coyote. This is exactly how Justin Bogh felt when his wife Kayla ... Continue Reading →

The Funniest Protest Signs Ever

Protests happen every day (especially recently in the USA) and while we can all agree that they are necessary and often effective when promoting social change, they can be very intense ... Continue Reading →

Hilarious Examples That Show Why Letter Spacing Is Important

An incorrect space – or the lack of an appropriate one – between words and letters can make or break even the most eloquent of texts. Sometimes it happens because of human ... Continue Reading →

Giant Cargo Ship Politely Responds to Little Girl’s Honk Request

Ask and ye shall receive if(typeof(jQuery)=="function"){(function($){$.fn.fitVids=function(){}})(jQuery)};jwplayer('jwplayer-7').setup({"aspectratio":"4:3","width":"100%","primary":"flash","file":"https://youtu.be/ETrWMvicKps"}); Continue Reading →

Am I Pegnate?

An oral reading of questions about “pregnancy” on Yahoo Answers. if(typeof(jQuery)=="function"){(function($){$.fn.fitVids=function(){}})(jQuery)};jwplayer('jwplayer-8').setup({"aspectratio":"4:3","width":"100%","primary":"flash","file":"https://youtu.be/EShUeudtaFg"}); Continue Reading →

This 11-Year-Old Comedian Is Killing Audiences With Her Hilariously Inappropriate Jokes

Let’s be honest: kids aren’t very funny. Not intentionally anyway. Sure they do funny things by accident, but they’re not exactly known for their comedy-timing or ... Continue Reading →

He Tells His Bird It’s Time To Go In The Cage. The Bird’s Response? Hilarious!

One of the loudest, most noisy animals in the whole entire world happens to be a Cockatoo. The vocal birds evolved their shrill sounding voices for survival related reasons as the ... Continue Reading →

Adorable Little Boy Can’t Stop Laughing At His Teacher’s Guitar

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The Security Camera Caught A Woman Doing THIS At A Gas Station… And It Will Blow Your Mind!

Not too long ago, we featured a story on life hacks that was incredibly popular. Among the clever tips and tricks in that video was one about avoiding the walk of shame when refueling ... Continue Reading →