Video Emerges Of US Allowing ISIS Fighters To Escape Safely in Syria

With numerous distractions unfolding on the newly released reality TV show that is “Keeping Up with the Trump Administration,” it may surprise readers to learn that the U.S. is ... Continue Reading →

Somehow the U.S. Has Killed 70k ISIS Fighters — Twice as Many as It Says Exist

In June 2014, around the time ISIS was making headlines across the world, the Wall Street Journal reported that the terror group had 4,000 fighters in Iraq. In September 2014, the ... Continue Reading →

CIA Created ISIS — Assange Drops Bombshell on WikiLeaks Release of 500K US Cables

The founder of the transparency organization WikiLeaks released a statement yesterday upon the release of over 500,000 diplomatic cables dating back to 1979, which succinctly reveals ... Continue Reading →

23-Year-Old Student Who Killed 100 ISIS Militants Now Has A $1 Million Bounty On Her Head

Joanna Palani is a 23-year-old politics student from Denmark. She also happens to have a $1 million bounty on her head. Why? Because believe it or not, Joanna is thought to have killed ... Continue Reading →

Russia and Turkey Announce that ISIS was Created by the US Government

Both Putin and Erdogan have declared publicly that the Bush/Obama/Clinton/CIA regime is behind the arming and funding of ISIS. It wouldn’t be the first time that this regime has ... Continue Reading →

ISIS Shows off American-Made Weapons in Disturbing Video

The conflict that has been consuming the Middle East, most specifically in Iraq and Syria, where the “Islamic State” (ISIS) is battling and defeating the forces of Syria, Lebanon, ... Continue Reading →

The Pentagon Spent Half a Billion Dollars Creating Fake News, Propaganda for Al-Qaeda

The Department of Defense spent over half a billion dollars funding fake news reports and terrorist propaganda videos in Iraq during the American-led war, according to a new report. The ... Continue Reading →

Anonymous Hacks ISIS’ Twitter, Makes Accounts Fabulously Gay

To defend the victims of the Orlando shooting, Anonymous activists hacked hundreds of ISIS twitter accounts and gave them fabulous makeovers. When ISIS learned about the Orlando, Florida, ... Continue Reading →

America Should Take Responsibility for the Brussels Terror Attacks

Before the bodies had been counted. Before the injuries had been assessed. Before any group claimed responsibility for perpetrating the attacks in the Belgian capitol Brussels, the ... Continue Reading →

US Ally Saudi Arabia has Beheaded Twice as Many People as ISIS in 2015 and the MSM is Silent

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – While American mainstream media propagandizes the general population with Islamic State (ISIS) decapitations, close U.S. strategic ally, Saudi Arabia, has ... Continue Reading →

VandeSec Traces ISIS Twitter Accounts Back To Internet Addresses And Unearths A Surprising Source…

Teenage hacktivists uncovered an astonishing web of unpublicized interactions which link ISIS social media accounts to the British government. According to a group of four young computer ... Continue Reading →

ISIS Showcases Massive Arsenal of American-Made Weapons in New Video

ISIS, the world’s most infamous terror group, has shocked the interwebz again after posting a new propaganda video that showcases its massive arsenal of tanks and heavy artillery. ... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter Calling for the Resignation of Saudi Sympathizing Politicians

Whether you are Nobel Peace Prize recipient Barack Obama or unabashed warmonger John McCain, if you hold a federally elected office in the United States and are calling for more military ... Continue Reading →

Where Does ISIS Get Its Funding? Maybe We Should Ask Our Allies

Russia’s defense ministry accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his family of directly and personally benefiting from illegal oil smuggled through Islamic State-controlled ... Continue Reading →

How the War in Syria is About Oil, not ISIS

All the hubbub over Syria is all about oil. And if you don’t believe me, believe John Bolton. When there’s something being talked about in the news on a regular basis, and if one ... Continue Reading →

Chilling Video Shows NATO Member State Greeting and Providing Refuge to ISIS Militants

A video that seemingly bolsters Russian claims of Turkish government complicity with the Islamic State, highlights the casual relations between the terror group and Turkish officials. Turkey ... Continue Reading →

The Warm Relationship Between Turkey and ISIS (Confirmed Facts)

A new drastic escalation in the Syria war has just started with the Turkish military’s downing of a Russian Su-24 fighter jet over Syria with the explanation that it had violated ... Continue Reading →