This Is What Your Palms Reveal About Love And Marriage.

Palm reading is an ancient art that can be traced back thousands of years to India where it was rooted in Hindu astrology and first mentioned in the Chinese book the I Ching. From ... Continue Reading →

After His Wife Passes Away, Husband Posts Her Goodbye Letter That’s Both Funny And Touching

Heather McManamy is sending you a letter from her grave. This great mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. Now, at the age of 36, she passed away. But before that, she entrusted ... Continue Reading →

What “I love you” means.

“I love you” means that I accept you for the person that you are, and that I do not wish to change you into someone else. It means that I will love you and stand by you even through ... Continue Reading →

She Has Alzheimer’s, He Made Something Special So They Can Be Together

Some marriage vows today don’t seem to mean as much as they used to. If anything, the increase in divorce rates indicates that couples nowadays are not as successful at staying together ... Continue Reading →

After 75 Years Of Marriage, This Couple Died In Each Others’ Arms Hours Apart

Alexander and Jeanette Toczko, an elderly couple in California that had been married for 75 years, recently passed away in each others’ arms within less than a day of each other, ... Continue Reading →

Husband Writes Song For Frustrated Wife Who’s Struggling With Her Weight Gain

Glamour Magazine found that, on average, women have 13 negative body thoughts every day – that’s nearly one every hour. And a disturbing number of women confess to having up to 100 ... Continue Reading →

Dog Says Goodbye to His Best Friend

Saying goodbye isn’t easy, especially when it’s your best friend. The short film below, titled Denali, is photographer/surfer Ben Moon’s beautiful and touching tribute ... Continue Reading →

10 Things You Need To Remember If You Love Someone With Anxiety

1. They’re cool as heck. People with anxiety are still people, just like you and me. They’re still pretty awesome people. No need to treat them any differently. 2. It’s not a ... Continue Reading →

10 Things You Should Never Sacrifice for a Relationship

Relationships can either bring mutual growth and happiness, or feel suffocating and debilitating after a while. All relationships serve their purpose, whether you stay with someone ... Continue Reading →

Her Brother Was Rejected At Birth, So She And Her Mom Made This Video

When the video starts, Ace wants to introduce you to her brother Archie. Archie is from Bulgaria, he was abandoned by his mother after being born with Down syndrome. Ace’s family ... Continue Reading →

This Guy Secretly Films His Mom and Posts It On The Internet. Watching This Video Tore My Heart Up.

“We all want to love and be loved,” that is what life is all about, according to Alex Norgay.  That is also why over the course of the past year he secretly made this video for ... Continue Reading →

One Of Their Twins Was Born Dead, But When Mom Holds Him? UNBELIEVABLE!!

Wow — for the first time in a while, I actually had to take a step back after watching the following video. It brought me through such a wide range of emotions, but by the end my ... Continue Reading →

Groom Reads Best Man’s Speech Written By His Twin Brother With Cerebral Palsy

Twin brothers Kyle and Korey have always been there for each other. Since Korey suffered from cerebral palsy, Kyle stepped up as a brother, best friend, and his number one support ... Continue Reading →

Her Horse Was Sinking Quickly When She Did Something Unforgettable

Nicole Graham, a mother from Melbourne, Australia, recently went for a leisurely horse ride along the beach with her daughter. However, the afternoon quickly shifted from a relaxing ... Continue Reading →

Hilarious Love Notes That Illustrate The Modern Relationship

Now that the SMS is king, love letters have largely gone the way of the dinosaur, but that doesn’t mean that couples still don’t like to share a love note or two once in ... Continue Reading →

Nothing Can Prepare Your Heart For These 26 Photos. I Just Died.

Animals have no problem opening their hearts and loving unconditionally. They love regardless of species or the differences between one another. Maybe we could all learn something from ... Continue Reading →

Man Dies Hours After His Wife Of 73 Years. His Last Words To Her Made Me Cry!!

Helen and Joe Auer were together for 73 years – longer than a lot of people live. As reported by the Daily Mail, they survived World War II and the Great Depression together, ... Continue Reading →