Elephant Weeps While Being Rescued After 50 Years Of Confinement

For fifty years, Raju endured various forms of abuse and lived in chains 24/7. When he became aware of his rescue, the elephant couldn’t contain his emotions and began to weep. Credit: ... Continue Reading →

This Is How Rescue Workers Fly 92 Military Dogs Home After Serving Their Country Overseas

I‘ve seen a lot of dog rescues in my time, but the sheer amount of dedication and careful planning that necessitates flying 92 dogs over 7,000 miles is nothing short of dizzying. But ... Continue Reading →

Hunky Fireman Cracks Up When Grandma Reveals A Detail About Her Wedding Night

Shawn Wiebe might be famous on the internet, but he never let that fame get to his head as he remains humble and continues on with his important job. Back when Alberta, Canada, was ... Continue Reading →

Terrified Orca Was Stranded and Desperately Crying For Help. How They Attempt To Rescue Him? WOW!

Killer whales are among the most powerful and deadly predators in the world. Few animals come close to matching their accuracy or killer instinct when hunting for food. Even a great ... Continue Reading →

250 Emaciated Lions Found During Trophy Hunting Farm Raid

It’s a lesser-known fact that the African lions’ numbers are diminishing rapidly due to persecution by livestock farmers, habitat destruction, and human greed which has led to ... Continue Reading →

Army veteran saves trapped eagle!

In a Minnesota town one day, Jason Galvin spotted an eagle hanging from a tall tree. His first thought was that the bird must have been dead. But when he took a closer look with his ... Continue Reading →

20K Bees Chased A Car For 2 Days To Rescue Their Queen Bee [Watch]

Clearly, devotion knows no limits between a queen bee and her loyal subjects. if(typeof(jQuery)=="function"){(function($){$.fn.fitVids=function(){}})(jQuery)};jwplayer('jwplayer-3').setup({"aspectratio":"4:3","width":"100%","primary":"flash","file":"https://youtu.be/ZMlYQhR23v8"}); Carol ... Continue Reading →

Neglected Bear Was Put In A Rusty Cage For Thirty Years. Now Watch Her Reaction When They Free Her!

In the winters, we humans like to cuddle up and ‘hibernate like a bear’.  Bears in the wild actually DO innately curl up and go to sleep for approximately 8 months!  Human beings ... Continue Reading →

This Poor Purple Creature Was Rescued From A Tragic Life Of Pain And Torture

Meet Smurf — his body was beaten, tortured, burned, and abused…but his spirit never crumbled. Facebook / Nine Lives Foundation This terrified kitten (who is approximately ... Continue Reading →

This Bull Has Been Chained and Neglected For His Whole Life. Now Watch His Reaction When He Is Rescued!

It is always heartbreaking when animal abuse is revealed, making us wonder how human beings can be so lacking in compassion to enslave animals in horrible conditions. To torture any ... Continue Reading →

Neglected Poodle Gets Rescued, Then Makes A Stunning Transformation

Hope For Paws recently received a call about a severely matted poodle living on the streets of Los Angeles. The dog, now known as Dolly, was absolutely petrified of human contact, ... Continue Reading →

17 Bears Are Saved From A Life Of Neglect Trapped Inside Concrete Pits!

I am always heartbroken to hear stories of animals who are held in captivity under horrendous, inhumane conditions, when they are meant to live in the wild.  Such was the case for ... Continue Reading →

Rescuing A Dog Who Was Starved To The Brink of Death

This is an incredible, gut-wrenching story via Rescue From The Hart, but rest assured: by the end of the video, you’ll be crying tears of joy. Angel was one of the worst cases of ... Continue Reading →

This Dog’s Injuries Were Beyond Horrific…Weeks Later, I Can’t Believe It’s Him!

When the great people at Animal Aid Unlimited got a call about a street dog hiding in an abandoned basement of a building, nothing could prepare them for the horrific scene they were ... Continue Reading →

They Were Out At Sea When They Saw Something Swimming Through The Waters…

A group of sailors was enjoying an outing off the coast of Naples, Italy, when they spotted something small and furry struggling to keep its head above the waves far out in the waters. ... Continue Reading →

Elephant Rushes To The Rescue Of Her Caretaker

Our planet is filled with some pretty amazing creatures. From the tiniest of insects, who can do some very big things, all the way to the very top of the food chain, every single ... Continue Reading →

This Man Rescues Pregnant Dog Buried Alive Under The Sidewalk For Two Days

Vadim Rustam heard some strange noises outside his building in the Russian city of Voronezh. For two days, local residents were hearing noises of barking and whimpering from a dog, ... Continue Reading →